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Achievements Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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This section will just provide further details on the certain achievements that require such.

"Insert Coin" 5
Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
Break free from your seat by pressing LT/RT alternately. Walk around the room to find the terminal behind your seat. Interact with it then type the password DOA to access Dead Ops Arcade mini-game.

The carnage continues… in HD

A safer place 10
Sabotage the Soviet space program.

Broken English 10
Escape Kowloon.

Clarity 10
Crack the code.

Double Trouble 10
Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
During the mission Numbers, you'll start by having dual pistols as your default weapon. To get this achievement, you need to clear the mission using only dual-wield weapons. There are other dual wield SMGs and pistols that you can pick along the way. I am not sure if ditching your default weapon will ruin the achievement or not; but just keep it to be safe. Best done on Recruit (Easy) mode.

Easy Rhino 10
In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.
Just run around without killing any zombies then use the speed boost (RT) when there's a lot of them lined up. See the video below.

Flash of the dead

Give me liberty 10
Escape Vorkuta.

Looks don't count 10
Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.

Never get off the boat 10
Find the Soviet connection in Laos.

Sacrifice  10
Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.

SOG Rules 10
Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.

Some wounds never heal 10
Escape the Past.

VIP 10
Receive orders from Lancer.

Closer Analysis 15
Find all the hidden intel.
See the Intel section for the locations of all intel in the game.

Date Night 15
Watch a film or clip with a friend.

Death to Dictators 15
Take down Castro with a headshot.
When you reached Castro in his room, zoom in and aim for his head. In the video, I got the achievement on an earlier playthrough so the achievement didn't pop up.

Death to Dictators Achievement

Double Whammy 15
Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship.
This achievement requires you to destroy these two choppers with one missile. If you stop and look at their patterns, there will be plenty of times that they'll hover perilously close to each other or just fly by closely. You need to time your missile and fire it in between them then detonate it. This is a really challenging achievement to unlock as it requires timing and luck. Doesn't worry, the Valkyrie comes with unlimited ammo while this objective is active.

Frag Master 15
Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade in the campaign.
Best done in missions where there are swarms of enemies around, like the courtyard section (before escaping to the airfield) of Operation 40 and the NVA assault in Kha Senh in the mission S.O.G. Timing is critical so make sure to “cook” your grenades before throwing it. (hold it for a couple of seconds at least after removing the pin)

Heavy Hand 15
Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
After getting the M202 launcher in the mission Victor Charlie, clear the house north of the village and your squad will get pinned down by a lone MG emplacement. Simply destroy it using the Grim Reaper to get this achievement.

My weapon is bigger than yours

I hate monkeys 15
Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
Just before the room where you obtained Intel #2, are seven caged chimps. To unlock the achievement “I hate Monkeys”, you need to kill seven of them in 10 seconds (timer starts after killing the first chimp). The fastest and easiest way is to throw a grenade in the corner of the left cages (as shown in the screenshot). The blast should kill 5 chimps instantly then just pump the others with your shotgun or shower them with lead with your assault rifle.

Raining Pain 15
Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
In the mission “The Defector”, you'll reach a point where you'll take the radio from a soldier and being able to call in air support indefinitely until you reach the objective. Abuse this privilege by targeting the buildings where the NVAs are located to quickly rack up your body count.

Ready For Deployment 15
Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.
Combat Training is available in the Multiplayer > Xbox Live section. You can play with bots over and over again until you get enough points to get to rank 10.  

Russian bar-b-q 15
Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.
After landing the Hind and reaching the entrance of Kravchenko's cave base, you'll find an AK with Flamethrower attachment on the floor. Just use this to incinerate the enemies in the cavern where Kravchenko's room is located. It should have more than enough fuel to burn 10 enemies or so.

Roasted Russian, anyone?

Sacrificial Lamb 15
Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.
You need a second player to get this achievement. You need to upgrade a crossbow by inserting it to Pack-a-punch machine. It will become Awful Lawton. Let the “bait” attract the zombies and when there's six of them nearby, shoot him with it and hope that the blast radius takes out all surrounding undead.
Sally Likes Blood 15
Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.
I've unlocked this achievement on Dead Ops arcade by just playing it normally. The mini-game has tons of weapons and upgrades so its possible to take down 3 zombies with 1 bullet. It is possible that the rapid-fire shotgun in the game helps unlock this achievement because of how shotguns work (one slug/bullet scatters into multiple projectiles) but then again, I am not completely sure. Another alternate way is when playing the Zombies game where you can use a shotgun to take multiple enemies in one blast or use an upgraded (pack-a-punch) Thunder Gun called the Zeus Cannon.

Slingshot Kid  15
Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
You can unlock the achievement, “Slingshot Kid” by destroying three targets without missing. The trick here is to pull the slingshot all the way back, make sure the bottom point of the crosshair is aligned and over to the yellow dot on the target's name. Refer to the video below to know more. If you missed, you can just Save and Quit, then resume the game to try again.

Slingshot Kid achievement

The Dragon Within 15
Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
At the start of the mission “The Defector”, you'll obtain the incendiary version of the SPAS-12. Just use this to kill 10 enemies throughout the mission to get this achievement.
Tough Economy 15
Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.
This is during the last part of the mission S.O.G. The trick here is to fire the missiles only when the trajectory is clear. You can still steer the missiles but only for a few seconds. Just wait until you get a clear shot before firing. The achievement should unlock after disembarking from the jeep.

6 tanks, 1 jeep

Unconventional Warfare 15
Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.
There will be a few chances where you can use the explosive bolts in the campaign so just use it when you have the chance. Take note that its blast can kill multiple enemies nearby so it's a good long/middle-range weapon in tight corridors or rooms that are full of covers.

Up close and personal 15
Silently take out 3 VC.
There are three VC's you need to take out using your knife. The first one is on the sampan or boat, the second one (which people tend to miss) is the sleeping one inside the shanty and the third one is just outside that room.

Hands Off the Merchandise 20
Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.

In The Money 20
Finish 5 Wager Matches "in the money."
The Collector 20
Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.
Burn Notice 25
Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.
Cold Warrior 25
Complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty.
Down and Dirty 25
Complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty.
It's your funeral 25
Complete "Numbers," "Project Nova," and "Victor Charlie" on Veteran difficulty.
Lord Nelson 25
Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.
Not Today 25
Complete "Crash Site," "WMD," and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty.
Vehicular Slaughter 25
Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
This is during the part where you'll commandeer an MG truck. Use the mounted MG to destroy all vehicles you see. The MG doesn't overheat so just fire away like crazy. If you didn't unlock the achievement before jumping on the train, just save and quit, then resume from the last checkpoint.

With extreme prejudice 25
Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
Just finish the entire Hind sequence using only rockets. To avoid accidents, keep your trigger finger off RT. Best done on Recruit difficulty.  

Light Foot 30
Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.
This is the last phase in the mission “Project Nova”. The timer will only start after activating the charge so kill all enemies first, arm the explosives, shoot the beam to create a walkway then run as fast as you can. Remember to stop and engage only the ones attacking you. Since this needs to be done in Veteran difficulty, it may take a few attempts so it pays to have a lot of patience.

Stand Down 35
Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
Mr. Black OP 50
Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
This sequence also includes the part where you stand down to avoid the guard and his dog before you rappel. After rappelling down, follow your lead and let them get into position first before engaging targets. Refer to the video below for further details. Take note that you can get this achievement even if you get detected (provided that you didn't have to kill the dog patrol unit mentioned earlier); just save and quit then resume campaign to start again from the stairs.

Modern Ninja Wannabe

No Leaks 50
Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.
Best done in Recruit mode. You can unlock this achievement by completing the mission without puncturing your hazmat suit. Your suit gets permanently damaged when hit by bullets so as much as possible, avoid taking too much damage. Lead your allies take the lead and user your rifle's IR scope to take them out at a distance. The main problem that you'll face are the two hinds that you need to take down using the Strela launcher. Just stay in cover, aim then fire when ready. The achievement will unlock after destroying the two choppers and making it out to the clean zone just outside of Steiner's lab.

Pathfinder 50
Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.
You need to follow the instructions to guide the team safely. Start off by guiding the team east then north inside the safe house. Next, guide the team through the rear path. Instead of directing them to the next waypoint, highlight the enemy patrol and tag them so the team below can get rid of them in advance. Point them to the next waypoint afterward. Let the enemy vehicles pass, then order the team to the next waypoint. Several enemy foot patrols will appear so order the team to stop and drop to avoid detection. Order them to go to the barracks next. This achievement will unlock after the team clears the barracks and after you direct them to the last two, safe waypoints.

Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Secret Achievements

Eaten by a Grue  15
Play Zork on the terminal.
Break free from your seat by pressing LT/RT alternately. Walk around the room to find the terminal behind your seat. Interact with it then type the password ZORK to unlock this achievement.

You entered the password. You unlocked an achievement.

Just ask me nicely 15
Break free from the torture chair.
Break free from your seat by pressing LT/RT alternately.

Who put this lame straps on?

See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me 15
Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.
Grab the ballistic knife and upgrade to become a Krause Refibrillator. Throw the knife at a downed team mate to revive him and get this achievement.




















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Comments for Achievements Guide

4 comments, latest first.
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
To get closer analysis there are 2 ways to do it. one go throw all the levels and collect them all. that is the hard way. two, if you have already gotten break free from the torchure chair go to the computer right behind where you sit. after you are at it type, 3ARC INTEL. it then should ask are you shere you want to use this cheat if so you will be unable to get the achv?. type yes. then it will say cheat activated.
go to last level of campaign right before you enter the room where that guy is ur suppost to kill, there will be a desk. go near it and you will spot the last intel item. alot of people have fallen for that stupid cheat and think it doesn't work all you haft to do is go to type how to unlock closer analysis on black ops then click on one of the links and you will find out what im telling you.
ID #156512
Jun 17th 2012 arsenalfan1
For i hate monkeys achievement u can throw a gernade in the chamber with the one guard inside the doors automatically close and the nova kills them
ID #153821
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
For Double Trouble, you can trade out your pistols, I got it with a dual wield Spectre and a dual wield Kiparis.
ID #126360
Jan 8th 2011 Guest
How do I get edit option mode in multiplayer mode my email is [email protected]
ID #24562