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Operation 40

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Operation 40

Watch the short scene and shoot the guard when given the chance. Ready your weapon then go outside. The police will be waiting there so shoot their cars to make them explode and get rid of them faster.

Objective: Escape the police

Follow Woods and fight your way through. Two police cars will charge in so don't stand in the middle of the street. Don't forget to get rid of police that will disembark from these cars as well. Continue moving ahead and you'll eventually come across a heavy police barricade. Run to the left to the alley then get on the car.

Objective: Get off the streets

Press and hold LT to reverse, then RT to drive. You don't have to control the car; just floor it and watch the following scenes.

Objective: Use zipline to infiltrate the compound

Stack up behind Woods then press and hold X to use the zipline. After landing, enter the room and kill the guard.

Objective: Find and kill Castro

Don't shoot or run outside or you'll fail the mission. Just stay behind Woods until he orders you to move up. Kill the guards along the way. Go upstairs and wait for Woods and Bowman to open the doors. Kill the guards inside; before you move out, grab the intel by the crate beside the RPG.

Operation 40 Intel 1/3

Go upstairs and enter the manor. There will be a lot of enemies waiting inside and there's a lot of cover as well so use them as you move around. Don't trust Woods too much in clearing the path as he tends to go past enemy soldiers. Clear the path until you reach a door.

Stack up with Woods and breach in. Everything will go in slow-mo so just aim and shoot the guards. The next door has Castro inside so stack up once again behind Woods and as soon as you open the door, aim for Castro's head and shoot him to get the achievement 'Death to Dictators'. (In the video, I got the achievement on an earlier playthrough so the achievement didn't pop up)

Death to Dictators Achievement

Objective: Escape the compound

After killing Castro, head outside and kill the soldiers ahead. Go through the door and you'll be inside the burning manor. The second intel is located here; refer to the video below:

Operation 40 Intel 2/3

Provide fire support to Woods, then go downstairs to the courtyard. There are more enemies waiting outside, as well as a .50 cal so dig in and take them out behind cover. Don't forget that you can also shoot the trucks and let the explosions do the rest. Wait for a bit and a BTR will appear from the left, bringing in more soldiers. Stay in cover and take out enemy soldiers; wait for the signal to move out.

Objective: Get to the Airfield, Rappel down to the airfield
Go through the sugar cane fields and you'll be in a cliff overlooking the airfield. Hold X to rappel down. The last intel in the area is just inside the hangar in front of you. Check the video below:

Operation 40 Intel 3/3

Now sprint to the other hangar where the evac is located. Hop in and provide covering fire. Just aim at the barrels and vehicles to get rid of several enemies at once. Once you jump off the plane, run to the ZPU and aim at the blockade to complete the mission.

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Comments for Operation 40

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Jul 16th 2013 Guest
Yeah I went to all those places and nothn was there
ID #297987
Jun 15th 2012 Guest
Finished in 10 mins without help
ID #152899
Jun 11th 2012 Guest
The game was so easy but now I'm onto mw3 and waiting for black ops 2 to come out, it is supposed to be better than all of the cod's out there.
ID #151644
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
ID #116367
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
finished in 2 days
ID #23798
Jan 1st 2011 suzyf921
we're new to video games - and have probably the stupidest question. I get across the plaza to the door (with green trim) where the "follow' indicator leads me. I cannot figure out what button opens the door - have tried everything! using xbox360 w kinect, 4 gb. thanks for the help!

ID #23644