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Executive Order

Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Executive Order

Objective: Infiltrate Baikonur Cosmodrome
Just follow Woods and duck behind the pipe ahead to avoid getting seen by the patrol chopper. Follow Woods again then vault over the pipe when prompted to. Approach the guards from behind and take out the one standing. Carry the body to the debris.

Objective: Clear the com building
After donning the disguise, head up the road to meet up with the others. Follow them until you reach the Comm building. Once inside, clear each floor then make your way up to the 3rd floor. The intel is located on the table to the right.

Executive Order Intel 1/3

Objective: Rescue Reaver
After clearing the com building, take the ladder and clear the guards on top. Next, you'll need to protect your squad mates on the ground. Use the explosive bolts and target the vehicles. After killing them all, you'll need to deploy the zip line by shooting the window using your crossbow. Ride the zip line and kill the enemies surrounding Reaver.

Objective: Abort the launch at the auxiliary control bunker
You have five minutes to reach the bunker and stop the launch. You need to fight your way through the enemy defenses. Take note that the enemies will keep pouring in unless you advance so be aggressive and run from cover to cover while taking them out. Continue clearing the path until you reach the bunker. Destroy the walls using C4 then walk straight ahead to find the intel on top of the control panel in the corner.

Executive Order Intel 2/3

Objective: Destroy Soyuz 2
Head outside then grab the launcher. Aim for the rocket and fire. Remember to steer the missile towards the rocket to hit it.

Objective: Get to the tunnel, Find and kill Dragovich
Fiery debris will start raining down so follow the marker and get inside the tunnel. Once inside, there will be more enemies waiting for you. Continue downstairs past the command room until you reach another tunnel. There is another control/ comm room to the right that has an intel. This video will show you how to grab the last intel in this mission.

Executive Order Intel 3/3

Continue fighting your way until you reach the end of the tunnel. Mission complete.

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Comments for Executive Order

10 comments, latest first.
Jan 21st 2015 Guest
I was just wondering if there is cpu players for multiplayer or if there is no cpu players at all??? Because i cannot find a way to get the cpu on my call of Duty Black Ops game!!!
ID #505049
Feb 19th 2013 Guest
Call of duty black ops for ps3 how to unlock map
ID #256294
Jan 26th 2013 Guest
you have to have both Weaver and Woods with you to complete the objective "abort the launch..." blah blah blah.
ID #246617
Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
Estoy en la destrucción
Del control búnker y donde consigo el c4

ID #78038
May 7th 2011 Guest
the guys name is reaver lol
ID #41777
Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
it took me less than 12 hours complete it on vet, and now im finding the intel haha it took alot of patience,, but with PSN being down for aslong as it has been, you just have to crack on lol
ID #39040
Mar 28th 2011 Guest
this is impossible on veteran
ID #34629
Feb 4th 2011 Guest
Wierd I'd just restart the level random unregistered viewer ID #23497
ID #27894
Jan 1st 2011 Guest
I have cleared all enemies, reached the end of the tunnel and I do not get a cleared mission. I am just able to run around, my weapons don't work and I am trapped. Any ideas here?
ID #23497
Nov 26th 2010 Guest
No offense but the guys name is Weaver not Reaver
ID #19348