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Call of Duty: Black Ops PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 89 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : Wii : Nintendo DS

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Intel Locations

We've put together an awesome Intel Locations guide as part of our complete Black Ops guide.

Each Intel Location is spotted with an individual video and text description of how to collect it.

To go to our Intel Locations Guide just follow this link:'s Black Ops Intel Locations Guide

Unlock '115' on Kino Der Toten

The song '115' by Elena Siegman will play when you collect three meteors in the Kino Der Toten level. The first meteor is located on a pedestal in a corner behind the soda in the main lobby. The second meteor is on a pedestal in the dressing room near some mannequins. The third meteor is the room upstairs near the alleyway, on a 'dresser' with black marquee letters. The meteors appear as red veined rocks and to collect them hold 'Use' on each meteor until the veins in the rock glow red or your character speaks.

Unlock 'Sympathy for the Devil' on Nuketown

When you shoot the heads off ALL the mannequins that spawn in random positions every round in the Multiplayer map 'Nuketown' the Rolling Stones classic 'Sympathy for the Devil' will play for the rest of the match over the load speakers.

Unlock Zombie Mode Maps

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding map will become available in Zombies mode.

Unlock Kino Der Toten Map:

Available by default.

Unlock Five Map:

Complete Campaign mode.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Map:

Play the Dead Ops Arcade game or complete Campaign mode.

Unlock Der Riese Map:

Enter unique code from Call Of Duty: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.

Unlock Nacht Der Untoten Map:

Enter unique code from Call Of Duty: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.

Unlock Shi No Numa Map:

Enter unique code from Call Of Duty: Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.

Unlock Verruckt Map:

Enter unique code f..

Easy 'Hands Off The Merchandise' Trophy

Shoot a zombie's legs off in Round 4 on the 'Five' map in Zombies mode so it is crawling around before the round ends. When you do this you will give yourself more time to turn the power on. The Thief shows up randomly after you turn the power on. The strategy used in the following video was done in Single-Player mode.

Watch the video

Cheat Mode

To be able to access early unlockables and hidden features in the game use the Right analog-stick to look down at your hand when you are locked up at the 'Title' screen. Then keep pressing L2 + R2 to escape the chair (this also unlocks the 'Just Ask Me Nicely' Secret Trophy) and move to the area behind your chair where you will find an old computer terminal that you can plug a USB keyboard into your Playstation 3 and type one of the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

Unlock ALL Missions, 'Five' Zombie Mode Mission, Dead Ops Arcade Game, Zork Game:

Enter '3arc Unlock' as a code.

Unlock ALL Intel:

Enter '3arc Intel' as a code. Enabling this code will prevent you from getting the 'Closer Analysis' Trophy.

Gun Game Wager Match Weapons

Below is video of the Gun Game Wager match along with a list of ALL weapons.

Watch the video

1 - Python with Multiple Attachments

2 - Makarov Dual Wield

3 - Spas

4 - Ithica

5 - MP5K

6 - Skorpion Dual Wield

7 - AK74u

8 - M14

9 - M16

10 - FAMAS

11 - AUG

12 - Hk21

13 - M60

14 - L96A1

15 - WA2000

16 - Grim Reaper

17 - M72 Law

18 - China Lake

19 - Crossbow Explosive Tip

20 - Ballistic Knife

Multiplayer Bonuses

Recieve the following bonuses by reaching the indicated Level/Prestige.

Create A Class:

Reach Level 4


Reach Level 5

Clan Tag:

Reach Level 6

Game Mode Challenges:

Reach Level 8

Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems:

Reach Level 10

Combat Record:

Reach Level 13

Medal Challenges:

Reach Level 15

Gun Emblems:

Reach Level 16

Gun Tag:

Reach Level 19

Elite Challenges:

Reach Level 20


Reach Level 22

Custom Reticules:

Reach Level 25

Custom Lenses:

Reach Level 28

Final Challenges:

Reach Level 30


Reach Leve..


Below is a list of the perks and their corresponding effect.

Tier 1

Flak Jacket:

Reduces explosive damage

Flak Jacket Pro:

Deflect fire damage, and safely toss back grenades


Get ammo from fallen enemies

Scavenger Pro:

Start with extra magazines, and get grenades from fallen enemies

Harline Pro:

Change the contents of a Care Package


Undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird

Ghost Pro:

Undetectable by aircraft, IR scopes, Sentry Guns, and no red cross hair on your name when targeted


Killstreaks require one less kill


Move faster

Lightweight Pro:

No fall damage


Trophys and a cheat

To get out of the chair hit L2 and R2 4 or 5 times. You will get out of the chair and get a trophy called "Just ask me nicely". Then go over to a old computer press spuire to get on the computer. Then tipe in ZORK and you will get a new game mode and a trophy called "Eaten by a grue". Thats all i got so far when i get more ill put more on here.

Terminal Codes (Usernames and Passwords)

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and type the case sensitive command 'login' (without the quotes). When you are then prompted to login with an account enter the following usernames and passwords. Documents are accessed with the 'dir' command and email with the 'mail' command.

Bruce Harris

Username: bharris

Password: goskins

D. King

Username: dking

Password: mfk

Adrienne Smith

Username: asmith

Password: roxy

Vannevar Bush

Username: vbush

Password: manhattan

Frank Woods

Username: fwoods

Password: philly

Grigori 'Greg' Weaver

Username: gweaver

Password: gedeon

J. Turner


Login to the Dreamland Server (Usernames and Passwords)

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and enter the case sensitive command 'rlogin' (without the quotes). When prompted to login with an account with MJ12 access enter the following usernames and passwords to continue.

Login as Robert Oppen:

Username: roppen

Password: trinity

Login as Vannevar Bush:

Username: vbush

Password: majestic1

Easy 'Frag Master' Trophy

Check out the following video to get this Trophy. You must blow up the barrels first otherwise it won't count as a frag kill.

Watch the video

Also see our achievements guide for tips on this trophy and more


Below is a great video showing you some of the available weapons in the game and what they look like.

Watch the video

Killstreak Bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by getting the indicated number of kills in Multiplayer mode.


3 kills (strapped with explosives remote control car)

Spy Plane:

3 kills (on the mini-map shows enemies; can be shot down)

SAM Turret:

4 kills (airdrop a placeable SAM turret to destroy enemy aircraft)

Counter Spy Plane:

4 kills (temporarily disables enemy mini-map)

Care Package:

5 kills (airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crate)

Napalm Strike:

5 kills (aircraft covers an area in Napalm)

Sentry Gun:

6 kills (airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun)

Mortar Team:

6 kills (target 3 locations to bombard with Mortar Strikes)

Valkyrie Rockets:

7 kills (launcher wi..

Finding the Pack-A-Punch Machine on Five Map in Zombies Mode

To locate this device which allows upgrades to the majority of the weapons found in the zombie mode you need to make a crawler and go into the middle room and adjust the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. ALL teleporters will take you to the Presidential Suite where you will find ALL the switches in that room (3 are upstairs and 1 is downstairs). When you have hit ALL four switches a 'Panic Room' will unlock and the Pack-A-Punch machine is located in there.

Mystery box cheat

When you are at the mystery box open the box and quikly press circle right left and shot the box with any gun

Zombies on the window cheat on FIVE

First, go to the window that's near the hallway that's already open you should stock up on some points buy a gun or two then, knife twice on that window build it back up then, jump on it, Zombies won't be able to hurt you up there. And that is my cheat

How to get out of the chair

you repeatly press R1 and R2 really fast then you'll get out and then go to the computer behind the chair if you want if you do put(Zork or DOA or FIVE) those are the map packs

Get the Thunder Gun on Numbers (Campaign Mission)

Fist off, after the torturing of the guy at the beginning of the level, throw a grenade down the hallway where the enemies come from when they breach the building. Then, before it explodes, run into the room to the right. Now, Hold square on the cassette player before the grenade explodes and a little earthquake should happen. Then just go on with the mission. Once you get to the part where your team mates push the fridge over go into the room filled with weapons. To the left there should be another cassette player. Hold square again just like the first time and it will make a weird sound. Look on the wall and the Thunder Gun should be there!


THUNDER GUN AND RAY GUN CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoot 4 bullets into the top of the mistery box then go prone don't aim and shoot 4 bullets then enjoy your thunder gun or ray gun

Unlock Jason Hudson Gamer Picture

This is achieved by logging into Jason Hudson's account on the terminal.

How to get Dead Ops Arcade Games.

At the title screen, move your analogue stick so you're looking down at your arms.

Then press L2 & R2 - you'll notice the character starts to struggle. Simply continue to struggle until you're character has broken free of the straps.

Then walk around the room until you find an old computer. You'll see a prompt saying "press and hold square to activate" - do that, then using the keyboard, enter in DOA and then hit enter.

Congrats, you've just unlocked the Dead Ops arcade game.

Computer codes

Hello today I will show you codes for the terminal

*warning*any copying will be dealed with carma

*note*sorry for any miss spelled words and the codes might not work your first try so do it again.

1.3arc intel

2.3arc unlock


Thank you I will be coming out with more also send me a friend request

How to have CoD points when at the beginning of prestige

When you're level 50 and going to prestige, it is almost certain that you'll have loads of CoD points, and therefore you buy all emblems, layers and such, all the things that you don't loose. But those last ones? Keep 10 000 cod points, and you'll be able to start out with 30 000 in the next prestige. Here's how:

1. Be ready to prestige

2. Enter a "High Roller" wager match

3. When the map is locked, prestige, the game has taken the buy-in

4. Be "In the money"

When you're done with the game, you're a prestige level one, but you start out with all the money you won in the wager match Smile

Five on zombies

Get 'five' by finishing campain or simply get out of the chair using r2 and l2 rapidly pressing. Once out of chair look for a computer and put 3arc unlock and you have 'five' and dead opps arcade

Sweet sniper spot for nuke town!easy take down for person in oth

O.K., what you do is you go 2 house with the bunk bed and climb 2 the top of it.jump on the door( it might take you more than once to do it).look at your "normal looking hieght"(witch is straight forwards)and shoot out the small window at ther top.look in it. What do you see? The other house`s window!you can easily get a kill if someone is sniping in it! And you can do it un-noticed!

The therapist

To get a virtual therapist get out of the torture chair and go to the computer and type in ALICIA

There you go a therapist for free

Perks on acensions and a rating for each

Quick revive: On solo, this perk lets you revive yourself and get 2 kl guns whilst down! On multiplayer, it lets you revive people quicker. 10/10 on solo

Juggernaut: This lets you withstand more hits without dying. It cost 2500, but it is definately worth it if you are good at zombies. If not, then it's not worth getting it as you just end up wasting 2500 points. 10/10 if good at zombies.

Speed cola: This awesome perk lets you reload quicker! It's good for all different players, however I am not sure how much it costs (Probably about 2000 points though). 8/10

Stamin-up: This lets you sprint without stopping! Personally, I don't ever get it as when I get surrounded, I shoot instead of run. For those who like legging I from zombies, it will be pretty handy. 5-6/10

PhD f..

Pretty awesome gun.

This gun is an awesome and my second favorite gun, I've been using it online since I was at level 29, now I am at Prestige level 2 level 30, this and the Ballistic Knives are really good together.

Ak74U+Warlord perk+Rapid fire+grip.( epic!!)

I would suggest Hacker (because you'll be running around a lot) and Scavenger.

Trust me this is an awesome gun( not recommended for snipers and stealth players, campers not included)

Crazy cheat!!!

Ok... U can do this on anything... Wii, ps3, exbo, excedera excedera now the thing you do is go to Nuke Town... By the yellow house get a care packeg atleast 8 times.... Use it near the yellow hous and make it on 1 pile... Jump up on all of them... Then jump to the outer map(you can't use the vacry rocket to blow up the nuke on nuketown) have fun!!

How to unlock the Zork game.

At the title menu, use your analogue stick to look down at the characters hands. Push L2 & R2 so your character struggles. Continue pushing L2 & R2 until your character breaks free.

Then walk around the room until you find an old computer that has a "press and hold square" prompt.

Once the keyboard appears in the top right hand corner, enter the word ZORK - and press enter.

the ZORK mini-game then pops up on the computer monitor after you're told you've unlocked it. Zork is a texted based RPG game.

All you need to do in Zork is type in the actions you wish to do; ie; "Open door" or "walk to window" just experiment by typing in actions that you feel apply to the scenario the game has given you.

congrats, you've unlocked the ZORK mini game.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't lose everything when you prestige. Here's the purchasable things that you keep (there may be more, and it may have changed as of patch 1.04)

-Emblem icons, layers, and Playercard backgrounds

-Having your clan tag and Emblem on a gun (you still need to get the level to put them on, but they'll be free)

-Different Reticules for sighs (confirmed Red Dot Sight)(doesn't save all of them, the top few ones aren't saved, but the rest are) and reticule colours (not lens though)

Things that are reset are:

-Challenges (except lifetime)

-Purchased Guns, Camos, Lens colours, attatchments

-Face Camos

-Perks, and Pro versions



-Lethal Grenades

-Special/Tactical Gren..

Logging in on Masons account

First get out of the torture chair by pressing R1 L1 R1 L1 R1. Then Walk forward and take two lefts. Press square by the computer and type in 'Login'. Then type in AMASON. For the password type in PASSWORD. Sorry but I only know Mason's Login. I'll let you know if I find out another login.


Cheats And How To Get Out Of The Torture Chair

O.K. So to get out of the torture chair press L1 R1 L1 R1 L1. Then walk forward, take a left, take another left and press square by the terminal. Then type in Zork to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade. Then type in 3Ark Unlock (with the space) to unlock "Five". Now if you want to quickly get to those levels type in DOA for Dead Ops Arcade. To play "Five" Quickly type in Five. The long way to acces these maps is by going into zombies and selecting one of the levels under Kino Der

Nuke Town Doggy Wall

On Nuke Town on split/multiplayer game make sure it's a private match and get 1kill you get dogs but click dogs but don't use thm yet go 2 the back of the yellow house go in the corner of the fence where 2 trees are in a row sit in corner and the dogs can't get you. Enjoy! Bye

How to survive Zombies on 5

Okay then guys, basically, on the middle level, down the stairs, open up the 2 barricades. And now, when the zombies come in, start running around in circles. The zombies will start following you, and because of the speed difference will never catch up with you.

However, because of the layout, then can kind of take shortcuts. So, never ever stop. Turn around sometimes and shoot them, but only for about 3 seconds, and never full our stop moving.

Also, for reasons I do not understand, leave the elevator to the bottom floor on the bottom floor, and spam teleports until you get to the middle floor, and you will not have any gas zombies.

So, don't forget, never stop moving.

All intel and zombie maps

At the menu when you are picking story multiplayer zombies or options press l and are rapidly and you will get out of your chair. After this you will get a trophy ask me nicely. Walk to the back and you will see a computer press square next to it and type in 3arc unlock you will get all zombie maps 3arc intel for all enemy intel if you want another trophy type dead ops.

Flying on zombie mode in "five"

First when you start go to one of the doors where the zombie comes out from knife or shooot all the glass off when you did that rebuild 1 barrier hope it's the bottom one if you get it jump on it at the left corner evuentually you will see urself high up in the sky.

Five on zombies

There are two ways to get 'five'. Finish campain and get out of the chair using l2 and r2 rapidly. Once out of the chair look for a computer then put in '3arc unlock' and you have 'five' and the 'dead ops arcade'.

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