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Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Objective: Get to the soviet

Once you're in the chase and you'll come across two paths immediately. You can stick with Woods or take the tunnels to the left. In any case, they all lead to the same chamber where tons of vietcongs are waiting. Clear them all out; don't forget to grab the intel on the shelf to the right. Continue pursuing the bastard until you corner him.  Take him out.

Payback Intel 1/3

Objective: Capture the Hind, Get in the Hind

Take out the guards patrolling the chopper. You can sneak silently to the right to find some new weapons by the crate if you want to. Kill all guards and before riding the Hind, check the second intel on the table beside the radio. Pilot the Hind once ready.

Payback Intel 2/3

Note: For achievement whores, there is an achievement called 'With Extreme Prejudice' that will be unlocked if you get to the POW camp using only rockets. If you're after this achievement, keep that right trigger finger off the RT button to be safe.

Objective: Fly to Kravchenko's Base

Follow the river and start by destroying the hanging bridge. Be careful of the boats as they carry enemy soldiers as well; make sure to take them all out. After reaching the first outpost, you'll encounter AA guns. Destroy them all as well as the enemy hind that will intercept you. Continue along the river again once cleared then strafe and approach the SAM site. Release your barrage of rockets once you've closed the distance.

Continue along the river again and you'll find a larger enemy holdout. Prioritize taking out the marked targets, AA guns and watchtowers. Once done, continue ahead until you encounter two hinds. You may want to save your rockets and time your volley when they're still. Just strafe when hear missile warnings. After getting rid of the two hinds, head to the waypoint to land and proceed on foot.

Objective: Kill Kravchenko

Follow Woods and head to the cave where the target is hiding. Fight your way inside and grab the AK with flamethrower. If you want to unlock an achievement in a short while, I suggest keeping it. Release the POWs then head deeper in the cave. You'll finally reach Kravchenko's base. Equip the flamethrower then advance behind covers to get in range to your targets. You just need to fry 10 enemies to unlock the achievement 'Russian B-B-Q'.

Russian bar-b-q Achievement

After clearing the area but before confronting Kravchenko, search the dimly lit table to the left side of the room to find the last intel in this mission. Refer to the video below for the exact location.

Payback Intel 3/3

Go upstairs and open the door in Kravchenko's room. Just watch the following scenes and the mission will be complete.

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Comments for Payback

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 24th 2012 Guest
I think you must destroy the SAM site, before reaching the village and battling the Hinds. You may be able to go back after destroying the Hinds - but that's pretty difficult.
ID #108874
Jan 5th 2012 Guest
[b][/b]do you have to completely raze the bigger camp down then proceed to land the Hind?
i was able to shoot down all opposing Hinds,yet when i got to the landing site ,i was not getting any closer to the ground except 20 /30 meters.
ID #103153
Jun 22nd 2011 Guest
just kidding
ID #51341