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Call of Duty: Black Ops Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3 : Wii

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Intel Locations

We've put together an awesome Intel Locations guide as part of our complete Black Ops guide.

Each Intel Location is spotted with an individual video and text description of how to collect it.

To go to our Intel Locations Guide just follow this link:'s Black Ops Intel Locations Guide



A.Found on a box right before the gun section of the training area.Grab the M161A,come back,and shoot it.

2)Mission 1-The recovery job:

A.On top of the leftmost gate door in the start of the mission,by the hinge.

B.Behind a grave in the back right of the cemetery.

C.Right before the hostage,it's the star on the middle Cuban flag on the opposite walkway.One good way to get it(the same I used),is to when you enter the walkway where you find the enemies,that are in the opposite walkway of you,just throw a grenade bewteen the first and second section of the opposite walkway.

D.Behind the bell in the area where the hostage is.

3)Mission 2-Breaking free:

A.In a room with a ventilation fan,right below the fan.

B.In the shower stall in the..

You never die on the map (house)

First you need is 15,000 score (if allready found than never mind) buy the first than the second door. Then you come to this room were there is a box (to the left) and your see a couple piled ontop of eachother (to the right) then you see a wall (no higher than your hips (from just geussing)stand inbetween the boxes and then aganst the wall then they go all around you and stop about (a yard or two away) (just geussing) some go all the way on the other side of the room! Hope you havent found allready becuse I think it's cool (you can still do it if you get a fire sale) unfortunally I don't have anywaqy to show a vidieo so read carfully and works against dogs too and in both multi and single player.

How to win in zombie mode.

Basically, choose "Facility", then wait by the window at the opposite side of the room from the stairs. Let a zombie through the window, then headshot it with the knife. Repair the window and repeat. When you have around 7000 points, or less and a Fire Sale, wait until there is only one zombie left in the current round. Throw a knife at him to weaken him, then remove the first barrier (honestly it's a sofa, could just climb over it without paying 5000 points), run up the stairs and go to the mystery box. If the first weapon sucks, keep trying. Assuming you get a useful weapon (any automatic), camp by the box and kill as they come through the door or window to your left. Using this tactic I got to round 12. Good luck and aim for the bloody head.

Save ammo

Just use knife in the house until you unlock the area with the ? Box (mystery box) and then you can shoot with what ever you have.

Free weapon

When you are down in co op zombies you pull out the knife and when you get up you have a modelkko pistol.

Explosive bolt crossbow and snowman room for ds

Well you have to unlock the weapons room the go to the one with the bad guy's weapons like the AK-47 and then go to the blue poster to the side of a table and there is a snowman with a crossbow.

How to get last two hardest-to-find collectibles on levels the p

On the payback when you come to the main reserch area go to your left you should see an empty doorway throw a grenade at it you might not see it but you can get it, next on the level cold feet when your about to take the elevator look in between the gap on the right side of the elevator, good luck


When you climb, up the ladder on The Recovery Job to kill the hostile who is holding the Cuban hostage throw a gernade. After, you do that click on one of your guns. You will not have to shoot cause the hostage turns around, grabs the knife and will stab the enemy

Easy perk grab?

In the Zombies mode, did you know you do not have to walk up to the perks but you can just shoot them instead?

Hung out to dry and kill house glitches

When you go down the stairs there is a corner. Aim up and line up with the corner then run into the corner, then you should get out of the map.

In kill house go back through the exit go to the tubes,then go in barley then press down twice and you should get out of kill house

A couple of great weapons

On the 2nd level if you go past the area where a guy

Goes behind a desk that makes a right angle and past the 2 guys behind the crates turn right after the guys behind the crates there will be a blue hallway if you in the hallway there will be a room with a lot of chairs kill the 2 guys in the room then go behind the fenced area there will be 4 weapons ps on the table when you first enter the room there is a sniper

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