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Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Objective: Infiltrate the Soviet lab and confront Dr. Steiner.

As soon as you're able to, open the door and approach the man. Press RS to execute him. Before following Reznov, look at the floor to your left and you should find the first intel in this mission.

Rebirth Intel 1/3

Follow Reznov and stick to the shadows. After disarming the second guard and getting your own weapon, continue forth. Go upstairs then up the ladder. Pull down the guard to get his shotgun then go up another ladder again to reach the roof. Run towards the open door and down the elevator shaft. Kill the guards and scientists there then start clearing the labs.

After clearing the labs, you should see a large capsule-like structure in the middle of the next room. The next intel is located inside. Just ignore the enemies then rush inside to grab the intel before it seals. Don't worry because even if you died inside, as long as you grabbed the intel, it will be counted and you don't need to do it again.

Rebirth Intel 2/3

You have the chance to unlock another achievement before moving forward. Just before the room where you obtained Intel #2, are seven caged chimps. To unlock the achievement 'I hate Monkeys', you need to kill seven of them in 10 seconds (timer starts after killing the first chimp). The fastest and easiest way is to throw a grenade in the corner of the left cages (as shown in the screenshot). The blast should kill 5 chimps then just pump the others with your shotgun or shower them with lead with your AK.

I hate Monkeys

Clear the remaining enemy soldiers then head to the waypoint. Open the door at the end of the hallway to find Steiner inside. Watch the following scenes.

Objective: Infiltrate the Soviet lab and confront Dr. Steiner.

This time, you'll be playing in the perspective of Hudson. You'll start by clearing the path with APCs. Just pummel the enemies as usual. As soon as you cross the bridge, the enemies will deploy a Nova6 cloud. Enemies will start shooting ahead so take cover and take them out from a distance using your IR-equipped Enfield rifle.

One achievement that you can unlock here is the No Leaks achievement where you need to complete the mission without puncturing your hazmat suit. Your suit gets permanently damaged when hit by bullets so as much as possible, avoid taking too much damage.

Continue ahead then follow the waypoint. You'll be out in the streets again so clear it out then wait for the building ahead to explode. Your allies will stack up by the door but don't enter it yet; check the building to the right for the last intel for this mission. See the video below for further information.

Rebirth Intel 3/3

Once done, head inside and go upstairs. Take out the enemies below and on the windows. Follow the next waypoints until you reach the other flank of the enemy. Take them all out again but don't go out in the open yet; the enemy helicopter is still roaming and will heavily damage your suit if you're not careful. Grab the Strela on the ground then aim it at the choppers to gain a lock while they're not targeting you. Listen to the tone of the weapon; the faster and high pitched it is, it means it's got a lock. Just release it and it will do the rest. After surviving these two helicopters you'll be in a safe zone. The achievement will be unlocked after that.

Follow your allies as they run downhill to storm the lab. The Hazmat suit is not needed anymore so you can just go all-out. Fight your way through the lab courtyard. There will be enemies on the roof so keep your eyes peeled as well. Head inside the lab and eliminate the enemy forces. Keep pushing through until you reach the lab. Watch the following scenes and the mission will be completed.

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Comments for Rebirth

5 comments, latest first.
May 6th 2011 Guest
im completley stuck i kill the guard then move behind the crate but when i follow up the steps i always get seen no matter where i try to stand feel like giving up really enjoyed the game up to this point
ID #41680
Apr 23rd 2011 RexMundi
On the WII version how do I open the door at the beginning of "Rebirth"?!?!It says Hold Unbound( activate) to open door. What does that even mean? Every other door opened by pressing "A"! Help me cyber game lords!
ID #39271
Mar 26th 2011 Guest
On the wii version the 2nd intel is really the 3rd intel. It is located at the bottom of the 2nd staircase once you go thru decontamination.
ID #34242
Dec 26th 2010 Mace Winzip
Greetings, guys.

On the wii version, I've got the first and last intel on rebirth, but the one inside the chamber is not there. I tried lots of times, entered the chamber but there is only one soldier, no intel. After I tried to search on the entire map, but no sign of it.

I searched on many sites for this intel, is the only on i´ve not acquired, and I don´t want to use the 3 arc intel code.

Can you guys help me, please?
ID #22461
Dec 23rd 2010 Guest
Thanks for the achievement tip!

I reloaded my weapon on the ready, and then I lobbed a grenade into the left side of those same cages. Scored the achievement with just a grenade blast. Smile
ID #22093