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Strike Force Missions - Shipwreck

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Strike Force Missions - Shipwreck

Primary Objective:
Sink the SDC cargo Freighter

- Destroy CLAWS (x2) using only soldiers
- Use only 3 network intruders to complete the mission
- Complete mission with more than 2:00 min remaining
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with headshots
- Melee enemy personnel (x15)
- Destroy enemy ASD (x3) as a CLAW
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with explosives
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) while they are stunned
- Run over enemy personnel (x20) with ASD
- Complete the mission in “tactical view” only

You have to capture all three points and launch a missile strike within 10 minutes.

Head to the first capture point and place your units near the key points. Take control of one of the infantry unit to plant a hacking module then defend that position until the hacking is complete. After clearing keypoint A, move your surviving foot soldiers and ASD inside the warehouse to north. You may want to take control one of them so you can reposition them so they can have a good view of the next capture point.

Next, control the next fire team that will arrive and lead them to the container boxes overlooking the next capture point. Don't expose them too much; just reposition them there until your ASD and CLAW are ready. Order the ASDs and CLAW to head to capture point B and manually control one of the infantry soldiers. Provide cover to your bots by destroying enemy infantry and quads. Once the area's a bit clear, move the infantry squad on the ground to the capture point and order the other infantry squad that's on the container vans.

Get in cover and take out the incoming enemy forces, taking control of the Claw or ASD preferably.  After capturing the point, order your ASDs and CLAW to move to the last capture point. It is rather near and the enemy deployment will be almost in the same area so be careful not to get caught in the open. Place your ASD and CLAW near the open while one squad at the rear of the capture point. For the last squad, you can manually control them to eliminate the targets heading to the last capture point.

After successfully hacking all three, call in a missile strike and steer the missile to the ship to complete this mission.

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Comments for Strike Force Missions - Shipwreck

9 comments, latest first.
Aug 26th 2013 Guest
This mission is a bit tricky but it's fun especially in veteran difficulty.
ID #306817
Jul 22nd 2013 Guest
Hey i've completed all the challenges and it is still saying me that Iran is still at risk. What should i do?
ID #299442
Apr 13th 2013 Guest
Thanks man I didn't know I had to defent those this things.
ID #273497
Feb 18th 2013 Guest
hey guys, in i'm playing PC BO2 and the units look like a nubs from mw3 delta force. and in youtube the treyarch umm director? yea he was playing in front of the viewer and the units were badass black armor suited and wit a cool is it only available for xbox or pc needs updaate?
ID #255644
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
Perhaps you weren't in Tactical View.
ID #242612
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
Doing this on the hardest difficulty is next to impossible. Not only is the Enemy AI hard as hell, but you're down to 8 mins
ID #242434
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
Dear Frustrated,

Next time LET GO of square.

The Common Sense Brigade
ID #231170
Dec 9th 2012 Guest
I successfully hacked all the points, then a message came up "press (square) call in strike".

I pressed square...I held square...I ran around trying to look at the ship we were supposed to sink, holding square while looking at it...

While all this was going on the mission clock ran out. Wtf.

ID #217276
Nov 30th 2012 Guest
this works just fine...and im 40..ha!
ID #213906