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Mission 7: Suffer With Me

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mission 7: Suffer With Me

- Perform a knife throw at enemy guard post
- Survive an enemy RPG blast which causes enemy collateral damage
- Destroy Noriega’s private jet
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with truck mounted MG
- Destroy enemy ZPU (x1)
- Distract enemy personnel (x8) with Nightingale grenades at the same time
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with IR strobe
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x8) in the clinic
- Collect intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

Once the mission starts, approach the guard above and attempt to melee him. Mason will do it instead so throw your knife to the other guard. Clear the roundabout of enemies then continue down the street to reach the warehouse. If you have the access kit, you should be able to cut open a locked box containing x8 Nightingale grenades.

Head to the rooftop and clear it. Next, follow Mason and enter the hangar through the skylight. Once inside, assist the SEALs in eliminating the soldiers inside and follow Mason to the stairs. Before going downstairs, check the shelf beside it to find an intel.

Hangar Intel

Continue outside then kill the gunner. Use the mounted MG at the back of the truck to kill the enemies ahead. Continue following Mason to the next hangar. Kill a few more enemies then head to the marked motel room for a scene.

Now, you have to escort Noriega to the army checkpoint. Kill the enemies abusing the civilians then follow Mason. You can move separately from them so just keep left and follow the path to find a building containing a second intel. Refer to the video below. It's about 86-88m away from the objective point.

Extraction Intel

After getting the intel, continue to the clinic and breach it to start the next phase of the mission. Once inside, check the sink ahead to find the mission's last intel.

Clinic Intel

Attempt to help the wounded nurse for a short cutscene. Next, kill the enemies that will appear from the corridors then catch up with Noriega. Help him up then get ready to run once a strobe has been thrown. Continue running then jump to the next building. Just follow the path until you reach the allied units.

In the next scene, you'll have to shoot a masked target on the ground. Instead of shooting him in the head, you have to shoot the target on the legs, twice. This should unlock the missable trophy “Family Reunion”

Family Reunion

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Comments for Mission 7: Suffer With Me

2 comments, latest first.
Jan 1st 2015 FallenAngel_13
It keeps saying that I abandoned my mission when I try to help him up the ledge what do I do!?!?!? Please help
ID #494096
Jan 26th 2013 Guest
Mason freezes up just before heading to the motel.. any help with this problem??
ID #246800