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Multiplayer - Weapons and Equipment

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Multiplayer - Weapons and Equipment

COD Black Ops 2 now allows you to choose the loadout you prefer through the “Create-A-Class” system. You'll be given 10 points to select the perks, weapons, attachments and equipment of your preference. This will enable you to remove, add or interchange various gears and perks to suit your style.

Primary weapons have two attachments be default while secondary weapons can only have one attachment. They can have an extra attachment each by including a Wildcard (refer to the Create-A-Class section) in your loadout. You can only carry one Lethal and Tactical equipment but there's an extra slot should you opt to choose.

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles
You'll be using these most of the time. They're deadly, efficient and  versatile. You can trust these in close to long-range engagements, even enhance their capabilities through different attachments. Assault rifles are also powerful enough to penetrate through single layers of concrete or solid cover.


Type 25

SWAT 556








Sub Machine Guns
SMGs are lightweight and accurate weapons best used for fast-paced, close engagements that require mobility. Their fast aim-down-sight allows their users to aim quickly to a target and fire more accurate shots. SMGs deal more damage that assault rifles but their limited range somehow limits their usefulness against more distant targets.



Vector K10





These weapons deal massive damage per shot at close rate, perfect for urban or CQB (close-quarter-battles) maps. However, this damage is practically mitigated as the target's distance increases as the shotgun pellets disperse at the wide area. Players who want to use shotguns as their primary weapons should make up with its limitation by having corresponding perks or a good secondary weapon.

Remington 870MCS





LMG (Light Machine Guns)
These are heavy weapons sporting large magazines, heavy damage and very high penetration at a cost of mobility, accuracy and slower ADS (aim-down-sight). Heavy gunners can use LMGs to setup defensive/ambush positions or provide covering fire during an assault. Their lack in accuracy and range can be further enhanced with the help of attachments while a player's overall efficiency when using this as a primary weapon can be further increased with the right perks.






Sniper Rifles
They're highly accurate, deadly even at long distances and can deal often fatal damage. Their only weakness is their slow fire-rate which is not a problem for some semi-automatic models. When used by a highly efficient player, sniper rifles can help lock down a certain path or area in the map. Snipers often carry a reliable SMG or pistol as their secondary weapon to defend themselves against close-quarter engagements.






There is only one “weapon” in this category and that is the Assault Shield. It's a bullet-resistant shield that can be deployed as cover. It is best used with team mates assisting behind or when you're caught in a firefight without any nearby cover.

Assault Shield


Secondary Weapons


These are trusty sidearms that you can immediately pull in times of emergencies. These are fast, lightweight and powerful enough to finish off enemies in case you run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight.







These are heavy, explosive weapons that can easily destroy targets, especially drones and vehicles. They have very limited ammo so their usefulness will depend on the map and game mode.


This weapon requires a lock-on to enemy vehicles or turrets. You can't fire it freely against human targets.





There are only two weapons in this category.


Ballistic Knife




As the name suggests, this is a category of lethal thrown explosives or weapons.

These are standard explosives that deals damage to a certain radius.

It's a type of grenade that sticks to the surface where it was thrown.

Combat Axe
This thrown weapon can instantly kill any target. The axe can be retrieved manually or automatically (with the Scavenger perk)

These are mine that triggers when its directional beams are crossed.

A plastic explosive that can be detonated remotely by pressing Square twice.

Bouncing Betty
Proximity mine that launches in the air before detonating. Can be avoided by crouching or going prone.




These are non-lethal items that help you gain tactical advantage in the battlefield.

Disorients enemies and slows movement.

Smoke Grenade
Produces a smokescreen upon impact

Sensor Grenade
Detects enemy soldiers within the line of sight

Black Hat
Hack equipment and/or care packages; disable enemy vehicles

Shock Charge
Proximity triggered mine that shocks and stuns enemies

EMP Grenade
Disables enemy electronic systems

Blinds enemies and impairs their hearing

Trophy System
Destroys enemy projectiles within 10 meters. Vehicle projectiles may penetrate.

Tactical Insertion
Drop-zone beacon that allows you to place your next spawn point. Not availabe in Free-for-All games.




These are add-ons you can attach to your weapons to improve their performance. Primary weapons have two attachments be default while secondary weapons can only have one attachment. They can have an extra attachment each by including a Wildcard (refer to the Create-A-Class section) in your loadout. You can only carry one Lethal and Tactical equipment but there's an extra slot should you opt to choose. Some weapons such as launchers can't have any attachments at all.

Some attachments can't be used together, especially if they're in the same category (for example: scopes, sights and grips) When choosing an attachment, it is always a good idea to choose the ones that will cover your preferred weapon's weakness.


Precision red dot sight
1 Range, 3 Accuracy


Enhanced zoom sight
Range 1, Accuracy 3

Dual Band Scope

Nightvision scope with interlaced thermal overlay
Range 2, Accuracy 2

Laser Sight

Increases hip fire accuracy
2 Mobility, 2 accuracy


Invisible from radar when firing, reduzed muzzle flash but with less range
-1 damage, -2 range

Fast Mag

Reload faster

EO Tech Sight

Holographic sight. Provides a clearer view of the target than a reflex but with less peripheral vision.
2 Range, 2 Accuracy

Variable Zoom

While scoped, press R3 to adjust between 2 different zoom levels.
Mobility 1, Range 3, Accuracy 1

Fore Grip

Reduced recoil when aiming down the sights
4 accuracy

Extended Clip

More ammo each clip

Adjustable Stock

Moves faster while aiming
2 Mobility, 2 accuracy

Target Finder

Identifies enemies and notifies when an enemy is in the crosshair
1 range, 3 accuracy

Long Barrel

Increases range
1 damage, 3 range

FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)

Increased material penetration and damage against enemy scorestreaks
Damage 3

Quickdraw Handle

Ergonomic handle for faster aiming
Mobility 2, Accuracy 2

Select Fire

Switch to burst or automatic fire with left directional pad. Automatic fire will always have more recoil.
Range 2, Accuracy 2

Rapid Fire

Increased rate of fire
Damage 4, Accuracy -1

MMS (Millimeter Scanner)

Detects lingering signatures from stationary enemies through materials up to 25 meters.
Mobility 2, Accuracy -1

Dual Wield (pistols only)

Hip fire two weapons
Damage 4, Accuracy -2

Tactical Knife (pistols only)

Carry a tactical knife in your offhand for faster melee attacks.
Mobility 2

Tri-Bolt (crossbow only)

Fire a bundle of 3 bolts at a time
Damage 2

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Comments for Multiplayer - Weapons and Equipment

7 comments, latest first.
Mar 20th 2015 Guest
Mk--48+target finder+extended clip+FMJ
Dual wield tac 45
Perk 1 lightweight
Perk 2 toughness
Perk 3 Engineer/dead silence
Primary gunfighter
ID #530835
Apr 16th 2014 Guest
ID #375701
May 2nd 2013 Guest
how do u get ur gun to be sparkly like with the golden guns
ID #279514
Feb 8th 2013 Guest
How do you add camoflauge to the guns in this game?
ID #251952
Jan 23rd 2013 Guest
Alright for those who dont know and please excuse my grammar and speling i'm tired from my gathered knowlage on zombies to get a ray gun you must first have access to the mystery box and then reguardless of what youtube videos may tell you it's all luck now there is also for those who are interested a way to get dual ray gun seeing as it is a pistol you need only play on a map with Pack a punch and yes there is a pack a punch machine on trazit for those who don't know you need to get to the map where you turn on the power and release the eletric boss it will be the third map the bus stops at i recommend stopping at the first map and letting the bus circle once to get a few good guns from the mystery box which will cost 750 to open the door to it and 950 to use then have a fully charged turbine whih you must build at the begining now after you have the turbine and a good gun board the bus and gead for the third map you will find a small looking shed thing that cost 750 to open it with has a nice machine gun ak i believe on the left outside wall when the door is opened you must turn on the power by finding the parts this may be challenging while fighting off a horde once done and the power is on the door you came through is to high to get out but under it is another door with a power symbol on it the door is green now place the turbin there and run to the room you tune the power on there will be a dor that has open find the fastest way outside if the bus has left you will have to run to the next place and find the bank which will cost to open inside there will be a vault door well two use your grenades to blow them open if you did it right then your turbine has opened the door to the room then you just find parts and build the pack a punch hope this helps a few people looking to survive longer and have more fun with friends now you can wield dual ray guns
ID #245842
Jan 21st 2013 Guest
How do I get the raygun in zombie mode.
ID #245175
Jan 17th 2013 Guest
How can I get all the guns gold n diamond out with play with all of them
ID #243659