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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 25 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Wii U

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Mini CLAW Easter Egg

Once you reach the final mission of Black Ops 2, as you enter the round office complex, look to the left and you should find a Mini CLAW just sitting there on the floor!

Unlock Deadshot Daquiri Perk

You can get this perk in Zombies Tranzit mode by getting a collateral head shot with a single bullet. This perk increases the head shot multiplier in zombies.

Avenged Sevenfold Easter Egg

Check out the music video Easter Egg by the heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, California.

Watch the video

I Don't Think They Exist - Achievement Guide

"In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you."

To get this achievement you need to be in Zombies mode, playing a TranZit game. Open the main doors and then run out into the wilderness, into the smog until you see a skull and crossbones sign out along the road. It is around here that the 'denizens of the forest' will emerge.

Once one latches onto you, use the right stick to melee it. It will take about 5 swipes to kill it and get the achievement.

Time and Fate Mansion Assault Glitch

During the courtyard section with the bell tower, you may find that you are unable to continue, with the game seemingly glitched. It is in fact waiting for you to kill everyone in the area - search all the corpses. You will likely find one that is still alive. Finishing him off will allow you to proceed. That, or kill yourself and restart the level...

Nuketown Zombies - Hidden Voices Easter Egg

You can find the best guide to finding all of the hidden voices in Nuketown Zombies in the video below:

Unlock 'Suffer With Me' Alternate Ending

When Noriega hands you the sniper rifle on the rooftop in the mission titled 'Suffer with me', shoot the man you are ordered to kill. But only shoot the target in the knee twice.

Thor Easter Egg

It is possible to see Thor's hammer in a particular level on Black Ops 2. To do this, you need to be on the Celerium mission (level 2). Play through until you get to the point where you fly in using the special suits. Once you have landed and killed all the initial enemies, go to the cliff and drop down to a lower section. You should see a dark cave that you can go into. Light it up with gunfire or flash bangs to see the hammer.

Michael Jordan Easter Egg

Check out the video below to see the Michael Jordan Easter Egg on 'Raid' (BO2 Secret Multiplayer).

Watch the video

Quick Revive Perk (Transit Mode)

When you revive the same teammate at least 15 times in Transit mode a green flash will appear from the revived teammate to indicate that the perk has been permanently unlocked for use in Tranzit mode.

Unlock Alternate Endings

When you complete the following tasks in the indicated mission in Campaign mode you will get the corresponding ending:

Ending 1 (Best)

Pyrrhic Victory:

Rescue Woods.


Recover the Celerium Worm.

Old Wounds:

Interrogate Kravchenko to learn about the CIA mole.

Time And Fate:

Collect ALL the intel to learn about the CIA mole.

Fallen Angel:

Find Zhao's secret meeting intel/Harper's protected.


Save Karma/DeFalco dies.

Suffer With Me:

Menendez is not able to manipulate Woods.

Achilles' Veil:

Keep Farid alive/SDC allies with US military forces.


Save Admiral Briggs/SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones/USS Oba..

After-Credits Video

There is a secret Easter Egg/video at the end of the Black Ops 2 credits sequence. When you complete the game, be sure to watch through to the end of the credits. The developers have hidden away a humorous video there to reward people who see the full list of those who contributed to this epic game!

Modding oh ya

Give master prestige and all diamond guns get all caliing cards and a sick emblem be in alia clan have aim bot on every gun

Retro Games

If you shoot ALL the mannequin's heads off in a Multiplayer match in under 1 minute 30 seconds you will be able to play the following 4 classic retro Activision games; Pitfall, Hero, Kaboom and River Raid.

Watch the video

Extra Squads for Strikeforce Missions

At the pause menu during a strikeforce mission, select 'play tutorial'.

Finish the tutorial mission and you will have an extra squad to use in any strikeforce mission. This can be done an unlimited number of times.

Juggernog pro

To get this start a game on tranzit quickly run to quick revive run to a zombie let him down you when you get up you should see a green spark if you do that then buy juggernog you will beable to take 6 hits.

Secret Diamond camo

Unlock the Gold camouflage for all weapons in a specific class (e.g. Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, etc.) in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Diamond camouflage for all weapons in that class. For example, get the Gold camouflage for all Specials (Assault Shield, Ballistic Knife, Combat Knife, and Crossbow) to unlock the Diamond camouflage for all Special weapons.

For ray gun every time out of the mystery box

You have to go to the town on survival start at round 5 with magic and on original when you spawn go to the mystery box then open it and shoot the very top box the box there is a bit that sticks up waste a reload of ammo on it and you should get the ray gun

Get the breast nuckles

To get the breast nuckles you need to find the piece to the top of the bus and put that piece on to the building that is next to the place were you make the zombie sheild at on the right.P.S. It will be right behind you when you get on top of the building. Advice. Zombies will jump on top of the building so be careful.

Weaver down below deck

Hudson is stuck a corner up in one of the rooms you have to force hm out and follow him down to the spot and thats it

How to be invisible

First you build a turbine then pull out the turbine in front of you but do not place it and you will be invisible


Go to origins(zombies)then run quickly to a perk and lay down in front of it then hit Y and it should give you 25$ works on most perks I haven't played CoD black ops 2 for a long time not sure if it is patched or not it should still work I only think me and my friends know but in all you still get CASH!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$$$$$$$$

Ray gun

In tranzit but the olympia. Once you have baught the olympia keep buying ammo when you use ammo. Then you'll eventurlly get the ray gun. Sometimes it takes a while.

How to get phd flopper on buried

When you start the game go to the stairs that are besde the first box spawn and jump from the top of the stairs to the bottom 5 times and each time you need to get hurt when you have done this dolphin dive from the top of the stairs and you should have phd flopper

Hamr time

Go to the transit on zombies and go to the mystery box. Get a hammer as your first weapon. If you succeed in getting a hammer as your first weapon you will hear "hammer time".

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