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Mission 2: Celerium

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mission 2: Celerium

- Eliminate enemy heli before lift off
- Destroy sentry turret (x2) while disabled
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x4) with one round from Titus weapon
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with heli turret
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x30) while using optical camo
- Destroy enemy ADs (x2) by exploding nitrogen tanks
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with the Assault Shield
- Protect ASD resource from destruction
- Collect intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

For the first part of the mission, you have to alternately swing until you reach the rendezvous point. Just follow the onscreen instructions. After meeting up with Crosby and Salazar, stand near the edge of the cliff then deploy your wing suit when prompted. Use the right analog stick to steer. Just follow the flight path then deploy your chutes when prompted.

Once you get the go signal, you can head to the left and assassinate the cloaked soldier there. Fight your way to the lift and use it to reach the upper part of the area.

Continue forth until you reach the landing area. Approach the grounded aircraft but before accessing it, check the room to the left to find an intel.

Landing pad Intel

Next, cut open the grounded aircraft to access its 40mm vulcan cannon and use it to take out as much enemies as you can before it gets destroyed. Next, to the next area. Take cover as there is a couple of auto-turrets here. Destroy them then move forth until you reach the temple door.

Stand back from the door as your allies will use explosive fletchettes on it. Continue inside to find the facility entrance. Wait until your allies open the door the walk towards the stairs. Take cover after the explosion and take out the drones. Once you've taken out a few enemies, check the room to the to find another intel.

Research facility Intel

After getting the intel, you can continue upstairs or take the path at ground level to clear the area. Kill all enemies until you reach an elevator. The elevator has four guards as well so take them out and use it. Continue to the next area and move carefully as you clear it.

Access the drone bay to activate a friendly ground drone then check the container with your allies to find a researcher. More enemy soldiers will appear, as well as ceiling auto-turrets. After eliminating them, you'll have to open the vault. Before doing so, check the room where the enemies came from to find the mission's last intel.

Vault Intel

Open the vault and follow the researcher inside. Obtain the Celerium drive and clear the remaining area to meet up with the extraction team to complete the mission.

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