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Mission 4: Time and Fate

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mission 4: Time and Fate

- Eliminate PDF enemies (x7) with shotguns in under 10 seconds
- Eliminate PDF enemies (x8) with truck mounted MG
- Rendezvous with Josefina in under 140 seconds
- Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with Molotovs (x12)
- Crash an enemy truck
- Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with mortars (x10)
- Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with machete (x10)
- Located evidence of CIA presence
- Collecte intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

As soon as the mission starts, hack the enemies away until you get a weapon. Grab any rifle from killed soldiers then take out the enemies in the village. Check all the houses to help the oppressed people and continue forth until you reach the stables.

As soon as you reach the stables, head to the exit and check the cart to find this intel.

Stables Intel

Continue to the mansion and clear the guards. Continue inside the mansion and continue upstairs for a scene.

Observe Menendez then move out once the PDF personnel grabs him. Follow your squad then head to the river. Take out the MG by the shack to the right then continue forth. Take out the sniper on the rooftop ahead and move on. Check your fire and avoid hitting any civilians. Head inside the house to the right by the uphill path to find a box containing molotovs.

Continue uphill until you encounter an enemy MG truck. Take the driver and gunner out so you can use the mounted MG to take out the enemies. Fight your way to the next house, taking out the snipers by the windows and veranda.

Go upstairs and wait until your teammates open the doors. Jump down to the ground then open the nearby storage to get some mortars. Continue to the courtyard and take out the snipers by the belltower, rooftop and porch ahead. There's another intel in the second level of the bell tower. Continue to the top of the belltower and equip the Dragunov there to eliminate the targets ahead.

Belltower Intel

After clearing the enemies, follow Woods and Aguilar inside the cocaine bunker. Access the armory to get a new melee weapon. Grab some new guns here if you want then continue forth. The bunker is heavily defended so you may want to use the molotovs and mortar shells you acquired earlier. Clear the main area then enter the room to the left before reaching the table barricade on the way to the target.

Bunker Intel

Clear the next room then head outside. Follow Woods back inside the house for a scene and to complete the mission.

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Comments for Mission 4: Time and Fate

8 comments, latest first.
Oct 9th 2013 Guest
I'm having the same problem. The game won't continue. All my guys are looking around for people like idiots and there aren't any left. I can't go back out of here either.
ID #313652
Jul 2nd 2013 Guest
I'm in the courtyard after seeing Menendez go in the barn and have killed all of the enemies but the game wont continue. i have run around and made sure they are all dead but no one is going anywhere and i have no where to go
ID #294308
Mar 17th 2013 Guest
How do I locate evidence of CIA presence?
ID #264444
Mar 10th 2013 skuller345
i dont get it
ID #262474
Jan 4th 2013 Guest
i've killed dozens with the MG truck and still challenge is not complete whats going on here?
ID #237108
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
There is a CIA memo round the corner after the room is cleared. I threw a load of Molotov's in there so I'm not sure if the area is always on fire but it was when I went through to get the memo.
ID #235635
Dec 18th 2012 Guest
How do you go down into the cocaine bunker ?
I've tried and tried and it my guy simply wont start down the ladder, I cant even make hom jump down in it !!
I rented this game and am stuck and running out of time.
I even died purposely to see if that would make it work and still no go !!!
ID #224120
Dec 6th 2012 Guest
How do you not let the place burn down, it says search incomplete on the record
ID #215727