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Intel Locations Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Intel Locations

Mission 1: Phyrric Victory

1: As soon as the mission starts, head to the right side of the hill and fight your way to the marked vehicle. Before accessing it, grab the intel by the hole. Be careful of the mortar explosions before getting it.

Mortar Intel

2: While in the barge, climb the upper deck and check the corner after the MG emplacement.

Barge Intel

3: During your escape to the river, you'll make a brief stand for the second time. Check the tree platform to the north near the sides to find this intel.

Jungle Intel


Mission 2: Celerium

4: After reaching the landing pad where an repaired aircraft is held, check the room to its left to find the intel.

Landing pad Intel

5: After reaching the research facility in the temple, go inside and check the room to the left.

Research facility Intel

6: After learning about the Celerium from a researcher and repelling the enemy attack group, check the room where the enemies came from to find the mission's last intel.

Vault Intel


Mission 3: Old Wounds

7: After the briefing, don't leave the briefing room yet. Instead, check the dark corner to the right to find an intel.

Briefing Room Intel

8: After detonating the triggering charge, ride the horses again and head to the base. There will be a tank at its doorstep but on the way there, take note of an ammo crate (with a red flag) near an uphill. If you follow the target indicator, you'll come across this spot along the way. The mission's second intel is located there.

Desert Intel

9: After getting the second intel, ride to the southeast to find some hanging bridges and a shallow cavern. Check near the entrance to find the last intel for this mission.

Desert Cavern Intel


Mission 4: Time and Fate

10. As soon as you reach the stables, head to the exit and check the cart to find this intel.

Stables Intel

11: Upon reaching the courtyard, climb the belltower to the right to find the intel in the second level of the belltower, on the top of a wooden crate.

Belltower Intel

12: Once inside the cocaine bunker, clear the main area then enter the room to the left before reaching the table barricade on the way to the target.

Bunker Intel


Mission 5: Fallen Angel

13: As soon as the mission starts, don't leave the room yet. Grab the first intel on the shelf across the room.

Assault Intel

14: After the sequence where you need to push the gate open to escape the flooded streets, check the alley to your immediate right to find another intel and an ammo cache.

Alley Intel

15: While taking cover from the MQ drones, follow Woods until you reach a narrow passage. A portion of the building will crumble ahead. Check the ground near the debris to find the mission's last intel.

Debris Intel


Mission 6: Karma

16: After losing control of Ziggy, enter the server room next then clear the area. Check the table by the wall near the objective point to get the mission's first intel.

Server Room Intel

17: Once you reached the mall area, check the “dHo” store in the lower level to find this intel in one of the shelves there.

Mall Intel

18: While pursuing DeFalco, continue outside and clear the enemy. Once DeFalco's name is visible in the hud, keep to the right to find another intel by a kiosk.

Plaza Intel


Mission 7: Suffer with Me

19: After entering the hangar from the skylight, assist the SEALs in eliminating the soldiers inside and follow Mason to the stairs. Before going downstairs, check the shelf beside it to find an intel.

Plaza Intel

20: You can move separately from Mason and Noriega so just keep left and follow the path to find a building containing a second intel. Refer to the video below. It's about 86-88m away from the objective point.

Extraction Intel

21: Once inside the clinic, check the sink ahead to find the mission's last intel.

Clinic Intel

Mission 8: Achilles' Veil

22: Join Menendez on stage then once the shooting starts, head to the right and enter the room to the left to find the mission's first intel.

Clinic Intel

23: Once the second phase of the mission starts, you'll be given manual control over the quads. Continue to the street and enter the first house to the left. The second intel should be behind the boxes inside.

House Intel

24: Once outside, continue until you reach a house. There's a weapon and ammo cache there. Climb the ladder to the roof then get the last intel there.

House Intel 2


Mission 9: Odysseus

25: After reaching the bridge, grab the intel near the window in the right side corner, near the stairs.

Ship Bridge Intel

26: Before going downstairs leading to the hangar bay, take the stairs to the right to find an intel there. Continue to the hangar bay to find Menendez.

Hangar Bay Command Intel

27: After reaching the flight deck, continue straight ahead to find the last intel on the parked VTOL in the far end of the deck.

Flight Deck Intel


Mission 10: Cordis Die

28: After reaching the ground, check the wrecked SUV to the left to find an intel on the ground.

Expressway Intel

29:  During the second sequence of the game where you need to destroy enemy CLAW units along the way, enter the building to the left and search the table there to find another intel.

Building Intel

30: After reaching the downtown plaza area, enter the building to the left then go up the escalator. This intel is on the shelf, by the souvenir kiosk to the right.

Souvenir Intel


Mission 11: Judgement

31: Clear the blue building #27 in the courtyard near the starting point of the mission. The mission's first intel is found on the second floor by the terminal.

Building #27 Intel

32: Head to the large control room and clear it. Check the terminal to the left by the second row upstairs to find another intel.

Control Room Intel

33. When your objective is updated to finding Menendez, fight across several rooms as the explosions start in the base. Once you've found the dark, shaft-like section of the base and find the way downstairs. You'll find the game's last intel there.

Shaft Intel

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