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Mission 9: Odysseus

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mission 9: Odysseus

- Located gift in Mason’s state room
- Incapacitate enemy personnel (x20) using Combatant Suppression Knuckles
- Provide sniper overwatch for SEAL team advance across flight deck
- Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with security turret
- Destroy security turret (x3) while disabled
- Eliminate airborne enemies (x8) before they land
- Direct CLAW to eliminate enemy personnel (x5)
- Get to extraction in under 90 seconds
- Collect intel (x3)
- 100% survivability rating

Once the ship is attacked, hack the nearby weapon crate (with the access kit perk) to obtain a stun knuckle. Access the armory net to get your weapons. Head outside and eliminate the enemies. Take note that the ship's automated turrets are also hacked to target you.

Continue upstairs then move to the bridge. Once inside, destroy the turret by the hallway. If you have the access kit perk, you can open the control panel to the right which will grant you manual control over the bridge turret. Use it to easily take out the enemy forces inside.

After clearing the room, head to the bridge and grab the intel on the right side corner.

Ship Bridge Intel

Go downstairs and head outside. Grab the sniper rifle nearby and provide overwatch. Kill as many enemies as quickly as you can for your allied ground forces to make it across. Continue to the lower deck then access the turret controls again (with the access kit) to help you take out the enemies. Continue down to the engine room then make your way upstairs. Head inside the room and talk to the technician.

The control will switch to Menendez. Approach Briggs from behind then once in control, shoot him in the leg.

Turning point

Crawl in the vent and make your way to the server room. Approach the terminal then once in control, make your way to the hangar bay. Before going downstairs leading to the hangar bay, take the stairs to the right to find an intel there. Continue to the hangar bay to find Menendez.

Hangar Bay Command Intel

Ride the lift to reach the flight deck. Using the access kit, remove the obstacle from the control kiosk to the left to get the help of a CLAW unit. Now continue straight ahead to find the last intel on the parked VTOL in the far end of the deck.

Flight Deck Intel

Fight your way to the VTOL to evacuate and to end the mission.

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Mar 26th 2013 NeckBoneWillie
Where in the heck is Mason's state room tryin 2 get gift!!!1
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