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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 60 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360 : Wii U

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Michael Jordan Easter Egg

Watch the video below to see how you perform the Michael Jordan Easter Egg on Raid (BO2 Secret Multiplayer).

Watch the video

Unlock Deadshot Daquiri Perk

This perk is obtained in Zombies Tranzit mode by getting a collateral head shot with a single bullet. This perk increases the head shot multiplier in zombies.

Unlock Alternate Endings

Complete the following tasks in the indicated mission in Campaign mode to get the corresponding ending:

Ending 1 (Best)

Pyrrhic Victory:

Rescue Woods.


Recover the Celerium Worm.

Old Wounds:

Interrogate Kravchenko to learn about the CIA mole.

Time And Fate:

Collect ALL the intel to learn about the CIA mole.

Fallen Angel:

Find Zhao's secret meeting intel/Harper's protected.


Save Karma/DeFalco dies.

Suffer With Me:

Menendez is not able to manipulate Woods.

Achilles' Veil:

Keep Farid alive/SDC allies with US military forces.


Save Admiral Briggs/SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones/USS Obama survives lon..

Time and Fate Mansion Assault Issue

During the courtyard section with the bell tower, you may find that you are unable to continue, with the game seemingly glitched. It is in fact waiting for you to kill everyone in the area - search all the corpses. You will likely find one that is still alive. Finishing him off will allow you to proceed. That, or kill yourself and restart the level...

Thor Easter Egg

To see the fabled Thor Easter Egg in Black Ops II, you need to be on the Celerium mission (level 2). Play through until you get to the point where you fly in using the special suits. Once you have landed and killed all the initial enemies, go to the cliff and drop down to a lower section. You should see a dark cave that you can go into. Light it up with gunfire or flash bangs to see the hammer.

Diamond Camo for Multiplayer Guns

When you unlock the Gold camouflage for ALL weapons in a specific class (e.g. Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, etc.) the Diamond camouflage for ALL weapons in that class will become unlocked for Multiplayer mode. For example, get the Gold camouflage for ALL Specials (Assault Shield, Ballistic Knife, Combat Knife, and Crossbow) to unlock the Diamond camouflage for ALL Special weapons.

Mini CLAW Easter Egg

As you are playing through the final mission of Black Ops 2, as you enter the round office complex, look to the left and you should find a Mini CLAW just sitting there on the floor!

Quick Revive Perk (Transit Mode)

In Transit mode revive the same teammate at least 15 times until a green flash appears from the revived teammate. This indicates that the perk has been permanently unlocked for use in Tranzit mode.

Origins: Staff Parts and DISC locations

Alright people, I know it's been a long time since I posted but whatever.

Fire staff: Round 8 the panzar soldat should drop a piece once you take him down. After successfully turning on generator 6, the box should open up(reward box) and give you a staff piece. The red baron in the sky should drop a piece if shot down and it always lands next to the chest at the excavation site. The disc should be around the generator, inside the church or next to the front of the zombie tank(there's a gap between the tank and the stairs which is actually hidden from view but there's a crate which holds the disc)

Ice Staff: Once it begins to snow, start digging at the digging sites and the disc is ALWAYS inside the tank station at generator 2.

Wind Staff: These parts are..

Avenged Sevenfold Easter Egg

If you like heavy metal music then check out this music video Easter Egg by this band from Huntington Beach, California.

Watch the video

Nuketown Zombies - Hidden Voices Easter Egg

If you are trying to find all of the hidden voices in Nuketown Zombies map on Black Ops 2, use the video below:

Watch the video

After-Credits Video

Instead of skipping the credits when you complete Call of Duty: Black Ops II, be sure to watch through to the end of the credits. The developers have hidden away a humorous video there to reward people who see the full list of those who contributed to this epic game!

Ray gun maners

Go up to the mystery box. Open it with 950 points then shoot the wall above it. Spin around then shoot above the mystery box . U will get a ray gun or thunder gun or another good gun.

Unlock Retro Games

When you shoot ALL the mannequin's heads off in a Multiplayer match in under 1 minute 30 seconds you will be able to play the following 4 classic retro Activision games; Pitfall, Hero, Kaboom and River Raid.

Watch the video

Unlock 'Suffer With Me' Alternate Ending

In the mission titled 'Suffer With Me' where you are on the rooftop and Noriga hands you the sniper rifle, only shoot the man you are ordered to kill twice in the knee.

I Don't Think They Exist - Trophy Guide

"In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you."

To get this trophy you need to be in Zombies mode, playing a TranZit game. Open the main doors and then run out into the wilderness, into the smog until you see a skull and crossbones sign out along the road. It is around here that the 'denizens of the forest' will emerge.

Once one latches onto you, use the right stick to melee it. It will take about 5 swipes to kill it and get the trophy.

ALL Hidden perks(zombies MAIN MAPS(TranZit,Die Rise,Buried)

Deadshot Daquiri: get at least 100+ headshots and you should see a green mist OR get a collateral with a single buller from any gun.[ALL MAPS]

Juggernog Pro: get killed as soon as you start a game of TranZit in original difficulty and make sure you get killed as Samuel or Misty. As soon as you die, you should see a green MIST(means you got the perk) Keep trying if you don't see the green mist pop out.[ALL MAPS]

Quick Revive Pro: Revive a player as much times as required for a green mist to appear (works with any type of downs(split screen also works!!!) like a lava down or zombie down)[ALL MAPS]

Upgraded barricades: rebuild the barriers until you see the green mist and you should hear a sound WAAY different from hammers pounding on the wood.[ALL MAPS]

Die Rise Survival Strategy

The best way to survive a lot of rounds and not have to be trapped in a TIGHT space on the buildings, get the Sliqiufier and head for the Buddha room. This room is so big, you can make a zombie train and get a whole bunch of kills. As soon as you're down to your last clip on any gun, take out the sliquifier and shoot ONCE when you have the biggest group and no more zombies can spawn. The Sliquifier can collateral zombies taking out as much as 20-40 zombies without wasting so much ammo. This gun is SIMILAR to the Wunderwaffle and it acts like it but this time, the zombies don't stop and explode. They keep on going and may attack if close enough until they explode. This is now your chance to get the Slippery when Undead trophy by killing more than 5 zombies with a single shot from the sliq..

All Leroy (Prisioner) uses on Buried

Moving the Box: Give Leroy some candy next to an empty mystery box slot and he will have a confused look for a second or two. after a couple minutes, he will have the box in his arms and he will place it on the empty box slot where you gave him the candy

RE-rolling the box: give him candy after rolling the box (if you got something that sucks badly enough of course) and he will re roll the box for free.

Fetching a turbine: if you have a device that requires you to have a turbine for it to be on(Sub surface resonator or head chopper), place down the item and give him some candy. As soon as he sees the item without power, he will actually go get a turbine and place it down for you.

Building stuff for you: if you give candy to Leroy while you're near an empt..

Storing Weapons and POINTS for another game session

Ever had a whole lot of points(some 100,000) and an awesome pack-a-punched gun? Afraid of loosing them?

Well, today's your lucky day! Go to the FARM and go into the little house. STORE the gun in the fridge (no ray guns)and there!. If you ever die, the gun will keep stored in the fridge until you go back and play another game of zombies.


Ever had over 50,000 points and afraid to loose the precious money? Go to the bank in the TOWN and there should be a vault thats sealed shut. Throw a grenade or semtex and the door should OPEN revealing a room where you can store and withdraw money. [fee of 100 for every 1,000 withdrawn] . The money will stay there even if you die and start over.


To do this, there's a..

Invincible Glitch

On Tranzit, when you get to the power house, turn on the power and go through the door by placing down a turbine. Then when you are in the abandoned lava place, go to the very edge of the split bridge. Look down and you should see a place to land and survive. Jump down there. Once you hit a stone landing spot a small piece of wood hovering over the large lava pit while laying down.Get as far as you can over the lava pit without falling off the edge to your death. Now you can crouch or stand up, but don't move out. You can always leave the glitch and go back on. Once to zombies come they should run to a certain corner where they won't attack you. If this happens, YOU GOT IT!!!!!! Survive as long as you want. It will help with ,more than 1 person so you can have a retriever in case there i..

Origins: Upgrading all the staffs

So here is a guide on upgrading the staffs that you can build using my staff parts and disc guide post.

This works on both difficulties.(easy and original)

Fire staff step 1) Go into the fire crazy place and kill lots of zombies on top of the fire cauldrons with only your fire staff. As soon as you see the torches behind you light up(there's 4 of them to the right of the cauldrons as soon as you enter the crazy place)a sound clip should play confirming you did the chamber puzzle along a quote from Samantha. Now, what you have to do is very complicated to explain but I will do my best.

Fire Staff step 2) Go to the zombie tank station and you should notice some torches with random numbers(which don't change at all in between game sessions). Go upstairs into the church..

ALL 6 perks at once

This only works while playing a multiplayer match of TranZit or Town Survival.

Get any 3 perks(juggernog,speed cola,and quick revive are recommended) and Tombstone. You should have 4 perks by now and can't buy any more perks right? WRONG! Simply make sure to have a score above 10,000. You need to get downed by a zombie and press square to die and leave your tombstone behind. As soon as you spawn after the round ends, get the other 2 perks you did NOT have along with tombstone(you should have 3 perks by now) now get your tombstone and you should get your guns back as well as your previous perks along with the new perks you just bought. ALL 6 PERKS ARE THERE!!! You're now one dangerous zombie killer!

If you DO get down for ANY reason, you can just get tombstone again ..

Spawning the Electric Zombie(Avogadro)

To spawn this electric guy, all you have to do is keep 1 zombie alive and wait for the lightning to appear all around the area of where you are.(diner,town,bus station,etc) as soon as you see the lightning over you, kill the zombie and you should hear some sort of electric sound and a white mist(he's coming for you!!!)

The best way to kill this guy is to use the galva-knuckles on him.(look up the location on YouTube) As far as everyone knows, this guy loves bullets but hates blades so a melee attack will hurt him. He contributes to the Maxis' side of the Tower of Babble Easter Egg.

-more to come soon

Mob of the Dead Easter Egg

This easter egg unlocks the trophy: Pop goes the Weasel.

Step 1) Unlock Hell's Redeemer

Step 2) Build the plane

Step 3) fly over to the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times(refuel the plane after each time of course)

Step 4) Get ALL 5 afterlife skulls(one near the spawn room in one of the cells, another on a telephone post near the warden's office, one on one post at the docks where you can see PHD Flopper, one on the rooftops facing the top left of the airplane on the very corner of the rooftop, and one next to Juggernog on one light post next to the zombie barrier.)

Step 5) get the free Blundergat on the warden's desk.

Step 6) Remove the poster on one of the cells near the warden's office and shock the spoon on the ground inside the afterlife portal next to the afte..

Mob of the Dead: Getting a GOLDEN Spork

This melee weapon is a 1-hit kill till round 33.(34+ its totally useless when trapped

Step 1) Near the warden's office, there's a single cell that has a poster on the wall. Remove the Poster with either the Hell's retriever or redeemer and go into afterlife mode next to that image and shock the spoon on the ground till you hear a laughter.(you have to have flown to the bridge once by now)

Step 2) Using Hell's retriever, retrieve the spoon on the table outside the map on the cafeteria.

Step 3) go up to the bathtub thats by itself on the infirmary area around the dog and hold Square to put in the spoon.

Step 4) Get a "Vitriolic Withering" by upgrading "The Sweeper"(upgraded Blundergat) with the Acid Gat upgrade and go to the showers area.(getting the free blundergat is ..

Die Rise: Bank and Gun storage

Got money in the bank from TranZit mode? Got an awesome gun stored in the fridge?

Go ahead and go to Die Rise and use the elevator in the spawn room and as soon as you jump from the main building to the power room building, there should be a fridge close to where you jumped and 2 shower spaces where you can withdraw and store money.

Slap that thumbs up button if you got the little extra money with this post and if you want to play zombies with me, add me on PlayStation Network: SquiirtleZ


Origins: How to easily kill Panzar Zoldat (big daddy)

In order to kill this guy, you must let him grip you with his claw and let him bring you towards him. While he's pulling you toward him, there should be a red button on his left arm where his claw used to be. Shoot that button and he will let go after a few bullets. Keep doing this repeatedly or if you want, take advantage of this knowledge and try getting kung-fu grip(trophy)

Second way: shoot that guy with an upgraded Mauser C96/Ray gun Mark II/Raygun

Smack that thumbs up button if this post helped and please make sure to add me on PSN if you haven't had the chance: SquiirtleZ

Origins: Easter Egg

Step 1- Secure the keys) build and upgrade all the staffs

Step 2- Ascend from darkness) there should be some new podiums to place the staffs.(fire goes in staff place, ice goes in the church robot, wind goes in middle robot and lightning goes in spawn robot.)

Step 3- Rain fire) get the napalm monkeys and have someone go into any robot (you must figure out which robot has the glowing area to go into as all 3 come around at this step). Once they press the button inside, quickly throw a napalm monkey in the slab of concrete outside generator 5's area.Once the concrete slab is out, take out the Maxis' Drone out around this area and he'll go in for you.

Step 4- unleash the horde) take out the panzar zoldats that spawn after the rain fire step.

Step ..

Origins: how to get napalm monkeys

You must have already gotten your thunder gun punches from the reward box and it has to be before round 19

Go to generator station 2 and there should be a table inside the tank station that holds 4 slabs with a fist mark on them(next to the exit towards the mud road). Hold Square to grab one of these stone slabs and once you see you have one, go to the church. There should be a holy water container next to the mystery box spawn and you must place that slab in there by holding square. Once you see your slab in the holy water, start punching away with your thunder-gun gloves. When you see no more zombie souls are collected, grab your stone slab by holding square. Now that you have your stone slab back, you should notice it being silver instead of being dirty. Take it back to whe..

Tips for getting gold camos FASTER! (up to 15%!)

Every wanted to get a gold camo? Still stuck with them hard to get headshots with the SMG's and Assault Rifles?

Go to your create a class and equip the Primary Gunfighter wild card. You need to take out your secondary or primary(depends which one you want to get gold on).

Now, when you are using them SMG's, try to fire from the hip and aim a little higher than usual so you have MORE of a chance of getting a headshot. The laser sight basically makes your gun a little more accurate on the hip fire so just keep trying to get them headshots.

For Snipers and Shotguns, try going into HARDCORE gametypes since they have reduced health and increased bullet damage for a 1-hit kills on snipers and shotguns. REMEMBER: shotguns don't kill from a distance of more than 15 feet in range.

Getting Hell's Retriever AND Redeemer

To get this hatchet, you must first feed ALL 3 dogs scattered around the map on Mob of the Dead.(one on the docks next to the Zombie shield and the door, one next to the B23R and the other one next to deadshot daquiri.)

UPGRADING TO THE Hell's Redeemer:

Build up the plane (or refuel it) and survive 1 round on the bridge with just your retriever and you should be able to hear a noise at the end of the round. Go back to Alcatraz and throw your Hell's Retriever on the lava pit. When you do that, you should see your tomahawk icon is still reloading after 5 seconds. Now end the round and go into afterlife mode in the showers area. Once you do that, quickly go to up to the area where the Hell's retriever was and you should see that you can get Hell's REDEEMER in afterlife mode...

How to start out as level 10!(Multiplayer)

Ever started out fresh by using up the fresh start prestige award or a new PSN ID? Ever wanted to have everything to beat up others but still a level 10 or below? Hop on to the combat training playlists on 'find match' and select boot camp because the other gametype will only give you 1/2 of the XP you earn

As soon as you go into level 11, that gametype on the combat training playlist will be locked until you reach master prestige(unlocks everything automatically)

Hope I helped and add SquiirtleZ (me) cause I need some people for tower of babble trophy.


How to get the BEST ending on Campaign

You must save woods on the first mission, shoot "Raul Menendez" in the KNEE on "suffer with me", and save Karma on "Karma" by killing DeFalco before he reaches the VTOL.

-add me for more cheats and hints(V.I.P.)

C4 Glitch

In the map Drone there are sliding doors, and if you throw your C4 on the sliding door or beside the sliding door it will explode when the door opens. Same goes with Claymores and Bouncing Betties.

Tower of Babble

Maxis' side:

Step 1) build the turbine at the bus station.

Step 2) Turn on the power

Step 3) Turn it off or communications with him will be cut off.

Step 4) Go to the Cornfield and place 2 turbines on the legs of the tower to power it on.

Step 5) Spawn and Kill the Electric Zombie under the tower to have the power of the tower to the maximum.

Step 6 is simple. Go get some EMP grenades (at least 2 people must have this type of grenade.)

Step 7) EMP 4 lamp posts and you should see some red sparks.

You should see some blue streaks going towards the tower and the trophy should've been unlocked by now

Richtofen's Side of the easter egg.

Step 1) Turn on the Power

Step 2)leave the power on and make sure 4 players are playing.

Increased Health trick for Tranzit

Are you in rounds 20+? Afraid of going down and loosing everything?

Get Juggernog Pro along with the original juggernog and make your way to the diner to build the Zombie Shield.

Once you make the Zombie Shield, make sure to keep it on your back.

You've got 25 hits from a zombie on your back before the Zombie shield breaks so I gotta say that Ultra Juggernog you got there.

This strategy helps you get to higher rounds and also, if used on the Farm Survival Strategy coming up soon (by me) you will get to rounds 40+!.

-SquiirtleZ (me) aka Modder_Dude0_0

FARM Survival strategy:

Ever wanted to make a lot of points on TranZit and store them on the bank for another game? Want to make it to high rounds?

As I said before on my Zombie Shield Strategy for Increased Health, get Super Jugg by Following my Hidden Perk Post and get the original Juggernog perk along with it. Now get the Zombie Shield and Run towards the Farm and stay outside of the Farm area. You have a huge space when the bus is gone but when the bus gets there, make sure to have the stairs installed and hop on top of the bus so that no zombies are on the ground. When you see a Zombie trying to hop onto the bus, get off the bus and start going on a shooting spree. You should be able to get to rounds 20 and above!

Easy way to get Shafted trophy

Are you still stuck on the shafted trophy for Die Rise?

Get Who's Who and Quick Revive along with Speed Cola and Mule Kick since those are the more expensive perks and make sure to have at least a good 10-15K score.

When you're at the end of the round, make sure to leave 1 crawler and kill yourself allowing you to go into ghost mode(who's who active) and make your way to juggernog and double tap perk.(usually on dead man's corner or main elevator shafts or by the MP5

Now get juggernog and double tap and you should get the trophy


Hope I helped and please slap that thumbs up button if you got the achievement and like turtles


Origins: Free PAP'd weapons

Alright people, this is going to be my last post for this game so thanks for the support

Method 1: Get 115 zombie head-shots and the rewards box should be able to give you a powerful weapon. The box can give you either an upgraded STG-442, an upgraded SCAR-H, or an upgraded Galil.

Method 2: Build up the Maxis' Drone first. Once you got him built, you might want to consider looking back at the map from the drone's point of view. You might've missed some yellow "samples" on random places of the map where you wouldn't bother to look. There's one "sample" while making your way to generator 2 from spawn in the fiery trenches (of course there's debris), there's another one near the Pack-a-Punch machine in front of it on an elevated area, there's another at generator 5 nea..

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