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Car Insurance and Tracking

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Walkthrough and Guide by CMBF & Dennis (Sanzano)
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Car Insurance and Tracking

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The old saw about money not growing on trees is true, and so is the one about how you never need Car Insurance until you NEED Car Insurance... So let us discuss Car insurance for a moment, shall we?

Car Insurance at the Mod Shop

It may seem like a funny time to be buying Car Insurance but, there you are at the Car Mod Shop and you just resprayed that very awesome car...

You have dropped a bundle into it -- Bulletproof tyres, the top shelf in engines, transmissions, brakes, the works. You shot your wad and here you have what was an expensive car that is now a REALLY expensive car.

Thing is, the moment you roll out the door of the Mod Shop there is every chance that your nice toy will get shot to biscuit dust, or worse, blown up with you inside it.

Well, what about it? It will cost you beaucoup money and time to go out and steal one and then pay to get it back to the way you liked it, right?

It would cost a heck of a lot less though if you had, oh, I dunno, bought the Tracker and Insurance on the thing?

How It Works: Insurance
The Insurance Policy that you buy is based on the value of the car and all its parts -- so say that the policy cost you $10K - that is a nice round number and easy to work with for the purposes of this example.

Now say you pull out of the Mod Shop and drive down the road.

You stop at a red light and just at that moment your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever (as long as I don't have to watch I don't really care which you have) puts their foot down.

I mean really, literally, stands there, hands on hips, and stomps their foot on the floor.

Your first race in training teaches you that having a buffed ride is really important, almost as important as being skilled at driving it!

That gesture fails to produce the desired noise and effect because you have nice thick anti-foot-down insurance in the form of wall-to-wall carpet -- and in that really annoying voice they say: "You promised me you would do (insert chore here) TWO HOURS AGO!!!"

Right. You did. Idiot. You made the mistake of promising to do it. So now you have it to do.

Lucky for you it is just over there, and it needs to be moved something like twenty feet and through a door, so no worries. You jump up and go move the damn thing (whatever it is) and then you rush back, sit on the Big Comfy Couch, pick up the controller -- and BLAM!

Your car -- and your character -- just got blown up by some nine-year-old kid who shouldn't be playing this bloody game in the first place.

You know that someday that kid's dead body will be hauled down the ladder of a clock tower on some campus somewhere after they stole their grandpa's old (illegal) AK they brought back from the Nam in pieces and then put it together and hung it over the fireplace in the fishing cabin in Maine because why? Because it is just soooo cool, that's why!

Anyway that git saw you sitting at the light, jumped our of their bitchin' cool electric Chevy and planted a bomb on your car.

Then they walked back to THEIR absolutely stock hoopdie and pulled the trigger just as you sat down. Now you are dead, your car is dead -- but hey! You bought the Insurance, remember?!

So you pop open the menu and redeem your ride after checking out of the hospital against doctor's orders because the food really sucks there.

Instead of having to hunt down another very awesome car and then pay a gazillion dollars to upgrade it the way you liked it -- you just have to pay the deductible on the policy -- call it 10% of whatever it was you paid for the Insurance and you get your car replaced in like-new condition!

With all the money you saved thanks to the Insurance you can afford to send the nine-year-old-git a "Thank You" present! How cool is that?! Very cool, that is how cool!

Basically you end up paying the $1K deductible and you get your nice car back -- then you track the nine-year-old git and ninja within eyeball range thanks to the helpful option in the menu called "Highlight Player" and pull out your cell and dial up your buddy Arty, the FDC over at Merryweather...

You transfer $12,500 to Merryweather and then Arty sends five rounds of DPICM to your designated coords after you confirm that the target is 1 soft-shelled PT and 1 enemy dismounted infantry in the open.

Having delivered your thank-you-gift to the git almost personally, you bid him Alpha Mike Foxtrot in a text and go away smiling while he logs off to clean the mess out of his skivvies.

Now you see why Insurance is a Good Thing?

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7 comments, latest first.
Jun 21st 2015 Guest
ID #573710
May 30th 2015 Guest
Is insurance permanent or does it only work once per destruction or theft?
ID #563508
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
this is very good thanks for letting me know gtav is awesome thx bro thx
peace out CUZ
ID #524900
Aug 6th 2014 CMBF
Not sure how you can have it not be repaired by your mechanic? What should happen is that your mechanic (from your garage) should automatically repair it. Mine does...
ID #431886
Jul 22nd 2014 Guest
My car blew up and is taking up a garage spot

ID #423513
Feb 27th 2014 Guest
i thought this would be about getting free insurance on gta online
ID #359452
Oct 24th 2013 Guest
This article was a waste of time, the lambo or any high end car cant be modded unless you buy it online. Even then it comes with insurance and tracker.
ID #316146
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