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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 16 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360

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Infinite Money

Check out the following glitch if you have Patch 1.04. To perform it buy the Bati801 motorbike and then pause the game. Select 'Options' and set 'Spawn Location' to 'Last Location'. Take the Bati801 to the Los Santos Customs car shop and customize it as much as possible so that it's value greatly increases and then sell it. Immediately after selling the Bati801 pause the game and select 'Online' followed by 'Swap Character'. When the 'Character' selection screen appears choose the same character you were just using to sell the Bati801. If done correctly you will spawn back on the Bati801 you just sold outside the Los Santos Customs car shop and still have the money you received for selling it. This glitch can be repeated as many times as you want to get the desired amount ..

Fast Traveling

This useful trick will allow you to travel quickly across the map. To perform it select a race that is close to where you want to go. Then if you go to the race and enter the lobby and drop out of it you will spawn at the start of the race location in Free Roam mode.

Vehicle Repair

Use the following useful glitch to instantly repair a damaged vehicle. To perform the glitch simply switch to another character and back while sitting in a damaged vehicle.

Duplicating Vehicles

Perform the following glitch to duplicate another player's vehicle to either sell or keep. To do the glitch you must request a job from Gerald while you are in another player's vehicle. When you get the mission use the other player's vehicle to do it and make sure you are driving it when the mission ends. When the mission does end enter Free Roam mode and go to Los Santos Customs and try selling the vehicle. If you are unable to sell it add a tracker to it and go back later to sell it. If you want to keep it add a tracker to it and insure it.

Infinite Cash Exploit

Watch the following video to see how you can easily earn a million dollars in just over two minutes by multiple switching characters.

Watch the video

John Marston as Special Dad

Create an account at the Rockstar Games Social Club and link it to your Xbox Live account. Then when you create a character in GTA Online highlight 'Dad's Father' under the 'Heritage' option and press Y to select John Marston from Red Dead Redemption as a 'Special Dad' for your created character.

GTA Online Unlockable Clothing Items

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding clothing item.

Los Santos Belle T-Shirt:

Complete the Salvaged Award by collecting a Special DLC Crate.

Red Skull T-Shirt:

Complete the Survivor Award by making it through 10 Waves of enemies in any Survival job.

Rockstar T-shirt:

Create a Job that is verified by Rockstar.

Get Your Car Quickly

If your car is far away and you want it back quick without having to actually go get it, just use your phone to do a job and your car should appear. Now, cancel the job and you have your car there ready for you.

$2m/hr 400k RP/hr Tutorial

When you reach Rank 75 the 'Rooftop Rumble' mission will become unlocked from Martin Madrazo the leader of a Mexican narcotic gang in the Los Santos area. To complete the mission you must kill five people, it is possible to earn up to $2 million and 400K RP per hour by continuing to efficiently complete the mission. It is also possible to do the mission if you are ranked lower but get invited by someone who is at least Rank 75. If you are at a lower rank, make sure to use sticky bombs instead of the grenade launcher, and kill any survivors with a rifle.

Watch the video

Free Weapons and Upgrades

Perform the following glitch during a mission to get weapons and upgrades. Go to the nearest ammunition gun store and buy all you can carry. If you then kill yourself outside by dropping a grenade and return to the store you will notice that the items that you purchased before will be marked as brought and you will have the same amount of cash you had before you killed yourself.

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Trust No One

Rule number one in this game if you want to survive is to treat everyone you see as an enemy otherwise the chances are you will get killed the first time you encounter a stranger for no reason. If you are killed online you will respawn nearby, you will retain your all your weapons but other players can steal your money and car.


Your best chance of surviving is to fully arm yourself with the most powerful weapons available. You will have access to better weapons as you level up but to begin with you can get the sawed-off shotgun at an Ammu-Nation store. Eventually you will be able to get a SMG which will make drive-bys a lot more easier.

Keep Moving

If you are not moving chances are you will not survive very lo..

$700k/hr 160k RP/hr Tutorial

Check out the video below to see how you can get $700,000 per hour whilst also getting 160,000 RP per hour using 4 players on the mission 'Mixed Up With Coke'. This is a full video from all 4 players' perspectives to assure that everything goes smoothly.

Watch the video

Player 1 - 0:59

Player 2 - 1:16

Player 3 - 1:51

Player 4 - 2:33

Patch Note

Some of the glitches and tricks on this page will only work on the unpatched version of GTA Online.

GTA Online Unlockable Tattoos

Complete the following tasks in GTA Online to unlock the corresponding tattoo.

Angel Tattoo:

Complete the ALL Rounder Award by winning every game mode at least once.

BlackJack Tattoo:

Complete Full Metal Jacket Award by robbing 25 armored trucks.

Blank Scroll Tattoo:

Complete the Widow Maker Award by killing 250 players.

Broken Skull Tattoo:

Complete the Scoping Out Award by killing 500 players with a sniper rifle.

Burning Heart Tattoo:

Complete the Slayer award by placing in the top 3 positions in 25 deathmatches.

Clown Dual Wield Dollars Tattoo:

Hold Up 20 Stores.

Clown Dual Wield Tattoo:

Hold up 15 stores.

How to get infinite health and armour for your online character

To get infinite health and armour, press square triangle square triangle X X X L1 L2 R1 R2 L1 L2 R1 R2 on your controller while playing your online character. Your character will not take any damage by being shot, hit, punched and drowned. Your character is bulletproof. But you can only be hurt by falling off a very high building.

How to unlock the alien pistol and car.

To unlock this you need to complete any mission. But to unlock the pistol, You need to get rank 2 billion. To get this rank, press the cheat code X R1 L1 triangle X circle X X X

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