Why GTA Online is doing so well in 2020?

GTA V, and more specifically GTA online are doing extremely well even 6 years after release. That's not something you see every day, as most of those old games end up having a sequel and they lose players fast. But why is GTA Online so popular and how does it manage to bring in such huge numbers (more than 132000 concurrent players)? Lets find out!

Lots of new content

How can you make people come back to play a game? The answer is simple, you offer them a reason to constantly log in, and you do that by offering new content. GTA online is one of those experiences that always receive new content. For example, they tend to share a new vehicle every week or once a few weeks. Not only that, but there were a lot of large updates that brought in a new casino to the game, heist Missions, racing missions and many others.

That's why a lot of people come back, because they have a lot of fun playing and there's always something new to uncover. There's no slowing down when you offer clients lots of cool stuff to do and interact with.

Outstanding social experience

Despite the fact that the client is not really the best for social interaction, GTA online is a great game where you can make friends and play with other people. It allows you to have fun with friends and peruse the game world the way you want. That great human interaction is yet another reason why you see people flocking back to GTA V/Online all the time.

Microtransactions are not mandatory

Many online games have problems because they add microtransactions, and that can end up being a problem for players. They don't want to pay real money, instead they want to acquire the Items they want by playing. While many GTA Online tasks that pay well require grinding, you have the potential to make millions in the game and buy any car, home or item you want. The fact that microtransactions are not mandatory and intrusive helps a lot, and it really shows why GTA Online is one of the top played games at this time. Its exciting to see just how easy to play the game really is, and the fact that its also fair to people also helps a lot.

Recently Free via Epic Games

Not only can you happily play the GTA 5 and GTA online without using mmucrotransactions, recently you could actually download the complete game for free via Epic Games. This also fave a bump up to player numbers in recent weeks. How long they stay, that's up to Rockstar now to keep these new and returning players interested.

GTA 6?

Basically since the release of GTA 5, people have been speculating about the what GTA 6 will be about, who will be the protagonist, and when will it be released. Well as of June 2020, we are still not clear! There is absolutely nothing other than rumours about the game on the internet and Rockstar is yet to confirm a release date or plotline.


GTA online brings everything players want. It has an expansive game world, amazing gameplay and a lot of new updates coming very often. There are many reasons for players to come back, and you can add to that the fact that microtransactions are not very intrusive. Its the perfect example of an online experience done right. You can spend hundreds of hours here playing with friends and you will be very happy. We hope that a lot of games will eventually learn from GTA Online and understand that a quality Gaming experience is what players want, not something that's unnatural and intrusive.

Do you play GTA Online, let us know what you like and dislike about the game. For more information about GTA Online, check out our guide here: https://www.supercheats.com/grand-theft-aut..