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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 12

You begin this mission in New York now outside of the fort – and the optional objectives for this mission are to limit regular kills to 15, to kill the captain without entering open conflict, and to not be detected while climbing up the ship...

Mission: Laid to Rest

Now to kick this fun-fest off all that you need to do is walk forward and you will hear Charles Lee giving the funeral speech at Haytham's graveside – when he sees Connor he has his men take him prisoner, and then Lee makes a long speech about how he intends to exact his revenge. Clearly the death of his mentor has unhinged the man!

Bearing in mind that you are limited to just 15 kills and you may need some of them, after the CS ends and you are taken around the corner where the Templar soldiers start to tune-up on you, instead of actually killing any of them like it says for you to do, just block their attacks to buy time and call in your Assassins! Keep blocking while they dispatch the bulk of (or hopefully ALL of) the Templar, and if necessary you can finish off any that remain - the idea here being that you want to end up only killing as few as you can manage.

Infiltrating HMS Jersey and taking out her Captain Boom-Boom Style

In the process of dealing with the Templar soldiers you learn that Lee has taken a boat out to a ship in the bay – so you need to swim out there and go on board, and without being detected make your way to the eavesdropping area and listen to the conversation that takes place. Once that conversation has been concluded move over and hide to listen to the second conversation, after which to fulfill the optional objective you need to kill the Captain of the ship – there are a number of ways that you can make him dead, Poison Dart, Arrow – or my personal favorite, a Trip Mine planted just outside of the door to the after cabin LOL. Either way, once you have made him dead all that you need to do is dive into the water in order to leave undetected, which ends the mission.

I don't know about you mates but this was one of the funnest missions in the game from my perspective...

Mission: Chasing Lee

When you arrive in Boston you will need to head to the mission marker in order to begin the final mission – there is a fast-travel point right next to it so you can quickly get there, and then head into the Green Dragon to automatically initiate a CS in which you speak with the contact and learn the location of Lee – at the Docks!

Once you have the information you need you leave, and then begin a chase that competes for first place for the most annoying segment in the game. The problem here is that you have to catch up to Lee, wait, no, the problem here is that all of these soldiers will prevent you from catching up to Lee... The point being you have to find a way to get over, around, or through all of the stumbling blocks that the game throws into your path to prevent you from catching up to Lee. If you get nailed by any of them, you will not be catching up to him.

When you reach the search area you are prompted to use Eagle Vision to find the Golden Target (Lee) and then the chase ensues. There are two optional objectives you need to be aware of: stay withing range of Lee (50m) and do not shove ANYONE during the chase.

So immediately pursue him and be aware that he is going to do things to try to sabotage you – shots, explosions, small cats flying through the air, none of that will phase you, but soldiers trying to trip you with their muskets will. The trick here is always use the environment to your advantage, going up and over rather than through if possible.

Once you reach the shipyard that will complete the do not shove anyone objective but it then adds a new one, do not take fire damage. The stay within 50m one is still in effect. The most annoying thing about this is that there is no checkpoint until deep into the run, so if you mess up or blow an objective, you have to start at the very beginning of the chase and replay – over and over again – this chicken-shyte level. Sorry mates, this is clearly a case of French developers being completely oblivious to what a nasty move this was.

When you begin the run stay to the left and pause very briefly just before the barrels on the right to allow them to explode without stunning you. Then run around the crates to the right to avoid the rifleline, and ahead cut the corner to avoid another rifleline, after which all that you need to do is avoid pushing any civilian until after you reach the cargo barge ahead, which you jump over into the shipyard.

Finally putting an end to Lee's machinations

At this point Lee is actually sort of waiting for you to catch up – when you do the ship here is on fire and you need to avoid taking fire damage as you chase him through the ship. You run up the wreckage that falls on the right, then climb to the upper level, and then wait a second for another wreckage event and then jump the opening at it, run out of the ship and to the left, chasing Lee along the multi-level path here. You will not be on the same level as Lee at first, but just keep running, slide under the wall, and then use the rope to rocket up to the top, and chase Lee the last segment of the path on the ship.

Once you reach the half-built upper deck that triggers a CS in which you and Lee are both badly injured. You end up shooting Lee but he gets away. Now you are badly wounded and stumbling along, and you need to go up the stairs and reach the Harbormaster, who will tell you where Lee went and help you follow him.

You arrive at an Inn inland, where you find Lee drinking. You share a drink with him and then kill him, at which point you unlock the Achievement “Perfectionist” (50G) Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

You then get a long series of CS's in which you talk to the first society chick and six months pass. You bury Achilles on the Homestead, you hide the amulet, and you unlock the Achievement “The Sum of Truth” (50G) Complete Sequence 12. This also unlocks the uplay reward of the same name, adding some points to your Uplay bank, so hey, well done!

Immediately following the closing CS you get a new set of CS's with Desmond finding the key and returning to the Temple, where you need to locate the remaining pedestals and get all of the power sources inserted so that you can use the key.

Head to the right and into the dark area to trigger a CS with the first civilization chick, who reveals a little more about their choices, and then continue along the path of the broken stairs for another CS with her, and then follow the stair path until you end up sliding down a collapsed section and landing on the lowest level. Run around the corner and into the small chamber through the open door, then climb and jump to the next chamber, through the broken wall, and rinse and repeat one more time to reach the path that accesses the area where you can see the first civilization chick standing.

Now head over there and you trigger the CS of inserting the power source into the system. You see other systems come online and the barrier drops to the stairs ahead – jumping down triggers a CS of your two mates arguing about whether or not there is another life form down here. Desmond talks and then head up the now revealed stairs and jump down and up to resume that path, and at the top of the stairs you get another CS with the chick that provides more information.

Now you need to climb the glowing blocks in the center of the room and make your way around to the far side of the next room, swing across the gap and go up to trigger the next CS. More information (if cryptic) is shared by the first civilization chick, and then more climbing to reach the next area where you get a CS of placing the next power source.

Head back down to the main floor and to the Animus in order to trigger the next CS, and then head to the door at the far end that has always blocked your access and trigger the CS in which Desmond uses the amulet to open the door! Desmond to the far end of the Temple and has another encounter with the Juno who again shares some cryptic information – but then Minerva shows up and warns Desmond not to touch the pedestal!

Minerva warns you not to free Juno – and then she tells you that there was a battle between one faction of the first civilization and the other – Minerva's people were trying to help, but Juno just wanted to conquer and control the world! Huh! Did not see that coming!

Juno it seems was behind the creation of the Templar – Minerva behind the creation of the Assassins. You are then shown what will happen if you do not do as Juno asks and follow Minerva's order: the world is damaged and you become a leader of men and a prophet, helping to rebuild the world and then after your death your teachings are turned around and the world is oppressed by a religion that abuses its followers...

In the end Desmond chooses the path of least evil in his eyes, and touches the pedestal, which saves the world by activating the device that Juno created. And then the credits roll!

The game is not quite over yet though – let the credits play out as you listen to the news reports and then you see Juno gloating over your dead body... And is that foreshadowing for the next game? Why I think it is!

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7 comments, latest first.
Nov 17th 2015 Guest
This was very help full and I just beat the game yeah
ID #626082
Nov 9th 2015 Guest
This is the stupidest sequence in the game.
ID #623707
Mar 2nd 2015 CMBF
Use the joystick to climb or swing and jump is the best advice I can give you as that is how rope physics apply in the game.
ID #523491
Feb 14th 2015 Guest
I'm having trouble on the rope. instead of flying up,
I just keep swinging an i click drop and i fall into
the fire or lose lee. PLZ HELP!!!!

P.S. I have wii u version.
ID #515797
Dec 15th 2014 CMBF
For the pedestals you just need to line up the circles in the shape with the key points on the ground. Just rotate the design until you line them up.
ID #485315
Nov 30th 2014 Guest
I can't do the part where i am supposed to find the pedestals
ID #478767
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
Just finished the ac3 epilogue #confused
ID #303010
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