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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 06


Just to bring you up to speed, if you have been following the guide you have had all of the conversations and interactions that you can have in the real world at this point, so there is no need to leave the Animus to do those – and you have completed all of the optional quests for the Homestead Region, the Frontier Region, and for Boston. You have spoken to Peg Leg and collected all of the quests (letters) that he can give you with our current level of Trinket Collection – the Peg Leg quests and related sea journey type things will be dealt with soon in their own section, so for now just put that out of your mind, right?

In addition to the above you have paid a visit to the Homestead Manor to inspect all of the very spiffy kit you have collected so far, which should include the following items on display there:

– Second Floor: Your Room –

Your room is the one on the left after you climb the stairs and turn around to the west, and in addition to the following cool Trophies also contains a table on which there is a book that brings up the Animus Database, and a stack of newspapers on the sitting table that presently just has the Boston Massacre available.

A new bookshelf and display case has been added to the room that contains:

  • Poor Richard's Almanack - 1733 (Vol 1)

  • Poor Richard's Almanack - 1733 (Vol 2)

  • Poor Richard's Almanack - 1736 (Vol 1)

  • Poor Richard's Almanack - 1736 (Vol 2)

In the bedroom across the hall you find on the wall facing your room:

  • Bear Memento

  • Wolf Memento

  • Deer Memento

  • Cougar Memento[

  • Elk Memento

  • Bobcat Memento

These beadwork belts are basically the story of you hunting the related legendary beasts. Pretty spiffy right?

In the room down the hall on the left on the wall facing the hall is a painting called the “First Expedition Painting” that you earned for completing the First Expedition. In the display case in the corner of the room is a trophy for Boston Exploration, and that is it for now for upstairs.

– Ground Floor –

In the Office/Library on a desk is the Account Book that you can use to Stockpile Resources, do some crafting, and access the Trading Menu to dispatch Trade Convoys. This is actually one of the most important tools in the house, so you should get very familiar with it... But not right now.

In your Mentor's bedroom is a games table on which you can play Expert Level Fanorona, and that wraps up the Ground Floor for now.

– Secret Assassin Lair (Cellar) –

You will recall that you need to pull on the candle holder on the wall near the kitchen to open the secret door that leads to your Secret Assassin Lair – do that and head downstairs and you will note that there are several displays that can be accessed here...

The Outfit Racks contains slots for a total of Nine Outfits – right now assuming you are a member of uplay and you exchanged some points for it, you should have Ezio's Outfit. If you collected all of the Feathers (you should have if you are following the guide) you also have the Kanien'keha:ka Outfit (Connor's Outfit). That leaves seven empty slots, which will eventually be filled by:

  • Achilles' Original Outfit (Complete all Homestead missions).

  • Altair's Robes (Complete all story missions with 100% sync.).

  • Assassin Robes (Story Related).

  • Captain Kidd's Robes (Story Related).

  • Captain of the Aquila Costume (Story Related and available after Sequence 06).

  • Colonial Assassin (Story Related and available after Sequence 06).

  • Prisoner Clothes (Story Related).

In the Armory you will find several racks that at the moment only contain a few items, including:

  • Stone Tomahawk

  • Snares

  • Rope Darts

Eventually you are going to fill this room with all sorts of spiffy kit, but for now that is just a future goal... Now that you have had the tour of the Manor House, it is time to get back in train and resume our adventure, so first fast-travel to the Frontier, and then fast-travel to Boston.

Unlocking the Spit Roast Achievement for a Double Kill

– Back in Boston –

Once you are in town, open your map and select the Harbormaster that is by the large wharf with the buildings on it towards the top of the map on the right, then walk out on the wharf to where the pair of soldiers are standing next to a partly stocked musket rack. Take one of the muskets that has a bayonet already affixed then walk back in the direction you came from for a good six or eight paces, then turn around and run towards the back of the one closest to you, target his back and hit 'X' to thrust the bayonet into him good and deep, then 'Y' to pull the trigger, shooting his buddy and thus unlocking the Achievement “Spit Roast” (20G) Perform a double assassination using a musket.

Nice one, right? If you have any trouble with this, watch the video embedded above as that will make it crystal clear...

The Jager Bomb Achievement

While we are on the subject of Achievements there is one in particular that seems to be a serious problem for most players, and that is the Jager Bomb Achievement. To unlock this what you have to do is get your notoriety to Level 3 and then without lowering it, kill x10 Jagers... The problem that most players have with this is not with killing the ten Jagers but with killing all the OTHER soldiers that seem to make your life difficult when you have Level 3 Notoriety.

What if I told you that you can not only kill the ten Jagers you need to kill, but combine the killing of them with the Thief Club Challenge to kill x25 enemy from a hiding place? Well you can!

Head to the open area just before the ramparts at the Boston Gate - the area with the Town Crier and the hay wagon near a hay pile and a bunch of soldiers (look at the video embedded below to see exactly where).

Now simply kill enough soldiers to get Level 3 Notoriety, then jump in the hay wagon. All you have to do is sit there and wait for the Jagers to come walking by, whistle to get them to come to the wagon, and kill them! Voila! You not only kill the ten Jagers you need to unlock the Achievement but you are adding each kill to the Thief Club Challenge to kill from hiding! Sweet that!

Check out the video and you will see just how easy this is – oh, it takes a little time – but it is still wicked easy and way less frustrating than trying to unlock it in open combat. I am just saying...

Detonating a Stealth Jager Bomb Achievement

With that out of the way you can continue to use this hide to amass the x25 kills from hiding that is required for the first Challenge Set of the Thief Club if you like, but when you are done open the map and target the marker for the Main Mission and head there.

Main Mission: On Johnson's Trail

When you begin the mission you get a CS in which you speak with Sam Adams, asking him to help you locate William Johnson. He tells you that he is on his way to a meeting with a man who may be able to help (Paul Revere). You get the Database entry for Revere now, so you can check that out briefly, and then follow Adams to the meeting.

The optional goal for this mission is to stay below Notoriety Level 2 – which is made difficult by your need to come to the aid of a man whose home is being invaded by the British and what I think is a tax collector? Adams heads on to the meeting while you help the unfortunate man out, then you need to deal with the notoriety you gained quickly and without getting in another battle – use the nearby Town Crier to your advantage – you will notice that there are now a bunch of Libertarian Mission Markers on the map, but your instructions are to meet up with Adams so...

When you arrive at the meeting Adams introduces you to his mates, and you meet up with the man you just helped. They discuss the tea and the fact that it is being smuggled off of the ship – Connor tells them about the dark plans of the Templar to purchase the land of his people, but the issue seems to come back to the tea...

Adams and Molineux instruct you to head to the docks and destroy the tea, and when you get outside there is a brief CS in which you literally bump into one of the smuggler's men who has a load of the illegal tea... Your optional objectives are updated adding limiting firearm use to no more than 6 shots – but as you are going to need to shoot the powder barrels to blow up the tea crates you want to not shoot your pistol at all for anything else!

Dealing with the Tea Smugglers and their Cargo

When you get close to the docks you will discover that there is a large restricted area marked on the map that, if you go into it and you are seen, results in your notoriety instantly going above Level 1, but as that is no longer an issue (you have fulfilled that objective already by getting through the town to the meeting and then to the area of the mission) you can proceed any way you like - open conflict now being an option!

In the area near each of the cargo stacks you will find powder barrels - just grab one, run to the stack, place the barrel, move a safe distance away, and shoot the barrel to detonate it and destroy the cargo!

After that you will be given destinations on the map to deal with tax collectors and intercept tea smugglers – all you need to do is assassinate the enemies at the locations, then use the Criers to remove your notoriety, rinse and repeat until the mission is marked done and you are instructed to meet with Stephane Chapeau, which is actually the person you see to start the next mission...

Main Mission: The Angry Chef

When you reach the location and enter you find the Chef alone and pretty freaked out, and have to chase after him as he heads out the door and down the street! Bear in mind that the optional objectives for this mission are to Limit time spent in open conflict (15 Seconds), Limit Chapheau's health to no lower than 50%, and to Perform five low-profile assassinations...

So here is the thing – you have to sort of stay a little ahead of him and take out any soldiers that he will encounter, since he will more or less mouth off to them and get in trouble... Staying with him but quickly moving ahead is the best tactic, but at a certain point you are going to encounter a large group of soldiers in an open area near a hay wagon, among which are a pair of those Scottish Axe Soldiers who are really a hassle to kill. And as they are not paired with each other you will not be able to take them down with a double-assassination attack...

Dealing with one very Angry Chef

What I found was the best way to meet all of the optional objectives is to get the five low-profile assassinations in as quick as you can, then when you reach this group, equip your Bow then immediately run in for a pre-emptive strike at one of the Axe Soldiers, taking him and his musket-toting partner down in a double-kill, then using your bow on the others as rapidly as you can aim and fire it. Do that and you have a decent chance of taking this group out without any nearby patrols joining the fight – if that happens you will need to reload the checkpoint because there is no way you are going to manage to do this in the 15-second window you have.

After that group is taken down you follow the Chef to his destination, where he attacks the man he came to kill – but after the attack he learns something he did not know – he works for William Johnson!

Liberation Mini-Missions

Completing that mission results in the liberation of Central Boston – and if you check the map you will see that there are liberation missions to the north and to the south and southwest as well – so before you head to do the next mission, why not do those just to be liberating?

There are actually different types of liberation missions – some of them only appear on the map as red shaded areas and then you get a marker when you get closer to it, while the ones where you battle the brutes are mostly marked. As you complete the different types you will get a counter that tells you how many of that type you have done, and how many more you have to do...

As you work your way through the missions you will eventually find a small marker on the map that says “Liberation Contract” that, when you go to it, you talk to and then gain the actual mission details that tells you what you actually are supposed to be doing LOL. Check that via MAP>LOG BOOK>LIBERATION MISSIONS>BOSTON NORTH - GANGS... Which tells you that you need to stop three groups of thugs from harassing merchants and free three civilian hostages. Easy-Peasy!

Bearing in mind that if you look at the mission screen your rewards are spelled out for you – you gain a New Recruit to add to the Chef, you get lower trading risk, and the North Boston Chest Key – which is not bad really, for kicking the British out of Boston!

Completing the Liberation of North Boston

After you complete the missions head back to the Inn to chat up the bloke and he will congratulate you and then you gain an apprentice assassin... A drunk, but an apprentice nonetheless... After that CS plays out you now need to go to the red zone marked on the map and kill the Templar Leader there – and when you get close you are prompted to access the Assassin Menu by holding LB for the first time and change the order to Bodyguard – you use it by tapping rather than holding LB...

Taking out the Templar Leader gets you an odd CS and then you add another Assassin's Apprentice to your crew and have access to the mini-game in which you dispatch your Assassins on missions to liberate other far-flung territories and with each success they gain in rank and stature. Regular players of the series will instantly recall this returning element, some with actual fondness!

Once you complete the liberation mission for South Boston you will unlock the Achievement “Man of the People” (20G) Liberate all districts of Boston or New York. Well done then, nice one!

After you have control of the entire city you will find that there are a bunch of Liberation Contracts Markers around the map – you can go to those to chat with your recruits, and chat with some of the other people you have met like the Priest you saw at the Templar Leader execution in North Boston. You can have two conversations with each of the people you meet at the markers, getting to know more about their personal stories, but as you are speaking to some people you have not actually recruited yet this might be a bug? What strengthens that is that a lot of times you show up at the marker and after you go in there is no one there for you to talk to – meaning an apprentice you have not met or recruited yet?

When you are ready head to the next Main Mission Marker to start the third mission for this Sequence.

Main Mission: The Tea Party

At the starting point you get a CS and yes, the Tea Party is about to commence! Well, sort of... Connor gets a little hot under the collar, and demands an explanation – and he gets one. Check it out, you are an Indian dressing up like an Indian to dump tea and... Wait... That sounds really bad when I say it that way.

The optional objectives for this mission are to dump crates of tea in the water (x10), throw redcoats in the water (x3), and perform a musket air assassination.

First you need to get rid of the guards around the boats, after which the Sons of Liberty head in to do their thing and start tossing tea overboard – at which point the second phase starts as an entire company of Redcoat Regulars show up, at which point the optional objectives kick in! So, throw ten crates overboard, then grab a musket and do an air-assassination with it, and finally melee three soldiers into the water, easy-peasy!

Front Row Seats for the Boston Tea Party

OK maybe not easy-peasy but once you get the hang of it it can be – basically to avoid accidentally killing the ones you want to throw in the water you may want to change your weapon to hands, then stand on the boarding ramp and when a soldier attacks you, Counter (hit B) and then push the Left Joystick in the direction you want to throw them (towards the water) and hit B again. Do that and you should have no trouble getting them in the water. You need to be careful not to pick up the stray swords or muskets when you are tossing them into the water since that can cause the second B to default to an attack move rather than a throw.

After you complete the three optional objectives the best thing that you can do is start tossing tea boxes overboard to get the count to 100 and end the mission, triggering the closing CS in which we see that the Templars are on shore observing – including Connor's father. The question is, does Connor's father know who Connor is?

Main Mission: Hostile Negotiations

So after that rousing chance to be in on one of the defining moments (and protests) in the founding of the United States (I did not say “America” because Canadians tend to get really rude, which is unusual for them they being so bloody polite all the time, when you identify the US as America, because they, after all, are Americans as well, and not Canadian-Americans, they don't like that either...), it is time to head for the next missions marker, which leads us to the Frontier, and then to the Homestead.

The mission marker is near the Manor House, so fast-travel there and then head to the marker to find Achilles looking over the bay. Achilles is disappointed that Johnson is not dead, warning you that time will tell. A CS six months later illustrates why you should have killed him. Achilles explains that the Templar are very resourceful – you now need to go defend your village! So head to the Frontier and then to the nearby marker to start the main mission. You have a brief CS and then you get the first of the optional objectives – to reach Johnson without being detected. The other two are limit the Native American casualties to no more than 1, and to perform a swan dive to escape.

The obvious route is through the trees and then into the water to swim across, but only when you near the far shore will you realize that it is being patrolled, and you will be seen, blowing the optional objective before you even start getting close to him!

The complicated execution of a bad man

Instead swim to the left away from the patrols then make your way to the cliff, up and towards the second patrolled path, where you will find a conveniently placed hay pile to hide in. Stealth kill one of the guards by luring them in if you can, then use your Bow on the other two, one at a time, as you work your way behind the trees left along the path. With those dead, make your way up to the house without being spotted and that will satisfy the first condition.

You do not actually have to engage the guards if you do not want to – I demonstrate this alternate approach in the video above – and personally I think doing it without the killing is a way with more finesse...

At the house climb up go to the other side and do an air-assassination on Johnson, then run straight for the water and you will have a Leap of Faith that leads to a long log you can swan dive into the water from, satisfying the other objective!

After you swim out of the area you unlock the Achievement “Tea is for Englishmen” (20G) Complete Sequence 6.

It may take you a few retries to hit all of the objectives, but compared to the Boston Tea Party this was a cake walk in my opinion. Plus, this is the final mission for Sequence 06, so well done mates, you are about half-way through the story mode of the game at this point.

You get a lengthy CS in which Connor at first justifies himself, and Achilles offers him council, and then a new CS in which a request for help has been made to the Assassin's. Connor at first declines but Achilles convinces him to help and he abruptly departs.

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