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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Some Odds and Ends Part VIII

After the credits finish rolling you unlock the Achievement “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” (20G) Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.

There is still a fair bit of things we need to do in order to wrap up the single-player campaign mode! First though, I want to say well done. If you followed the guide then you managed to unlock the Perfectionist Achievement, which you should know a LOT more players failed to do than succeeded to do in their run through the game. So hey, you did well, good on ya mates! I am impressed.

Now it is time for us to truly wrap up the loose ends and gird our loins for the multi-player side of the game! So, first thing first, after the credits finish and you unlock the Achievement above, the game immediately returns you to the Homestead and begins the next closing mission... As you watch Connor disposes of the photos that were on the wall and that he and Achilles used to plan out the missions by burning them in the fireplace.

Once he is done doing that, you regain control and in addition to that you unlock a new upgrade recipe, a new painting for the Manor House, and a new multi-player item. Turn around and head into the Manor House and use the trade book to craft the Medium Saddlebags recipe to add to what your horse can carry as re-supply point for you and then craft the Large Saddlebags. Head into the room upstairs in which the Franklin inventions are stored and you will find a new painting of Ben that you got as your reward for completing Sequence 12 - well done you!

When you check the Assassins Lair downstairs you will find that you have unlocked Altair's Outfit as your reward for completing all of the Main Missions with all optional constraints. Again well done you!

Homestead Mission: Wait Times

Over by the docks you find the Doctor dealing with the injured from that last mission to New York – he needs help so you need to run and get Diana and then you need to run around and help all of the marked injured before the timer runs out. After that you talk to the Doctor and that completes the mission and gives you full-synchronization and all of the Doctor's Missions complete.

Now head back to the Manor House and to the mission marker there...

Achilles journey comes to an end

Homestead Mission: Legacy

When you get inside you find that Achilles has died – and so you must prepare his final resting place. Head outside and go to the marker where you will find Father Timothy at the Church and tell him the news.

You then listen to the letter that Achilles left while you dig his grave, learning that he left everything to you and telling you what he hopes you will do with it and how it will turn out. After he finishes reading the paper to you and you finish digging the grave, you see the funeral and his flag-draped coffin in the grave. Father Timothy reads the service and all of the people who have benefited from his largess are here. I cannot think of a more dignified and respectful end for the old man, can you?

If you head back to the Manor House now and look on the wall over the big fireplace you will see that there is a mission marker present.

Homestead Mission: Achilles Painting

When you start the mission you are treated to a CS of Connor opening the painting from New York and then hanging it on the wall above the fireplace. It is a painting of Achilles and his young wife and child! Well we sort of expected that, right?

Heading down into the Assassin Lair reveals that you now possess Achilles’s Original Assassin Outfit! Excellent!

Homestead Conversations

Leaving the Manor House head to the conversation markers on the map to talk with Achilles grave to say goodbye.

Next head for the Treasure Chest Marker that appears on the map nearby to grab a new recipe.

Head for the next conversation marker at the Church to speak with Father Timothy and seek his consultation. Father Timothy tells Connor that all is well in the Church and the community, and that he is very happy here.

Head to the final conversation marker to speak with Doctor White and Diana, who it seems have become partners in a way... Diana has become his new Apprentice, and she seems to be very happy in that role. Right then!

Frontiersman Tasks

The last Club section on the DNA Tracker that is not at 100% at this point should be the Complete the Frontiersman Tasks challenge, which should be at 76%. This is what we will do now!

First we need to New York City and look for the 'W' marker on the map in the southeast, and go there to talk to General Washington. After the first conversation you need to talk to him again to play that Ball game - all you need to do is play him, though I took particular pleasure in beating him myself :)

BUG NOTICE: Now here is the thing with this particular Challenge – if you did not talk to Washington in the camp at Valley Forge twice after the CS – and even if you DID – the game may not have recorded it. If that is the case, talking to him in New York will NOT complete the challenge. That means that AFTER you talk to him in New York, you MIGHT be able to complete this by replaying Sequence 9-1 Missing Supplies. The thing is you also might NOT be able to complete it doing that.

If you are bugged you cannot complete this part at all. There does not appear to be a fix or work-around for this. We can only hope that ubisoft will fix it in a future patch. If you are not bugged, when you replay 9-1 after Washington talks to you in the CS in the start, you wait until he arrives at a destination in another part of the camp. Find Washington and have the two conversations with him. IF the game does not allow that, in other words if you approach Washington and he has no conversation button for you to use, then you are bugged and you cannot complete this challenge, which means you will never complete the DNA Tracker and you cannot unlock the Achievement for that. Sorry mates. It sucks but games can be buggy.

You have a choice – either wait for (and hope for) a patch, or replay the game from the start and hope that it is not bugged. But understand something, you can play through properly, have both conversations with him in 9-1 and then have the New York Conversation and STILL be bugged and unable to complete this. That is why it is a bug and not a missed opportunity type issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are fortunate enough to not be bugged on this and you complete the two conversations in the Sequence replay you need to complete the Sequence to the end, as otherwise the conversations will not count.

I am sorry, I know this sucks if you happen to be afflicted by the bug. One of my games is, the other is not... It appears that if you reached this point in the game BEFORE you completed the first set of Frontiersman Challenges and had the conversations with Washington, the game does not Record that... What that means is that you are now bugged and you cannot unlock this. Period. It may be patched in the future so there is always hope, but who can say if they will do that?

If you do find a work-around for this please submit it and we will include it in the guide, but PLEASE be aware that sending an email saying “Replay Sequence 9-1 and talk to Washington twice” is NOT a work-around for this bug. The whole point is that this does not work if you are afflicted by the bug...

As that is the last of the optional stuff it is time to address the remaining Main Mission Sequences in the game!

A bitter lesson is learned and history is fulfilled

Main Mission: Epilogue Kanatahsehton

On the Frontier head to Connor's old village using the fast-travel point there and activate the mission – a trapper is sitting by a fire and offers him some food. Connor asks where all the people are and the trapper tells them that the tribe has gone west because Congress granted the land to someone. Connor now learns that the freedom he was fighting for comes at a cost, and the cost in terms of his people was very high indeed.

Now fast-travel to New York City and check the map for another marker...

Main Mission: Epilogue Evacuation Day

While this is not, strictly speaking, the same as the Evacuation Day Holiday that is celebrated in Massachusetts each Spring, it does mark the departure of the Loyalists who fled the colonies after the defeat of the British. Sadly it also marks the start of the slave trade, which is hinted at in the CS.

Now head to Boston and check the map, then head to the marker there. You will get the CS for the Pivot Points when you enter Boston – just so you know that is pretty much an optional thing – and unlock the Achievement “Fin” (30G) Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits role.

That wraps up the guide for the single-player campaign – and here we are saying well done!

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