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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 04

As you re-enter the Animus the Native American lover of your traitor ancestor begins describing her baby to you, and then you find yourself in the year 1760 and in the Native American village. You are now Connor – a young Connor – and you have yet to take on your role as an Assassin...

You head into the woods with your mates to play a game of hide-and-seek, and you are 'It” – the optional objectives are to Find all of the children without making a mistake, and find them all within the given time. There are clues for you to examine, and they are easier to spot using your Eagle Vision, so go from clue to clue and examine them in order to find each of the three children. If you do it fast enough you will complete all of the optional objectives, but be certain NOT to dive into leave or branch piles as that counts as a guess and will void the not making mistakes clause.

Once you have found all of the children, head to the marker and you will play another game, this time you are not “It” – you are shown a bunch of places you can hide – pick one and you trigger a CS with white people – Templars as it happens but you don't know that – and you are grabbed by Charles Lee, who demands that you tell him where the village is. Charles Lee tells you how little you matter, and you get to experience what it feels like to be choked half-to-death.

Lee gives you a message to deliver to your elders, and you ask him for his name...

When you come to and head to the marker you find your village in flames – it seems that the Templar did what they came to do after all... You rush through the village to your home only to have a tearful final meeting with your mother, who ends up dying in the flames as you are pulled out by one of the braves of your village. Sigh. Now you are an orphan, but on the bright side it was the practice of the Native American tribes of New England to consider all children to be your children, so you will not go hungry or uncared for after all!

A CS plays and it is now years later, and you are ready to start a new mission...

Learning how to be Connor while collecting Feathers

Mission: Feathers and Trees

This mission is really something of a tutorial as you learn how to run and jump, climb and run through the trees, and get a sense of your new you. The task that you have is to find Feathers for a ceremony, and you spot an eagle nest that is outside of the valley... Your mate does not want to do that but you convince them, and then challenge them to make it there without touching the ground or water. Interestingly enough you also have the optional challenge of getting there without touching the ground or the water – and you have to keep your mate alive and with you.

To do this right you cannot get too far ahead of your friend – so go from perch to perch checking on them every so often, and keeping an eye on what he says so that if he tells you he is getting tired you can stop for a moment to rest. If/when he falls into the water you need to go back and rescue him, and then you get a CS and can continue.

Once you reach the eagle's nest you get a Feather but the eagle startles you and you fall down, hitting the ground in a less-than-elegant fashion. You tell your mate you meant to do that – yeah – and then he tells you he is too tired to mess with this and do you want to go back to the village now? Of course your answer is no, you need to get those Feathers. The problem is that if you look at the map, only TWO of the feathers that are on it are actually inside this memory – if you try for the others, you get the out-of-memory-wall, and cannot proceed.

So once you have the pair of Feathers you can actually reach, head back to the eagle's nest and climb above it to the View Point that is in the tree above. Synchronization with that View Point reveals additional feathers that you CAN reach, so once you have synch with it, head to get the other feathers, and then return to your mate and interact to end this part of the mission. Hint: the Feather you want is in between you and your mate's marker.

Mission: Hunting Lesson

It seems that Connor will be teaching his cousin how to hunt – as you still need to collect meat and skins – so head into the green area and shoot the animal that is designated (a rabbit) and skin it, then continue along to the next green area and examine the clue, then follow the instructions to set a snare trap. While you are waiting for something to trap itself in your trap, head to the green area and stalk and kill a deer. Once you skin it and collect the meat and skin, return to your snare trap and skin the animal that it caught.

The optional goals here are to hunt more than one type of animal three times, continue bait and snare to catch an animal, and air assault two animals. Easy-peasey Lemon-Squeezy! Actually it is not... You have to be WICKED careful not to hunt the same type of animal more than once, because once you acquire all five meat you are done, the optionals will fail and you are screwed. Soooo... Once you reach the point where you are free-hunting you want to do it like this:

  • Find and shoot the hare with your arrow;

  • Examine the clue and then place the snare;

  • Track and kill a deer, using the clue location as the start;

  • Return to your snare and collect its contents;

  • Go into the woods and up a tree or rock and then air-assassinate a deer (1 of 2);

  • Set a Snare and then use Bait - wait for it to trap a Fox or a Hare and then Collect it (1 of 1);

  • Climb a tree or rock and wait for either a hare or a fox (whichever one did not get snared) and air-assassinate it (2of 2);

  • Get the rest of the meet you need and meet up with your cousin to end the mission.

Just as you get to where your cousin should be he comes running past – maybe he knows something you don't? Oh wait, he does! BEAR! After a quicktime button sequence you need to escape from the bear – so do that and head back to the village to hook up with your cousin, have a chat and 100% Synchronization for this mission! Well done mates! Well done indeed!

Earning your Wings - Discovering your Destiny

Mission: Something to Remember

Head into the village and make your way to the lake shore and you will find the next starting point – you get a nice CS of the elders and a ceremony, and then a conversation with one of the female elders in which you are introduced to an Apple of Eden! Well, did not see that coming. Whew.

The Apple puts you into a loading construct and then you are turned into an Eagle – you must follow the Golden Eagle and avoid mid-air collisions, and make it to the end of the path and the end of your instructions. She shows Connor the symbol of the Assassin Brotherhood and explains that he must seek out that symbol – and after the vision ends you have another encounter with the elder woman, and she hears you out, and partially agrees with you.

After giving you a gift, some advice, and direction, she bids you goodbye, and that completes this Sequence, unlocking the Achievement “Heroes are Born” (20G) Complete Sequence 4. So well done mates! It is finally time for Connor to set out on the Assassin Trail!

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