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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 10

Before we get into this Sequence as we are getting pretty close to the end-game events there are a few minor things that we should do first, starting with leave the Animus to check email and have conversations on the outside world. Once that is done, head back into the Animus and review your progress if you are trying to stay current with the guide.

At this point, if you have been following the guide, you should have the following completion list in the DNA Tracker. If you do NOT you need to review what you are missing and go do that now in order to be fully caught up and in synch with the guide...

  • Sequence 01: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 02: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 03: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 04: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 05: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 06: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 07: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 08: All Missions at 100%
  • Sequence 09: All Missions at 100%
  • Hunting Society Membership 100%
  • Frontiersman Membership 100%
  • Boston Brawlers Membership 100%
  • Thief's Club Membership 100%
  • Complete the Hunting Society Tasks 100%
  • Complete the Frontiersman Tasks 76% or better
  • Complete the Boston Brawlers Tasks 100%
  • Complete the Thief's Club 100%
  • Liberate North Boston 100%
  • Make Duncan Little an Assassin 100%
  • Liberate Central Boston 100%
  • Make Stephane Chapheau an Assassin 100%
  • Liberate South Boston 100%
  • Make Clipper Wilkinson an Assassin 100%
  • Liberate North New York 100%
  • Make Dobby Carter an Assassin 100%
  • Liberate West New York 100%
  • Make Jamie Colley an Assassin 100%
  • Liberate East New York 100%
  • Make Jacob Zenger an Assassin 100%
  • Almanacs 100%
  • Open All Chests 100%
  • Feather Collection 100%
  • Peg Leg Trinkets 100%
  • Kidd's Letters 1-2-3-4 100% each
  • Kidd's Treasure 100%
  • Liberate Forts (all 7) 100%
  • North Boston Underground 100%
  • Central Boston Underground 100%
  • South Boston Underground 100%
  • North New York Underground 100%
  • East New York Underground 100%
  • West New York Underground 84%
  • Assassination Contracts 100%
  • Courier Missions 100%
  • Delivery Requests 100%
  • Naval Missions all 100%
  • Naval Locations all 100%
  • Privateer Contracts all 100%
  • Homestead: Achilles Training Begins 100%
  • Homestead: Achilles Manor Mysteries Parcel 100%
  • Homestead: Achilles Manor Mysteries Memento 100%
  • Homestead: Big Dave all 100%
  • Homestead: Godrey & Terry all 100%
  • Homestead: Lance all 100%
  • Homestead: Warren & Prudence all 100%
  • Homestead: Norris all 100%
  • Homestead: Lyle White Happy Expectations 100%
  • Homestead: Lyle White Get me a Doctor! 100%
  • Homestead: Lyle White Slander 100%
  • Homestead: Ellen all 100%
  • Homestead: Myriam all 100%
  • Homestead: Daily Life all 100%
  • Homestead: Inventions all 100%

The only item in the list above that may be off-percentage is West New York Underground, which even though you have found all of the entrances/exits only reads 84% because of a bug due to a mission that is coming up that involves the Underground in that section. This should correct itself by the end of the game, just know you have not done anything wrong.

As for the Homestead Missions, the only ones that should be left are Achilles death and the Doctor's Aquila-related mission. All of the others should be 100%. If you have not already created all of the Ben Franklin Inventions now is a good time to do that.

As far as the Clubs go, you cannot complete the Frontiersman Tasks until you complete all of the conversations with General Washington, and you cannot do that until the campaign has been completed.

With respect to the Collections, the only one that may have outstanding issues is the Chests in Boston, since the last one in the Central District does not appear on the map at all – it is actually located upstairs at the Green Dragon Tavern in the Central District (this is the one that Haytham used as his HQ) so if you still need that, go there now and gather it up!

Finally there is the Encyclopedia of the Common Man, which you may have started by now but likely are not near finishing. That process will likely be one of the last things you do in the game.

With all of that now reviewed, you know where the guide should have taken you – so it is time to dive in to Sequence 10!

Gathering intelligence on the British plans

Mission: Alternate Methods

The basic description for this mission is to gather as much information from the Redcoats as possible, which means intelligence... There are two optional objectives for this mission: use enemies as human shields twice, and capture/tackle the officer from above. Both are easily managed in their relative sections of the mission!

As the mission starts you need to follow Connor's father through the ruins to a point where a CS is triggered and then you are in a battle. What you should be focused upon here is watching for one of the officers or soldiers to prepare to fire and then you grab a human shield – you need to do that twice to complete the optional objective and, once you have done so, you can then go ahead and quickly kill the rest of the enemies here.

With that done you run over and take the three shooters on the far side of the area prisoner – but your Da does a bad job of it in binding them and the one on the end escapes. You have a bit of an argument and then your Da basically orders you to capture the runner, so you take off after him.

The second optional objective here is to tackle/catch the runner from above – he runs a fixed route and there are several spots that you can accomplish this at but you need to know them and when to try to get ahead of him to set it up, so what I suggest that you do is run through the rest of the mission and NOT try to catch him so you can see the route he takes first, and then after he gets to the headquarters and thus escapes, you can replay this part and do the optional objective. If you mess it up, just let him escape as there really is no penalty for failure, you just restart this part.

Make sure that you have Bare Hands as your weapon selection, and that you use the B-button and NOT the X to do the tackle. You should find it easy as long as you do that but if you have trouble with it watch the video embedded above.

Once you have the route down and manage the take-down from above, you get another CS and then you need to escort the prisoner to your Da's HQ – basically you have to push him from behind whenever he stops – and then you get another CS in which you see the ruthless tactics of your father but you also obtain the information that is needed – and that completes the mission with 100% Synchronization. Go you!

Learning that loyalty is mostly a one-way street

Mission: Broken Trust

After you enter the Frontier get on your horse and ride to the meeting point – for this mission there are three optional objectives that you need to complete, and they are to not touch the ground, to stop the five Patriot Messengers within the three-minute time window, and to use only non-lethal methods on your tribesman,

Before you begin this – before you flag it – make sure that you have your pistols armed, and that all four shots are loaded. Make sure that you have a hot-button slot for your Bow and Arrow just in case as well, and your Hidden Blade is selected as your melee weapon – then flag the quest and you will start with chasing after the messengers following the CS.

There are a number of tactics you can use, but do not get frustrated if you do not nail this on your first go – if you fail either of the first two optional objectives, simply restart. The easy way to do this is to shoot the first four Messengers as soon as you can, then spur your horse to chase down the fifth one, and once you are close enough do an air-assassinate on him. If you do it right you will land on his horse, kill him, and remain on the horse, thus fulfilling the requirement to not touch the ground and, with luck, you will get all five well within the three-minute window.

Once you complete the CS you will then arrive at your village – immediately and without fail switch your melee weapon to bare fist, then run up to each of the warriors and do a choke-hold take-down on them each. Make sure you do not kill them by hitting X and stomping their heads in, right?

As soon as you incap the last one, you trigger a very disturbing CS that illustrates how you can win and still lose at the same time... At this point the mission wraps up, you get 100% Synchronization, and if you are anything like me, no where near 100% happiness or satisfaction... Still you did well, getting full-synchronization on a very frustrating mission, so goon on ya mates. Well done.

Before you head to the next mission marker head back to your village for a conversation icon with the elder woman to explain what happened – sort of. She tells you what the others are thinking, about the tribe moving west, and Connor says that they should stay. That he will make it safe for them. She does not appear convinced. Speak with her several more times to clear the icon from the map.

Check the map and you should have a fast-travel spot very near the mission marker.

Turning the tide in the Battle at Monmouth

Mission: Battle of Monmouth

Before we get into this I should add that having the Piece of Eden from Kidd's Treasure that repels bullets certainly does not suck! For this mission there are three optional objectives: neutralize platoons with a single cannonball (x8), kill 2 platoons with a single cannonball, and prevent Patriot executions (x3). Bearing in mind that this is the first chance we will have had to use a cannon to take on larger numbers of enemy troops, you will shortly be picking up a new Achievement, so be excited - be very excited - and have fun with this!

After the CS plays out you are in control of the cannon and you have two-minutes to take out as many enemy troops as you can manage while also fulfilling the optional objective to neutralize platoons with a single cannonball eight times, and kill 2 platoons with one cannonball (which you do by letting them approach and firing between them. With any luck you will have also unlocked the Achievement “Circus Act” (10G) Kill 15 Enemy with a single cannon shot.

After the timer runs down you will need to retreat from the battle – and you are given just four minutes to do that by following the markers AND at the same time kill the Redcoats you encounter who are about to execute a Patriot (the optional objective requires you to rescue at least three of them). After you take out the third group (and I hope very rapidly) you need to continue along the marked path over the bridge and then up the hill to end the mission gaining full-synchronization and unlocking the Achievement “Grim Expectations” (20G) Complete Sequence 10.

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6 comments, latest first.
Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
The problem with glitches and this game is that unless a reload will fix it your only choice is to begin over.
ID #466776
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
Still can't get out of the horse chase anyone any bright ideas please?

ID #463252
Oct 7th 2013 Guest
I had the New York North District Liberation glitched, what can i do to fix it?
ID #313263
Sep 9th 2013 p_s_p_p_r_o
Just use r 1 until the point where the last messenger comes into view then your horse should be okay for a couple of spurs
ID #308943
Jun 24th 2013 Guest
I am seriously pulling my hair out with this, i kill the first 4 messengers (assuming my dumb horse doesnt get caught on EVERY single bit of forest garbage), but i can NEVER get close to the fifth, ive done this about 30 times, the temptation to take the disc out of the machine and melt it in the toaster is almost overwhelming.

Any suggestions ?
ID #292545
Apr 28th 2013 Guest
ID #278398
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