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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 07

To resume the main mission path we need to go to Boston, and then head to the Main Mission Marker, which is located at Paul Revere's house. Well, that makes sense considering the mission we are about to do!

Main Mission: The Midnight Ride

When you arrive Revere introduces you to his mates and then he explains the situation to you – asking for your help – then he dispatches the two men to do their part and asks you to join and help do his. The optional Objectives are do not trigger open conflict, and reach Prescott's location within the given time (2:00 Minutes).

Right then, basically you follow Revere on horseback, and you ride out of town with the objective being to ride to the designated houses and warn the people there of the British approach. While there are markers it is very easy to get lost on this and you don't want to do that since you only have a certain amount of time for part of this, so with that in mind, these are the major turns you need to use LB to learn which way to go, and when you arrive near houses, dismount and approach the doors until Revere says that is the right one.

Continue to follow Revere's directions and avoid patrols of which there are a LOT. The third house you knock up will actually have British Soldiers at it and when Revere issues the announcement they attack, and you are on horseback again with a timer running and you need to shake the soldiers – do that by riding away from them, and you finally head to the last house where you get a bit of comic relief, and hopefully the timer did not run out...

Now you just need to follow the markers to the house to meet with the other leaders and then you get a CS in which the situation resolves with new orders, completing this mission, and gaining you 100% Synchronization on yet another mission!

Did you think this was silly? I mean really? Silly... But hey, there is room for silly, right? Besides the next Main Mission Marker is right here, so avail yourself of it!

Front and Center at the Battle of Concord

Main Mission: Lexington and Concord

After you flag this mission and survive the first volley of the attack here by taking cover you are ordered to deliver a message to inform the men at Concord of the impending attack – but on the way as you ride you encounter a person in trouble and so you must help them! Do this bit as fast as you can, there is no time to waste, and then get to Concord as fast as you can to issue the warning, at which point you sort of become the commander of the militia there!

FYI the Optional Objectives for this mission are to rescue the civilian hostages, and kill groups of regulars with a single order (x7). To accomplish that simply ride between the three groups and order them to fire when there is a target to shoot at – bearing in mind that they can actually hit some of the enemy from a good distance. After enough of the Redcoats are killed the mission ends and you get a CS in which a rather bittersweet victory is noted.

You then get a CS of the events in Philadelphia at which the founding documents that created the United States are in the process of being created. You nearly have a confrontation with Lee, then you get to meet George Washington briefly – then Washington heads off to talk to Charles Lee. You get news of Pitcairn, and a plan that should draw him out...

You receive a message to give to Putnam, who is camped on Bunker Hill, and then you are back in control of yourself – there is an Interactive Conversation Marker so go to that and have that chat, and you learn that sometimes it is necessary to form the facts than to report them blindly. Connor has reservations about what they are planning, and says so. With that small task done use the door to return to the Frontier, and then make your way to Boston.

Main Mission: Conflict Looms

Head to the marker and you will encounter a Continental checkpoint and the NPC who flags the mission... The Optional Objectives for this mission are to cross Charlestown without taking damage, to Assassinate the Grenadier, and to remain undetected while on ships. The checkpoint gives you a mount to ride, and fills you in on some of the details of what has been happening, then you follow your escort to the hill, where you have yourself an encounter with General Putnam in the middle of a shelling!

Connor tells Putnam what he wants, and Putnam does not think much of it... Your first task is to make it through the town without taking damage, and when you get to the docks jump in the water and swim out to the ships that are marked. Bearing in mind that you are supposed to remain undetected, you need to take out strategic members of the crew on each of the Frigates then plant a bomb on them near the masts and get the hell away before it blows up! Well that and on the second one you also need to do an air-assassination on the patrolling Grenadier...

Taking a page out of the Navy Seal's Book on Ship destruction

When you swim out to the boats go in the middle of the two and then to the right-hand boat first, study the patrol pattern and take out the two patrolling officers, then when nobody is watching simply climb on amid-ships (at the center area) and light the fuse and then dive into the water and watch the ship blow up - well done! Now for the hard part... The other ship and its Grenadier.

First, you need to eliminate the conveniently placed members of the crew, then the two on the bow, and then poison the one on the **** deck, and finally you simply climb the mast and then air-assassinate the Grenadier, then plant the charge and blow that ship up as well. Once that is done climb back on board and all the way up the main mast, and replace the British pennant with the American flag and voila! Mission Managed!

You then get the summary of your success and end up on the docks.

Main Mission: Battle of Bunker Hill

This is one of the missions that seem to give players a lot of trouble, mostly due to the Optional Objectives, which are to cross the battlefield without taking any damage, to limit regular kills to four, and to Air-Assassinate Pitcairn without being detected – and yeah, those are some tough objectives.

The mission starts with a ride through town and back to the Hill, whereupon you listen to Putnam's speech and then you have a personal chat with him, and he tells you that Pitcairn has left Boston and is in the camp below – you check it out and decide you have to chance a direct approach... Well, sort of, because we want the Optional Objectives so it will be an indirect direct approach!

Basically what you need to do here is cross the field from cover to cover. If you watch the firing whenever you see the rounds hitting your cover you have around five seconds to make it to the next cover before they shoot again. The problem is when you get to the third cover by the log you cannot tell when the shots will come. So it is basically luck from there.

Taking out Pitcairn and gaining full synchronization

Once you get across IMMEDIATELY go up into the trees to avoid being detected by the troops moving towards you on the path (several groups). Make your way across the area and then down and up another network of trees to reach the tall brush behind the camp on the upper level, and from there you need to make your way around to the left from brush to brush all the way to the other side of the camp where you will see a tree you can run up and from there, one you can jump to then run out on and jump to the top of the flag pole in the center of the camp, at which point you can then Air-Assassinate Pitcairn and thus (assuming you did not kill a lot of soldiers) score 100% Synchronization!

Do I need to tell you well done? Yes I do! Well done!

After the killing CS in which Pitcairn has his say to you, you unlock the Achievement “The Whites of Their Eyes” (20G) Complete Sequence 07. The end of the Sequence features another one of Connor's narratives, in which he shares his inner thoughts.

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