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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Sequence 08

The Sequence begins at the Homestead with Achilles and Connor talking, and Connor starts to run his mouth, clearly feeling his oats, but then a visitor – Benjamin Tallmadge – serves as a fortunate diversion, and Connor's attention is pointed elsewhere. Tallmadge acknowledges the dangers in the secret that Connor has uncovered, and tells him that they must travel to New York...

Main Mission: Something on the Side

Head to the Frontier and look for the Mission Marker that is labeled New York, and head to that via Fast Travel, and when you get to the City you need to mount up and follow Tallmadge as he explains his position on things. When you reach the end of the ride you have learned about counterfeiters and now you need to tail one! Do not let him detect you, just follow and blend, and eventually he will get in a tussle, then meet with someone, and you need to eavesdrop on that conversation, then follow him some more and eavesdrop on another conversation, and after you succeed at that you get a CS of Connor having a chat with Thomas Hickey – and then he runs. Of course he runs.

You now have to chase him down with the added Optional Objectives of not to tackle or shove anyone, so try not to shove mates. You may need to retry this a few times but eventually you will catch him, and then you both end up being arrested – before you can explain yourself you are knocked out and locked up. Welcome to jail.

Hickey gets released, thanks to Charles Lee and the other Templar, who taunt you in your cell, and yeah, this sucks – but ah, it looks like things are not going the way that Hickey hoped thanks to Tallmadge, so he my not be on his way to kill Washington after all! Excellent! Ah, but not so good is the fact that we are in jail...

Gaining access to Thomas Hickey

Main Mission: Bridewell Prison

Our primary mission now it to find Hickey in the prison, and we do that with the added Optional Objectives of limiting guard kills to 2 and reaching Hickey within the two-minute time limit. Ideally you do no kills at all, and as for the timer, well, you know how that works, you have to hurry.

This is actually a fairly long and involved mission, and it starts with you needing to figure out how to gain unrestricted (or nearly so) access to the rest of the prison. Your first step is to eavesdrop on the cell next to you – then go to sleep in your bed and a guard will come and wake you up. You follow that guard downstairs. When you get there turn on Eagle Vision to spot the target – an inmate with plans to escape!

Talk to him and after you have a lengthy conversation he is convinced that you are one of the good guys and so he will tell you about his plan – and the key he made that was stolen from him. The thief with the key is on the third floor so go and steal it back from him, then head back to your cell. Ah, but when you try the key it does not work! You have another chat with your new bud and he explains that the plan is to exchange that key for the right one off of one of the jailer's rings, but to do that you have to be thrown in the punishment cells – what they call “the pitt” in most prisons – and to do THAT you will need to tune up on some of the other inmates. Hey, we can do that!

The guard will approach your cell and talk – and while he is doing that you swap the key – after which you are out of your cell and, if you are smart, headed up the nearby stairs, where you will find your buddy and he will point you at the VIP section of the prison, which is where you are going to find Hickey.

To get there you are going to need to get up three floors without being spotted – to do that wait until the guard is not looking and head up the stairs and duck into a cell. Rinse and repeat until you are at the top and then rush the door you have the key for and use it before the guards can react, triggering the CS and ending the mission. As grim as the situation seems, I still think you deserve a well done...

Executing Mason's Plan to get at Hickey

Main Mission: Public Execution

It seems that things are not going so well for Connor – the guards come and move him from his cell to the death wagon and none too gently, giving another series of indignities for him to bear. At the execution square Hickey appears to rub it in a bit, and then as Connor is being lead to the gallows an unexpected face appears to tell him that help will be given if he asks.

Connor is then lead up to the gallows, the rope is put around his neck and the bag over his head and the switch is pulled – at which point it would be a good idea for you to call on your Assassins to help you, right?

The Optional Objectives for this mission are for you to kill enemy Militia (x2), and be sure that Washington's bodyguards survive unharmed. There are a few ways that you can do this, but as I believe in the direct approach, that is how I did it here...

Once you have your weapon in hand turn on Eagle Vision to highlight the enemy militiamen, then kill two – make sure that the two deaths register and you have completed the optional objective – and then run directly for Hickey and hit him hard for a one-shot kill! It is critical that both of Washington's bodyguards survive – and Washington too – so you need to time it well, but really this is the fastest and best approach. Direct, to the point, and effective.

Giving Hickey his just deserts

Hickey tells you that he really had not expected to die. Connor demands answers from Hickey, and learns that Hickey knows really nothing. He was a paid stooge – he did it for the money and never paid much attention to the Templar philosophy or plans.

During the walk through the crowd and the time you spend on the gallows without the bag did you notice the Assassins taking out the enemy militia on the rooftops? Cool that.

After the CS that resolves that you are a hero, you cut away to the Congress in Philadelphia where Achilles and you are chatting – and walking – Achilles tries to convince you that the best thing you can do is not tell Washington the details of the threat against him. You then get a CS of the historic signing of the Declaration of Independence. This completes Sequence 08 and you unlock the Achievement “Caged Wolf” (20G) Complete Sequence 08 -- and with 100% Synchronization and a good job too!

– Out of the Animus: Brazil –
At this point the game instantly cuts to the real-world and you are no longer in the Animus. They have located another power source – in Brazil – and they have chartered a plane to go there – so you emerge in a mass transit station at the destination, ready to do your real-world Assassin Thang.

Following the traffic flow you emerge into the upper lobby and then have a radio chat with Rebecca who suggests that you steal a ticket from someone to get into the Stadium, which is where the power source is located – in a bracelet of some wealthy woman? You tell Rebecca stealing a bracelet would be a **** move, and then head through the door in the corner only to spot Abstergo Security Agents patrolling the area... You did see all of those Wanted Posters with your face on them, right?

Make your way through the bushes on the side and slip in through the open door that leads to the area that is beyond the gates, then make your way along until you spot the security checkpoint and use the bathroom in the corner to get around it. When you exit out the other side of the bathroom you are very close to the entrance to the VIP area – but there is another checkpoint – so you have to slip into the maintenance area and climb up and through a window leading into the VIP area that is past the checkpoint.

Rebecca tells you that you are close but that the target is on the other side of the Stadium – so you need to blend in with the groups of people in the hall to get past the guard ahead and then make your way to the end of the hall, out onto an elevated area and then run across the girders that support the jumbotron to the hallway there, but as you approach the room a hitman kills the woman and tries to kill you, then runs off with the bracelet!

Obtaining the third power source in Brazil

You basically need to chase him down, but of course that means running past people and agents, but you chase him down to one of the indoor garden areas and start to put the beatdown on him – at which point you may also have to fight some of the guards who saw you and chased you in as well... Once you finish the fight you recover the power source and then Rebecca tells you to make a run for the Metro, that she is holding the train for you.

A quick run down past more guards and you squeeze through the closing doors, the train rolls out and you unlock the Achievement “Daddy Dearest” (20G) Complete Present - Stadium. Nice one! You get a CS of rejoining the team and then you are back in the Temple. Rebecca tells you that you can either get back to Connor or insert the power source but before you make that decision, so now is the time to have the conversations with the team that you have when you are outside of the Animus, and checking your email.

Head up the stairs to trigger a CS and learn a little more about the past and the first race. She tells you about the towers...

When you talk to Sean he lays a bitter trip on you about how the founding fathers are being abused. After you exhaust the chat options and go to get in the Animus you trigger a CS in which Sean confirms that he has found a third power source and a conversation ensues in which your father decides that he will go and retrieve it while you stay and do the Connor thing, because time is running out... Then you re-enter the Animus for another of Connor's dialogues.

When you resume Connor he has another argument with Achilles – and it gets very personal and very nasty – Connor ignores the wisdom Achilles is trying to offer and mounts up to leave, ending the CS and resuming

With that managed it is time for another Odds and Ends Section.

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