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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Assassin's Creed III Walkthrough and Guide

Some Odds and Ends Part I

We begin standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the forest, and things are about to get more complicated because Connor has started talking to himself about his obligations and how others perceive him – and it.

We have now arrived at a point where we will not immediately be going for the main mission line, as there is a bit of make-work and optional stuff to do first. It is a very good idea to get into the habit of doing the optional stuff at the start of each new Sequence from here on out, and also to check to see if any NEW optional stuff pops up after finishing one of the missions in the Sequence, just saying. So for now this is what we need to do:

View Points: Check the map and look for the View Points, place your target on the closest and start heading to each one and using it to open up the map. In addition to showing you what is concealed by the Fog of War this can also result in showing you icons you could not see before.

Feathers: If you see a Feather, pick it up, all day long you will have good luck! Well, maybe not but still, pick up any feathers that are marked on the map!

Treasure Chests: Do I even need to tell you that you want to loot these puppies? You do! But can you? Well, not if you don't know how to pick locks I am sad to say... But that is OK mates, these ones may not require that, so be sure to try any you find then!

Trinket Collections: As you clear more Fog you will reveal a collection item called a Peg Leg Trinket that is part of the Trinket Collection for the Monmouth area.

To see all of the different Collections open the Map (Back Button) and move down one to Log Book, then right and down to Collectibles, then down and you will see Almanacs, Feathers, Chests, and Trinkets, and you can see which you have and which you do not.

Courier Missions: Those you can do as you find them, they are simple deliveries and are more of a collection item than a mission per se...

Peddler: This is the traveling store of the outback, a friendly peddler who will buy most of the things you hunted for and who will sell you things you can use. You should be doing a LOT of hunting right now, so you have stuff to sell – remember the hides, meat, and other items you get while hunting do not actually weigh you down, so there is no reason not to hunt for everything you can and every reason to do so, so you can sell it to this guy! Right now he can supply you with Arrows, Snares, and Bait... But if you do a lot of aerial kills while hunting you won't need the arrows so much...

Frontiersmen: For now avoid them – take care of the stuff above first and we will come back to them later...

Using the log that is poking out, do a leap of faith into the water and then head straight for the shore and you will see a clue on the sand – examine that to unlock the Achievement “By Invitaiton Only” (20G) Be invited to join a Club. Basically the hunting we did before makes this available to us – the bloke standing near you after you examine the clue will fill you in. Nice one!

Now work your way through the woods collecting Feathers, View Points, and hunting along the way.

When you kill a bear expect there to be more than one

Hunting Tips: Dropping down on and killing by hand is the preferred method, but be aware that as you climb high you will encounter new animals – cougars are not uncommon, and you will find elk – and bears. When you find a bear be on guard because where there is one there are usually more than one. Just saying...

After you find the Boston Light View Point and synchronize it, you will see a Treasure Chest nearby – go to it and open it (you do not need lock picking for this one) and in addition to $2500 you will also obtain the recipes for Ale, Digestive Tonic, Belts, Furniture, Mounted Elk Antlers, Paper, Boots, Eye Drops, Crates, Barrels, and Bear Rugs. Woot!

You will see the map icon for Homestead in the northeast – ignore that for now and continue to collect the View Points, Feathers, and Treasure Chests and to hunt – believe me you will be happy you did!

As you work your way south you will reveal another Treasure Chest inside of a cave you reach via a shaft on the top of the hill it is in – inside is $750, and Recipes for Ammunition, Smoked Elk Meat, Dyes, Stiffness Remedy, Weapon Blades, Artillery, Venison Heart, Disinfectant, Moccasins, Flints, and Ships Masts. Nice!

There is a Chest to the far south that turns out to be located in a Fort – if you head down there you will get the whole infiltrate the fort kill the Captain that sort of thing adventure – so if you want to do that, well hey, cool! You can! Personally though I am just satisfied with locating and marking them on the map – they are full of Templar and right now, without our Assassin Training, they will be too much to handle.


You can start these at any active Frontiersman Camp, it does not have to be any specific one, though there are some camps that are not active because they are part of one of the missions – but anyway, when you arrive they offer you missions when you talk to them.

Frontiersman Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf

This mission requires you to “Look for clues at the Frontiersman Camp.” This is a bit confusing because the area you actually need to be looking in is a green zone very near your home village, so fast travel home and then look for the green zone and head to the camp there, where you will find a body and then attract the wolf that killed him. You get a Quicktime Button Event – just make sure the wolf dies and not you! With it dead and skinned, return to the Frontiersman to turn in the quest and flat the next one.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Frontiersman Mission: Finding Sasquatch

If you don't have the correct type of beef jerky then... Just kidding... Once you accept the mission you get another story – or tall tale – whatever. You know what this means, right? You have to go looking for it – and the place you need to start is in the northwest corner of the Frontier!

As you work your way through the area you will find the green circle, and then check clues and work your way into a cave – I am not going to tell you what you find, that would be a spoiler for a very excellent mission – you are just going to have to discover the truth for yourself.

Frontiersman Mission: The Haunted Lighthouse

Again you can head to whatever active camp is the closest, and when you arrive you will flag this next quest, The Haunted Lighthouse. Since this is to the east you may want to start it at the east-most Camp, just saying...

When you flag the quest the Frontiersman tells you a haunted story about a Haunted Lighthouse which has been said to be abandoned years ago – and yet the light was burning. He says he never went back and then challenges you to step inside!

Now I could just say “search the east shore” but if I did that you would be all over the bloody map and what kind of guide writer would I be if I did?! A bad one, that is what kind! So instead, I will tell you how to find this location – sweet! Hit the Back Button to open your map, then up on the Left Joystick to access the Hunting Section; move Right Joystick to the Great Piece Hills section – that is the mid-eastern most section – THAT is where you want to go. If you started at the eastern Frontiersman Camp look for the peninsula that juts out into the water north-south on the coast as that is where the Lighthouse is located. That is directly north of the camp so you should get to it quickly!

When you climb to the top there is a fake ghost for you to analyze, and the top of the Lighthouse is a View Point so be sure to use it... Analyzing the clue adds a new tale to the Animus DB, so before you do anything else, and then head back to the camp for your next mission!

Frontiersman Mission: The Headless Horseman

After you listen to the story, and the mission starts properly, open your map and mark the location of Concord as a starting point, then head there, and when you get in the area head in widening circles around it going more and more out – the location is not the same for everyone you see... One of my mates found it on the main road to Concord in the Concord zone whereas I found it in Troy's Woods way south of Concord as you can see in the video below...

Use Eagle Vision to highlight the clues and examine one to solve the mystery – you get a new Animus Database Entry to read – do that to resolve the mission for yourself.

The Headless Horseman

After you complete the mission above that should be the last of the missions you can get for the time being, and all of the Frontiersman Camp Icons should have disappeared from your map. No worries, they will return!

For now go to the Hunting Society Marker on the map which is in the northeast corner of Troy's Woods, right where it intersects Concord and Scotch Plain, and on the way you will enter the Troy's Woods Settlement, where there is a marked quest giver for the Troy's Woods Items – this is a new quest type called Delivery Requests – and the bloke wants the following items:

  • x3 Bear Claws

  • x3 Bobcat Claws

  • x3 Wolf Fangs

  • x3 Cougar Fangs

  • x3 Elk Antlers

When you talk to him he will take what you have, and you can check to see what you still need to give him by accessing the Map > Logbook > Delivery Requests > Troy's Woods Items.

With that out of the way continue to the Hunting Society Marker, where you will find a bloke on the porch of the house with a mission for you...

Hunting Society Mission: The Man-Eater

He tells you that some people wanted to settle a piece of land but that a Bear has been hunting the area and it needs to be dealt with – basically all that you need to do is head to the Packanack Hunting Area – in the southwestern section and you will detect the clues that show the bear's trail. Note that there are other bears here – more than one – and be prepared to battle them!

As you analyze each clue it takes you closer and closer to the Bear Cave, and once you find the last clue it targets it and you are prompted to explore the cave... You likely have killed a few other bears as well, but the one you want is inside there somewhere and unlike those other bears it takes some serious button-mashing to kill! Once you have made it dead you get a Memento that is unlocked in the Database and the Manor, and a new MP reward is unlocked. With this mischief managed it is time to return to the Hunting Society!

The Man-Eater Mission

Hunting Society Mission: Feline Feet

The next mission-giver is lounging by a tree near the house – and when you talk to him he tells you that there is a Bobcat around here that is wily and needs killing – and he thinks you are the man for the job! To find the hunt area head to the northeast corner of Black Creek –

Now the thing about this mission is that the Bobcat runs, and once it starts running you can forget about catching it, so basically how you need to do this is find the tracks it tells you to find, at which point the camera will turn to show you the Bobcat and you must IMMEDIATELY shoot it with an arrow. That is the only way I can see to do this. If it gets away you have to move out and back into the area to be prompted to find its tracks again – so do that, then really quickly shoot that sucker! Once you skin it the quest is done.

With this mission done we have now completed all of the Hunting Society Missions that we can do for now, so it is time to get back on the main story!

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