10 Things We Hate About Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Hau Championship Battle

Nothing against Hau, but the fact that he was your final opponent in search of becoming the very first Alola Region Champion missed the mark. Hau was a really good character for the Alola Pokemon Games, being a great friend along your journey throughout the region, but he just never had rival sense to him. Sure, he worked his tail off after being defeated so many times prior to this climatic battle, hoping to finally challenge your player in terms of strength, but he just never had the background to match those that came before him. In all actuality, he was more of a Wally than anything else, a good friend that is intrinsically driven to be as strong as your player. Hau wasn’t and never will be in the company of Blue, May, and Barry. It just simply will never be.

If the Pokemon Company really wanted to blow the top off of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, then they should’ve had Gladion be your final foe. Gladion was way more of rival to you than Hau, and the fact that the two of you got closer near the end of the Main Story would’ve made this the cherry on top. If not him, then GameFreak should’ve just done as before and had your player face Professor Kukui for the title of Champion. It was his idea that gave the Alola Region their very own Pokemon League, and you never faced him in battle before that time. These two characters would’ve been far better storyline-wise, as facing Hau seemed more like an obvious cliche rather than anything else. We’ve seen it before with Blue, and you always expect to face the main supporting character near the end of the story.

Pokemon USUM Were Great, But Not With These…

We said it onces and we’ll say it again: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon were great in their own right. They brought along a number of new aspects to the Alola Region, as well as a new story that was improved from the first. However, like all video games, they missed the mark, they were lacking in a number of areas. From a very similar Main Story to botched cliche championship against Hau, here are the ten things about Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon that we, along with many others, hated most of all.

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Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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