10 Things We Hate About Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Don’t get us wrong: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon were incredible games in their own right. They featured a number of new aspects and concepts that changes how we see and view Pokemon, as well as told a brand new (thought very similar) story this time around in the Alola Region. They are to be the last Mainstream Pokemon Games released for the Nintendo 3ds, the end of a very special era for the Pokemon Company, and they gave us the big bang that you would like to see. However, like most video games, they had their setbacks, certain features that didn’t really hit the nail on the head for most players. And because of that, we’ve decided to list just a few things we really didn’t care about these next hit games for GameFreak.

We will examining a handful of things-ten to be exact-that we and so many others, honestly, hated about these great games. We will do our best to keep an objective point of view to throw out and subjectivity whatsoever, giving you the best read possible. If at any given time you would like to express your thoughts about what we have to say or the selections we make, you can do so in the comment section below each and every page of this here article. Whether you you like what you read or don’t necessary agree with what we say, you can tell us about it in the area provided below. No matter what you would like to share, remember to tell us about it below!

Without another moment to lose, how about we get started already? Here are the ten things about Pokemon USUM that we hated most. We hope you enjoy!

Extremely Similar Storyline

It’s hard to knock games that were as great Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, but one of the glaring disappointments with them is how similar the storyline was compared to both Pokemon Sun & Moon. The games were almost identical to that of their predecessors, only having a few differences to mix things up. Outside of the small role the Ultra Recon Squad plays, as well as Necrozma being the center of attention this time around (though not seen until the very, very end of the main story), the games are exactly that of Pokemon Sun & Moon. You continue to travel through the Alola Region as a trainer that recently moved to the region. You continue to travel alongside Hau and Lillie. Team Skull continues to cause minimal trouble, as Lusamine continues to be the true villain (though to a much lesser scale than the last time we saw her). If you’ve played Pokemon Sun & Moon, you’ve played basically 90% of the main story found in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

There is nothing that can be done now that the games have been released, but the main story does leave players wishing for a few more differences than their original go through of the Alola Region. Perhaps if Necrozma had a played a more instrumental role rather than just be thrown into the mix at the very end, then perhaps things wouldn’t have seem so darn similar. It was almost like living dejavu for most players, because, as already mentioned, the main story is practically identical to the previous versions.

Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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