Yveltal & Xerneas Legendary Events Now Live

Beginning today, May 4th, Pokemon players across the globe can obtain either Yveltal or Xerneas for their copies of Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. In order to obtain it, players will have to visit a specific store in their given countries: Gamestop (United States, Germany, France), GAME (United Kingdom, Spain), Micromania (France), or EB Games (Canada, Australia). The event is live until May 25th-26th (depending on your given region).

Players playing Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Ultra Sun will receive Yveltal, while players playing Pokemon Moon or Ultra Moon will obtain Xerneas for this event. Just like the previous Legendary Events since the beginning of this year, the Pokemon you obtain form this distribution varies from Pokemon Sun and Moon to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: if you claim these Pokemon in either Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, they will come at Level 60 without holding an item; if you obtain these events through Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon, they will come at Level 100 while holding a Gold Bottle Cap.