10 Things We Hate About Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Totem Stickers

As the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon neared closer and closer, the news of Totem Stickers came into existence. These hundred or so stickers have been placed across the Alola Region by the Trial Captains themselves, the same that can be collected in order to receive special Totem-Sized Pokemon from Samson Oak himself. Basically, Totem Stickers have replaced what was the Zygarde Cells during the Main Story of Pokemon Sun & Moon now for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, except for the fact that you will receive a number of different Pokemon instead of just Zygarde.

However, unlike the Zygarde you could eventually build to create Zygarde Complete, these Totem-Sized Pokemon have zero competitive appeal whatsoever. Apart from being of different size and weight from their regular forms, Totem-Sized Pokemon have no other differences from when you find them in the wild. Even if you have no idea about the competitive side of Pokemon, you should know makes these Pokemon virtually worthless, at least the pointless search of the Totem Stickers to obtain them. Honestly, the Pokemon Company could’ve done without, focusing their energy into something more intriguing for players like new Alolan Forms. At least then players could have some real difference between a Pokemon and its given regular form. Totem-Sized Pokemon seemed like an interesting idea at first, but after discovering they hold no real value compared to their regular forms, most players just did without.

Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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