10 Things We Hate About Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Only 5 New Pokemon

When news broke that there would be brand new Pokemon released within the same generation, players could hardly wait for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon to hit the shelves. This was groundbreaking in the World of Pokemon, never having been done before this time. No player could’ve ever fathomed such a thing to ever be incorporated, but all of that would soon change with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. However, after the games were released and did come to be, the excitement for new Pokemon died down just as quick as it sprang to life. You see, Pokemon players from across the world only received a grand total of five new Pokemon. The idea of new Pokemon coming within the same generation seemed so great at first, only to be ruined by the very small amount of such.

To make things even worse, one of these five new Pokemon are a Pre-Evolution. If you don’t know anything about Pokemon, Pre-Evolutions are extremely weak Pokemon that don’t become all they can be until after they evolve. This makes this one specific Pokemon basically useless of the five, having no more value than Pokedex Entry and a path to said Evolved Pokemon. But it doesn’t end there in regards to these new Pokemon! You see, one of the five is a Mythical Pokemon, one that has yet to be released and won’t be for quite some time. If you’ve kept up with the math, that basically means there are only three new Pokemon of value to you. Thankfully those three are actually incredible Pokemon, making things not a complete loss.

Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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