10 Things We Hate About Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Rotom Pokedex

We aren’t sure how or why, but somehow the Pokemon Company did the impossible and made the Rotom Pokedex all the more annoying. If it wasn’t bad enough to have to travel the Alola Region once with this gadget that continuously tries to converse, players have to do the same but at an even greater level of annoyance in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. This time around, the Rotom Pokedex will continue to do as before and try to make conversation as you journey through the Alola Region. However, when you don’t respond to it or interact with it as it would like you to do, it will start to have a bored / depressed look upon its face. This acts a constant reminder and guilt trip toward players, basically forcing them to interact with it unless they can stand looking at it. On top of all of this, the Rotom Pokedex will try to play trainer and suggest when you should heal your Pokemon or when it thinks it would be a good time to save.

The only thing that makes the Rotom Pokedex from being unbearable this time around is its new feature of Roto Loto. With it, players can obtain certain helpful aid from Rotom. This help can come in the form of increasing EXP earn during battle, increasing cash received from winning battles, increasing the catch rate for wild Pokemon, as well as so many other things too! The Rotom Pokedex is extremely hard to deal with this time around, making most players hate it above all else, but if you want those sweet Roto Loto Rewards, you’re going to have to deal with its annoyance.

Posted: 26th Apr 2018 by Warrior13
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