Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

#2 - Primal Groudon

Remember when I said Mega Aggron was the closest thing to the thought of a Physical Chansey? Well let me correct myself... Mega Aggron is the closest non-legendary to a Physical Chansey. Primal Groudon, who ranks second on our countdown, is truly the closest thing to a Physical Chansey that there has ever been. No doubt about it.

Some of you might be thinking that Primal Groudon shouldn't be on this list because it's technically not a Mega Evolution, but it's pretty close since it also receives a 100 Total Base Stat Boost.

Primal Groudon, like Primal Kyogre, don't really change much design wise. The pattern across its body now lights up, plus it grows to about double its regular size.

The real reason as to why Primal Groudon is rated SO high is because its awesome stats. It has a 100 Base Hit Point Stat, 180 Base Attack Stat, 160 Base Defense Stat, 150 Base Defense Stat, 150 Base Special Attack, and 90 Base Special Defense and Speed. Those... Are... Crazy... 180 Base Attack?!? That's the third highest among ALL Pokemon! 160 Base Defense?!?! That's the eleventh highest among ALL Pokemon! That, along with 100 Base Hit Point and 90 Base Special Defense, makes Primal Groudon one of the best bulky Pokemon out there. With that power too! Definitely a Physical Chansey, a Legendary Physical Chansey!

It also has an incredible ability in Desolate Land, where Sunlight reigns. Which increases the power of Fire Attacks and disallows the usage of Water Type Attacks (which happens to be Primal Groudon's worst weakness). Now all it has to deal with is Ground Attacks, which isn't much.

The one thing Primal Groudon doesn't have is great Speed, but that's not necessary with its bulk. Seriously, you need to have this on your team. Not Primal Kyogre, but this!

Because of its stats, Primal Groudon can be run either as a Physical OR Special Sweeper. Its Physical Moveset includes Rock Polish, Principal Blades, Stone Edge / Dragon Claw / Swords Dance (depending on how you want to run it), and Fire Punch, with maxed out Effort Values in Attack and Speed. Its Special Moveset includes Principal Blades, Dragon Pulse / Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, with maxed out Effort Values in Special Attack and Speed. These are really only two movesets you'll see, and either way, this thing packs quite a bit of power.

Because of its sheer force, Primal Groudon is outranked by just one Mega / Primal Hoenn Pokemon... One that it's quite familiar with...

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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