Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

#8 - Mega Absol

Coming in at number eight is Mega Absol. Mega Absol has a lot going for it, including design, ability, and power.

Mega Absol, like many Mega Evolutions, has an incredible design. Absol is a cool looking Pokemon, but Mega Absol looks even cooler. It also has great stats, coming in at a Base Speed Stat of 115 and Base Attack Stat of 150. Those stats alone makes Mega Absol a force to be reckon with; being tied for the twentieth best Attack Stat ALONG with have top forty speed (it has the same Speed Stat as Mega Rayquaza!). That's crazy strength in battle.

Mega Absol also has a great ability in Magic Bounce, with reflects all status conditions back unto the opponent. This allows Mega Absol to be one of the best Lead Pokemon out there, countering Prankster Ability Thundurus and Sableye. What Mega Abol lacks, however, is good defensive stats. It's a very frail Pokemon, who you can normally knockout with just one move. It could also use a little more speed, as there are forty Pokemon (along with many Choice Scarf Users) that outspeed it. And everyone knows speed kills.

The most common (and best) Mega Absol moveset is Swords Dance, Knockoff, Superpower, and Super Punch, while utilizing maxed out Effort Values in Speed and Attack. Some people prefer to use Play Rough over SuperPower, and for good reason to. Play Rough has a lot of power behind it (it's also pretty accurate), and it doesn't cause Mega Absol to lose some of its Attack Power. Both are good options, and it rests solely on what the user wants to run. It's really the most effective moveset for it (no matter what your choice on its third move is), and it's pretty darn amazing.

More power and an awesome ability helps Mega Absol rank eighth on our list.

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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