Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

That's right! We're going to rank the top Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions, something that you don't really see online. I know, I know... It's a tough task, but that's not going to stop us.

These rankings are based on a number of factors, including design, competitive play, and popularity. So please keep that in mind as you read this article. We'll also include some suggested movesets and battling tips for these Pokemon.

Please remember that this task is very difficult to do, as there are over twenty Mega Evolutions and Primal Evolutions (Yep, they're included in this too!), and many of them are awesome.

Like our rankings? Disagree with them? Want to show us how you rank them? You can do all of this at any time in the comment section below.

Before we begin, I usually like to say which Pokemon missed the cut. This time, however, I thought it would be fun to show which ones missed the cut AND show you where we think they rank.

Here we go:

#22 - Mega Latias: Latias is one of my favorite Pokemon. It has a pretty nice design for a Mega Evolution, but the reason behind it being ranked so low is because of how it stacks up with Soul Dew Latias. Everyone knows Soul Dew makes regular Latias WAY stronger than Mega Latias.

#21 - Mega Latios: The same remains true for Mega Latios as to Mega Latias. It's ranked one higher than its sister because it's an overall better Pokemon.

#20 - Mega Medicham: It makes me sick that I went ahead and ranked Mega Medicham ahead of Mega Latias and Mega Latios, but I had to. Mega Medicham isn't that great of a Pokemon, but it's still an improvement from its normal form.

#19 - Primal Kyogre: I hate ranking Primal Kyogre this low, but it just doesn't compare to regular Kyogre. I thought Primal Kyogre would just as awesome as Primal Groudon, but it didn't receive the proper stat boosts like Primal Groudon did.

#18 - Mega Banette: I like how Mega Banette has Prankster, but there are WAY better Prankster options (like Thundurus).

#17 - Mega Camerupt: I really like Mega Camerupt. It has a whole lot of power, but it's just WAY too slow. Sorry Cammy.

#16 - Mega Swampert: Mega Swampert has to be one of my favorite Mega Evolutions. It has a sick design, and it packs a punch (especially in rain). But, like most Pokemon as you go higher on the list, it doesn't compare to the other, better Hoenn Mega's.

#15 - Mega Glalie: I like Mega Glalie, I really do. I just wish it received Moody as its Ability; that would have been incredible.

#14 - Mega Salamence: Mega Salamence, much like Primal Kyogre, just didn't receive the right stat boosts. Don't get me wrong, it's really good. You just would have thought it would have been a power/speed expert, like Mega Rayquaza.

#13 - Mega Sharpedo: Mega Sharpedo has a lot of power because of its Strong Jaw ability, and it still has the potential to use Speed Boost before Mega Evolving. Unfortunately, it's just SUPER frail.

#12 - Mega Gardevoir: Mega Gardevoir is another Pokemon I really like. It has so much power, especially behind a Pixilate Hyper Beam. It's super good, and deserves an honorable mention.

#11 - Mega Sableye: Sableye alone is super annoying, but its Mega Evolution is worse. After using Prankster as Sableye to disrupt your opponent, you can Mega Evolve to boost its defensive stats to crazy heights. It too deserves an honorable mention.

Ranking the ones that didn't make our list was hard enough alone, but now comes the real challenge.

Without further delay, let's begin!

#10 - Mega Manectric

Odds are you have had to face a Mega Manectric in a Wi-Fi Battle, since it has been a very popular choice ever since Pokemon X and Y.

To start, Mega Manectric has a great design. It looks substantially quicker and stronger than its normal form, which in all actuality, it is. Mega Manectric is super quick and brutally powerful, having a 135 Base Stat for both its Speed and Special Attack. That ties it as the twelfth speediest Pokemon, and the thirty-third best Special Attacker. Those two combined make one fabulous Pokemon, and that's the reason why many people choose to use it as their Mega Evolution in their Party. Real Pokemon Gamers knows that speed is the most important stat in Pokemon, and because Mega Manectric has plenty of it, it instantly became one of the most popular choices.

Mega Manectric is quick and it's packing a good special attack, which makes it tough defense against. It also has decent defensive stats, which helps it stay alive for at least two turns (barring some monster super effective attack). The one thing Mega Manectric doesn't have going for it is a solid ability. Sure, Intimidate is decent; it lowers the opponent's attack so it can withstand perhaps one or two more. What it really could have used, which would have made it awesome, is the ability Adaptability (or something in the nature that would boost its power). I would have also liked to see it turn into an Electric/Fire Type Pokemon. Both of these would have helped Mega Manectric rank higher on our list, but I guess the Pokemon Creators didn't want it to be THAT strong.

The best, and most popular, moveset for Mega Manectric is probably Thunderbolt, Flamethrower / Overheat, Volt Switch, and Hidden Power (Ice/Water) / Toxic / Charge, with maxed out Effort Values in it Special Attack and Speed.

Mega Manectric is a great Pokemon, and should always be considered when choosing your Mega Pokemon for your Party. It could be better, but being ranked tenth out of the twenty-two incredible Hoenn Mega Evolutions is nothing to be ashamed of.

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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