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Pokemon Sapphire Cheats for GameShark


Pokemon Sapphire Game Shark Codes

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Pokemon Sapphire, along with Ruby were the first installments of the third generation of the Pokemon video game series, and was released way back in 2002. Despite being approximately 20 years old, there is still a strong following for the old Pokemon games, and Pokemon Sapphire is no exception. Thanks to game enhancing cheat codes, people can continue to enjoy games like Pokemon Sapphire in different ways. Our Pokemon Sapphire cheats put you in the driving seat and you can decide whether you want to grind through the game, enjoying it as the developers intended, or add some new features through the use of cheats and codes.

There are two ways to use the Pokemon Sapphire GameShark cheats. You can use them if you have a GameShark device and an original Pokemon Sapphire cartridge and GameBoy Advance. Or if you have the Pokemon Sapphire Rom and a GBA Emulator such as VBA Advance or GBA4ios, then you can also use these cheats via the emulators cheat menu.

While Pokemon Sapphire is similar in many ways to Pokemon Ruby, the cheat codes used in the game are generally specific to the Sapphire version only.

You'll find our collection of Pokemon Sapphire GameShark cheats below general things to bear in mind when using cheats:

- The codes here are generally for version 1.0 of the game

- You should save your progress before activating any cheat

- You should deactivate any cheat after you have used it, so you do not have more than one or two cheats running at the same time.

If you have never used cheats in a Pokemon game before, then welcome to a wonderful world of playing an enhanced version of the game where you can literally get and Pokemon, as many masterballs as you want, as many rare candies as you want, walk anywhere on the map with the walk through walls code and loads more. Scroll down below has a browse through our collection.

From javet17 Jul 2020, ID #5889

My Little Over-week project!!! Full of little cheating goodies!!

Ok, Im your official Cheat Guide master, Javet. Yes I am a girl, and yes I am an extreme gamer, and yes, I was born in Japan (now live in South Flor..

From The_Arbiter1016 Sep 2005, ID #6455

Here ya go...


Day care(quick level up)


Quick Level Gain

From TearingTyranitar17 Jul 2020, ID #13107

Ultimate Rayquaza

This Rayquaza is level 100, shiny, knows the moves areoblast, sacredfire, aircutter, and dragon breath. It also has pokeurs. It might be nick named ..

From Harirocks17 Jul 2020, ID #12503

Rare Candy Cheats

Hey guys .This one is my fist submission and it is a bit useful just follow these steps -
1. Arrange the bag's items column as follows :

From baugh_andrew7 Apr 2006, ID #7875

Cool Gameshark codes

Master code (must b on)
Change PLYR Name

From Maikar9 May 2005, ID #4993

If you have a gameshark advanced (not sp) I can help you out here.

First, enter the master (M) code.


From Abrosha17 Jul 2020, ID #13587

Rare Candy Mode

I will tell you the Gameshark code to "Rare Candy Mode", the way I decided to call it. Hehehehehe.....

Enter one of the following codes:


From blake90909015 Jun 2004, ID #2623

Want Pokemon?

Hi, its blake, back from the sunny days in Kent.
Xploder Sp viewers, please look
do you want good pokemon, well, I have them, even Jirachi and Deo..

From ultra fire 7728 Nov 2003, ID #1019

masterballs in first slot of pc


First slot os pc 99 items:

Master code for pokemon sapphire:
9E6AC862823AB7A8 8365F8FA817CF3E9

All ..

From the mole11 Dec 2003, ID #1192

Jirachi, Deoxys and Chimecho the rare Pokemon

I have got real cheats that do work for the three rare pokemon Jirachi Deoxys and Chimechothe.

Codes are:

384 - Jirachi

From the mole11 Dec 2003, ID #1193

Codes for a lot of old Pokemon

Here are codes for old Pokemon from, rby, gsc




From ismadil17 Jun 2004, ID #2648

for all u guys like me with out of date v 1.2 or lower gs or any

The thing is that there is no difference between the Action Replay, and the Gameshark. They are the exact same device, just under different names.

From kristan123x9 Mar 2016, ID #14067

Master code,Cash,Master ball,Rare candies

Master code:
Master ball:
Rare candies:


From Game Lord4 Jul 2004, ID #2792

Two Castforms

How to get two Castforms just go to the Museum in slatport(sorry if the spelling is bad) Use this cheat CE2CCCB25D8D815D to walk through almost anyt..

From Guest7 Oct 2011, ID #13576

GameShark Code and CodeBreaker Code

001 - Master Ball in PC slot

002 - Rare Candy in PC slot
82025bd0 0044

003 - Have all Pokemon Balls

From T Cheater28 Nov 2004, ID #3784

Pokebloks Rare Candy and Pokemon

These codes are for the Xploder sp.

Master code

Have all pokeblocks at max level

From boyzkang8 Mar 2012, ID #13668

Obtain Pokeball before facing Rival

Start a new game and enter this code: CE2CCCB25D8D815D (walk through walls). After you deal with the situation with setting the clock, bypass Profes..

From shadow yoshi6 Aug 2004, ID #3109

all *new* pokemon

These are type-6 codes, only activate one of these at a time. you need to reset the game to disable these.

252 - Treecko
82FBD860 AE2427..

From Guest7 Jan 2014, ID #13966

Rigged Lilycove Lottery

Want to win lottery prize?
The code is

82026b0a xxxx

Assume you want the number 12345 is the winning number.
Calculate 12345 into he..

From Aksharsh5 Oct 2014, ID #14013

My codes are Gameshark codes these work in old versions of Ruby and Sapphire

With this code on, Mirage Island will always be on route 130.

Feebas always appears on route 119

Fast egg ..

From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14195

Fly to ALL Locations on the Map (North America)

Entering the following code will allow you to fly to ALL destinations on the map without of visiting that location by land first.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14205

Master Code (Europe)

Entering the following code will enable you to catch Pokemon at the first Pokeball.

B4564EFE 23F44BF2

From Team SuperCheats15 Jul 2020, ID #14411

Rare Candy Cheat

Use the following rare candy cheat to get unlimited rare candies in your PC.


Or here is an alternative code for Co..

From Team SuperCheats15 Jul 2020, ID #14412

Walk Through Walls

Use the following walk through walls cheat to go anywhere in the map! With this code activated you can literally walk on water as well as take any s..

From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14189

Complete Pokedex (North America)

The following code will make it so that your whole Pokedex is completed with ALL Pokemon information and statistics.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14191

Obtain ALL Maximum Level PokeBlocks (North America)

The following code will enable you to have ALL Maximum Level PokeBlocks in your bag to feed your Pokemon.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14192

Maximum Hearts in Contest (North America)

Entering the following code will impress the judges when you perform moves in the contests and help you get your ribbons easier.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14193

Easily Catch Wild Pokemon (North America)

Entering the following code will make it easier to catch Wild Pokemon.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14194

Obtain Running Shoes (North America)

The following code will give you running shoes identicle to the ones you will get at the beginning of the game.


From Sanzano14 Aug 2018, ID #14196

Infinite Cash (North America)

Entering the following code will give you an infinite supply of cash to buy various items with.



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