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Game Reviews for Pokemon Sapphire


Full Reviews

annefranman5220th Jun 2005, ID #88
Anyone out there not sure about getting Pokemon sapphire? This review will convince you because it will tell you just how much there is to do on the game and to make you decide whether this is the g..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

laxgodx2nd Jan 2007, ID #493
Pokemon Sapphire is a great game where you are the new kid in a town. Your next door neighborhood is a Pokemon proffesor and is being attacked by a wild pokemon. You choose which Pokemon you want to..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review


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Better and WorseAdded 23 Aug 2009, ID #12891
Pokemon Sapphire was the best Pokemon game I have ever played, even after playing Pokemon Diamond. The graphics were great. The battle effects were creative and kept you battling. Sadly, many of the icons were miscolored and some of the battle effects could have been done better.
The Pokemon themselves were the best part of the game. They were strange, yet not stupid. My only dissapointment in Pokemon was that I wish that Gardevoir was Psychic/Ghost, instead of just Psychic.
The downpoint of the game was the music. While the sound effects, Pokemon cries, and some of the music was good, whenever you got on you bike, the music changed. The biking music was bad, and the town music was too slow.

Overall, I give it a 8/10.

Pokemon Sapphire ReveiwAdded 3 Jun 2006, ID #8227
The pokemon sapphire version takes place in Hoenn. There you find yourslef moving to Littleroot town, your father in a gym leader in a nearby city. In this version you will expereince chosing your strongest or best strategic team. You will enter contests, battle trainer and eventually the pokemon league.After you do this, there is still more to do and more to see!
If it\'s creating your own secret base or making new freinds, pokemon sapphire is perfect. I haven\'t finished with it, but I\'m hooked. Before this game, I had Firered version and to tell the truth, it did not compare to sapphire.This is a game I would most recommend to new trainers, It really brings out the best in pokemon.

My favorite GBA game for nowAdded 21 Jul 2005, ID #5910
This game is great. When I first got it, I couldn't let it go. You get to travel the Hoenn region while colecting pokemon, defeating gym leaders to get badges, Going for the Pokemon leauge, and stopping Team Aqua's diobotical plan, To increase the sea over land. Though those boneheads accidently took the wrong orb doing so. The good part, They awaken Kyroge. He and Grogron had a long fight, then they both fell into a deep sleep. You may not think that's good until now, You can catch, The ever-strong, Kyroge, and everything will be the same. Personally, When you choose your first pokemon, out of Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip, Get Torchic. He may not be powerful now, But at a high level, You can knock out nearly any pokemon with one hit. I have a Blaskin at level 100.
I rate at 6 out of five stars.

My review on pokemon sapphireAdded 4 Apr 2005, ID #4715
This game can last a long time but if your really good at it you may find it easy.

The graphics are way better than the old pokemon games.There is a wide selection off moves,item's and pokemon.There is some challenges in gyms like the last gym.It has a quite a difficult problem solve you will have to do.When vs the elite 4 and steven it is hard so people might take a fair bit of time on it that's what I like about this game.HARD!!!!!

So I give this game a 6.5/10

Not that goodAdded 14 Aug 2004, ID #3187
Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire have frustrated much people. Everyone thinked that you be able to Kanto and Johto, the game was too short and you're "locked on Hoenn". The grapichs could be much better, if you compare them with a Megaman Battle Network 3 or Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards. Well, only 202 pokémons make some trainers mad before Leaf Green and fire Red arrive. Well, that's it:
Grapichs: Ridicolous, compared to other Game Boy Advance games - 7.0
Sound: Weak (as expected) and with the popular disasters on Pokémon games music - 6.5
Fun: Even you can't get out of Hoenn, there are a bunch of things to explore - 8.5
Multiplayer: Finnaly it has a great advance on the battles. Two on Two battles via Game Link and other options. Very good - 8.5
Final: 7.6

Even it isn't the worst final, i've expect much more than this for new poké-games.

NotAdded 10 Aug 2004, ID #3156
Personally, I think that it was an ok game, even if it was the worst. There were only 202 pokemon(with Jirachi and Deoxys) when there should have been 392(That is 392 including the ones new and legandary ones in the weird new ones). Graphics and music was great but they should have put in all 3 of the regions: Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn. They left out way to many of the pokemon and ALL of my favorites.They also should have put team rocket in and team magma and aqua in. If I had to rate it, I'd give it one star.

Great at first then boredom rises.Added 8 Aug 2004, ID #3134
This game has stunning graphics, more items, more Pokemon a then when you complete everything it gets boring I still like to battle with my friends once in a while. 5/10

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool!Added 13 Jul 2004, ID #2852
I think the game is awsome! The Graphics rock, The music dosn't have that computerized sound like the previous pokemon games and the new pokemon are so neat! But there are some bad things. >_< You can't catch all the pokemon, Ex. Mewtwo, Charizard, Lugia,Celebi. You Can't go to Kanto & Johto, and can't fight Team Rocket.

But hang on! You can catch all pokemon with an AR! That means old pokemon like Mewtwo, Charizard, Lugia and Celebi; And new pokemon like Latios, Feebas,Jiarchi and Deoxys!

Ruby's good....but Sapphire's better!Added 29 Jun 2004, ID #2747
This game is fun.But the thing I didn't like about it is that it had ugly pokemon and Sapphire has Kyogre which can beat Groudon easily.I can say that because I have Ruby and Sapphire.

I also Kyogre and Groudon and Kyogre never loses while Groudon loses half the damage during every single battle.

Their both on level 100 in the battle tower and Groudon loses to a level 100 Shiftry which is a grass type.

Same thing with other Ruby Pokemon like Solrock it's weak while Lunatone is much stronger(not to mention better looking).I give Ruby 4 stars while Sapphire deserves a 7.

I give Sapphire 7 because Pokemon Red Fire and Leaf Green will beat these two.

KMG 500 REVIEWAdded 19 Jun 2004, ID #2663
I think poke'mon sapphire is an alright game the graphics are better and the fact that you can see more in the screen is good to. One part I don't like is the part to get the regi poke'mon, du most people can't read brail and the fishing was more exsiting but would be harder for little kids. Also the part where you have to watch the tv to catch some poke'mon. but as an overall score I would give the game a fair but better than it's worth a 6/10. I have to give it that becouse you can't catch all of the poke'mon from all the seasons

The best gameAdded 11 Jun 2004, ID #2574
I think pokemon ruby and saphire are the best gba games out there and I always loved pokemon and I always will. The game has good graphics and has the best animation I have ever seen.The sound effects are very good to. The adventure is great and challenging to catch all 386 pokemon. So I rate the game 10/10!

PS:I have 386 pokemon!

brilliantAdded 25 Apr 2004, ID #2253
This game is well good the graphics is brilliant you wont get many games on the gba with better graphics than that and the sound is addictive its so addictive it makes your ears bleed and the gameplay is phonominal for a gba game. I advise you to go buy this game now. Altogether I'd give this game a 85% out of 100%.

Sapphire magicAdded 22 Apr 2004, ID #2236
The game is like magic, its good including the graphics but I wouldn't give it my biggest rate.

The sound is really good, even better than the first ones and the gameplays good.

I would give it out of ten 7/10.

Master gameAdded 12 Apr 2004, ID #2113
Pokemon Sapphire is the best Pokemon game yet. The only thing wrong is you can't trade from Crystal and you need an e reader to complete it. Apart from that it is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokemons the best!Added 20 Mar 2004, ID #1951
Pokemon Sapphire is the best game for game boy advance I bet!

Its got MUCH better graphics than the old ones!But I would like to have
old pokemon on it,but I havent got a gameshark.

I think it has got better pokemon than ruby!

woody the greatAdded 27 Feb 2004, ID #1766
Pokemon ruby and saphire are very very much alike.
the only differece's are the pokemon you can catch and the people you are trying to pokemon saphire you have to stop these people (cant rember their names)who are trying to expand the land and you have to stop them. in ruby version you have to stop people expanding the sea
you also have to stop them. the graphics are above average and you can have 2 on 2 battles
and there are different features you can use on it than crystal. but my oppinion, personaly i think pokemon crystal is better.
I give this game


Added 4 Feb 2004, ID #1569
This is a very entertainment game it's better than the others.

I think that if they created a pokemon game with all this pokemon and the others too it would be FANTASIC.

But this one, it's awesome too if you play it you will never leave it NEVER.

Added 30 Jan 2004, ID #1547
On a scale of 1-10, I would give this game a 8.5 becuase you cant go to kanto and johto, and you cant catch all 386 pokemon.

(you can with an action replay, my friend has a ho-oh)

Other than that, I say the game is excellent. It is challenging to finish your pokedex, to beat the elite four, and there are many secrets in it.

Hope I helped!

Thumbs up :)Added 24 Sep 2003, ID #750
I'm writing this review to firstly give my gratitude to for their great cheats!
my review:I give this game 9/10,

Bad points:mach bike because it is hard to controll and is dodgy but nonetheless this adds character to the game.
and theirs the good points:

the new BERRY MIXER which helps you use two unwanted berries to create a cool new berry.

berry collecting:also new to pokemon is the berry planting-which is where you have to plant your berries in order to keep them growing.

the contests:depending on your poke-stats (beuty,coolness,grumpyness,toughness etc.)you can enter contests to match your poke-stats to win medals and to raise your contest rank.

speed boots:like using a bike you can also use speed boots.

two bikes:the mach bike,which is fast but hard to control.
the trick bike(i think its called that)which does jumps and tricks,but is quite slow.
note:i am not sure why there are bikes and shoes for transport?weird ay?

20/10Added 18 Sep 2003, ID #725
What else can anyone else say? This game has the best graphics in any pokemon game yet!

The new pokemon are great! The new moves are just great! The abilities are superb!

Contests and 2on2 battles are too cool! The reason Kanto and Johto aren't here is because all the pokemon aren't here but that doesn't matter because of all this new stuff! This game should win a prize!


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