Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

#5 - Mega Mawile

Now that we're in the top five Hoenn Mega Evolutions, you're going to see some real Pokemon Power. We begin with Mawile, who's packing Huge Power.

Mega Mawile has a pretty simple design, but it suits it. Growing an extra head and wearing a little dress is okay; it could be WAY worse. It's not its design, however, that has people using it in their teams, rather the strength it has. Mega Mawile is one of only two Steel/Fairy Type Pokemon in all of Pokemon, and it's a really good typing. It has two weakness... That's it!

It also has really good Base States. It clocks in at 105 Attack, 125 Defense, and 95 Defense. Those are actually pretty high stats; they're not amazing, but still really good. You might think its Attack is a little low, but luckily for it, it received the Ability Huge Power, which doubles its Attack Stat. SO... It basically has 210 Attack, 125 Defense, and 95 Defense. That's incredible!

The two things that are really only missing are a good Base Hit Point Stat and Base Speed Stat (both are at 50), but Mega Mawile really doesn't need it. Why? It has SuckerPunch, which allows it to move first whenever it needs to (with quite a bit of power too). Sure, more speed would help in some cases, but not all Mega Evolutions are perfect. Besides, it has decent defensive stats that should help it.

Mega Mawile is a really popular Pokemon because of the power it has, but it's pretty typical; it's easy to predict its moveset. The only moveset you'll really see it run is Play Rough, Iron Head, SuckerPunch, and Foul Play / Ice Punch / ThunderPunch / Pursuit, with maxed out Attack and either Speed, Hit Points, Defense, or Special Defense (depending on where you want to put it). You should always consider Mega Mawile when choosing your Mega Pokemon!

If Mega Mawile is only ranked fifth, YOU KNOW there are still a lot of great Pokemon to come!

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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