Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

#6 - Mega Aggron

Coming in at number six is Mega Aggron. Mega Aggron isn't seen too often, but that doesn't take away from its enormous bulk.

Aggron, in its normal form alone, has an amazing design. It looks so strong and bulky, and Mega Aggron continues of this theme. Just look at it! It looks like a bulky beast. And its appearance is a direct indication on how its stats are structured. Mega Aggron is tied for having the best Base Defense Stat, coming in at a whopping 230. That. Is. Insane. Add this to its decent Hit Points Base State and Special Defense Base Stat (80 and 70 respectively), and you've got a tank on your hand. Not to mention, it has a Base Attack State of 140, which, in all reality, is pretty darn good; it ties it at thirty-fifth overall. Not too shabby.

On top of that crazy defensive stat, Mega Aggron has the ability Filter, which decreases the power of super effective moves. Mega Aggron only has three weakness, and this ability almost makes it have virtually none.

Unfortunately for Mega Aggron, it has many things that hinder its greatness. First off, it's slow. You would expect this thing to be fast, but a Base Speed Stat of 50 is horrendous. It also doesn't have such a great Special Defense. It's decent, but it exploits a weakness in this tank. And finally, Mega Aggron has a horrible Movepool. It basically only has one moveset, which gives the opponent an advantage.

The only moveset you'll really find on Mega Aggron is Dragon Tail / Roar / Curse, Rest, Heavy Slam, and Sleep Talk / Thunder Wave. Like I said, it has a horrible movepool. This set normally is run with maxed out Effort Values in its Hit Points and either its Defense or Special Defense (depending on where you want to add bulkiness).

Mega Aggron is a great Pokemon. It might be predictable, but it's still an amazing tank. It kind of reminds me of Skarmory and Chansey, and in all actually, it's the closest thing to a Physical Chansey there has ever been.

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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