Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon Mega Evolutions

#7 - Mega Altaria

Up next in our countdown is Mega Altaria. Mega Altaria is the only Pokemon who is part Fairy and Dragon, which everyone was expecting it to be.

Mega Altaria has a decent design. The puffy pink cotton clouds are a simple yet effective way to make Altaria into a Fairy Pokemon. However, I think a better, more complex design was needed. Besides that, Mega Altaria is a really good Pokemon. Its good typing only makes it weak to four different types (Poison, Ice, Steel, and Fairy), which gives it a nice advantage. Mega Altaria also has pretty good Base Stats, mainly having a balance between all its stats. It has a Base Stat of 110 for Attack, Defense, and Special Attack; a Base Stat of 105 for Special Defense; and a Base State of 80 for Speed. These defensive stats allow Mega Altaria to take plenty of hits, but it also packs a punch when attacking. Mega Altaria's Attack and Special Attack stats are pretty good, but, luckily for it, it received Pixilate as its Ability. Pixilate gives Normal Type Moves (like Body Slam) a 30% increase in power, and then turns them into a Fairy Type Attack (which then gets the 50% same type advantage boost). This allows Mega Altaria to hit, and hit hard.

What Mega Altaria is seriously lacking is Speed. Numerous Pokemon outrun it, and that's a major problem when battling. Speed is one of the most important stats in battle, and Mega Altaria could have used a boost to it.

Mega Altaria can be used in many different ways. It can be a bulky physical attacker or bulky special attacker. The bulky physical attacker moveset looks mostly like this: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Double Edge / Return / Body Slam, and Cotton Guard / Roost. This set allows you to invest Effort Values in a mix between its Attack, Hit Points, Defense, and Special Defense. The bulky special attacker moveset includes Hyper Voice, Draco Meteor / Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard / Fire Blast, and Roost / Cotton Guard. This set, like the former, allows you to invest in many different way, but in Special Attack instead of Attack.

Mega Altaria has plenty of bulk and power, and that is why it comes in at number seven on our list.

Posted: 24th Mar 2015 by Warrior13
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