Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

03. Education

Within the realm of FreePlay what we would consider a normal life is not really in line with the life and the society found there. What we mean by that is simply that not sending your kids to school every day will not result in a visit from the truant officer or a trip to jail and court. On the other hand, not helping them get an education? Well that will just make some dumb Sims!

In terms of the impact on their life span it is significant. Sending them to school is going to burn a full five hours from that life stage timer. Considering that there are other more important things you actually want and need to accomplish with them, and in those early life stages, this is to be avoided...

The basic task timer for school is as follows:

School - Life Stage - Timer

Elementary - Preteen - 5 Hours

High School - Teen - 5 Hours

As with most tasks in the game, there is a way around it - a way to hack it. For example your kids will earn a set amoumt of school XP by attending the day's lessons for that five hours. You can do that - OR you can have them use Training Aids at home to get the same (or better) progress in less time. Your call but we choose to use the Training Aids ourselves...

The idea is to earn sufficient XP for that 'Job' to level it up - for Preteens in Elementary/Jr. High there are 10 levels, for Teens in High School there are 7.

Education Training Aids

Preteens - White Study Desk - Brainstorm Task 3m 12s (16 XP)

Preteens - White Study Desk - Study Task 20m (73 XP)

Preteens - White Study Desk - Cram Task 2h (412 XP)

Teens - White Wood Study Desk - Revise Notes Task 8m (40 XP)

Teens - White Wood Study Desk - Write Report Task 45m (132 XP)

Teens - White Wood Study Desk - Research Task 3h (370 XP)

Teens - White Wood Study Desk - Work on Science Project Task 24h (1,518 XP)

The daily school grind can thus be addressed in just 3h for the Teen, and 2h for the Preteen when you do it at home... Once you have them cap off their education levels, you can stop that entirely and focus upon the other tasks and goals with no consequence for neglecting their studies...

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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