Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

01. Hobbies

The issue of hobbies is a tricky one, since there are certain ones that can only be done when a Sim has reached the Adult Stage. With that in mind, here is the list of hobbies below, with the Life Stage noted that should be the one you master them in.

Before we get to that though, there are a few tactics that need to be covered...

The best way to really get the most out of the hobby system - as cold blooded as this may sound - is to have a designated Sim master that hobby and then, once they reach Senior Status, basically have them retire from all other activities, holding them as your designated go-to Sim for that action so that you always have it and them available for Weekly and Social Tasks.

The next tactic is to create what is basically a designated drone class - the Sims who do all of the time intensive tasks and who you use to farm LP (who are not preteen or teen) and who you use for the bulk of the weekly and social tasks. They are basically the drones - the worker bees - the ones whose life is spent (literally) in service to others. Honor them, sure, but USE them.

When a new hobby is added to the game that can only be done by an Adult or a Senior, you are best served by having one of the drones master it, since mastery is ultimately not just meant to provide a Sim who can do that Hobby for any weekly or social tasks that pop up, there is also mastery of the hobby in order to obtain the mastery rewards...

Finally you should bear in mind that with the exception of the Ghost Hunter hobby - which pretty much all of your drone class Sims will do for LP farming purposes, you should not plan in overlap in hobbies. That is to say you should have one designated Sim per hobby. You keep them healthy and happy and in reserve once they reach Senior Life so that you always have them handy for that purpose. But once a Senior gets close to death you want to begin training their replacement for that hobby immediately.

You may have qualms about using a system in which a Sim is a designated hitter for a specific skill or hobby, but that really is the most efficient and effective means of covering all of the skills and hobbies that you need covered for the game!

Yes, that reduces a Senior Sim to the status of Tool, but when you think about it, and considering all of the work that went into making that Sim and shaping their life, they deserve a relatively happy Senior Life Stage that allows them to be as useful to the community as possible, right? Right!

Here is the Hobby List:

Ballet - Preteen (Can't Farm LP)

Bird Feeding - Senior (Does not Farm LP)

Broomstick Flying - Teen (Farms LP) / Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Diving - Preteen (Farms LP) / Teen (Farms LP) / Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Fashion Designer - Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Figure Skating - Preteen (Farms LP) / Teen (Farms LP) / Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Fishing - Adult (Does not Farm LP) / Senior (Does not Farm LP)

Ghost Hunter - Adult (Farms LP)*

Horse Tricks - Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Horse Vaulting - Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Martial Arts - Preteen (Can't Farm LP)

Quilting - Senior (Does not Farm LP)

Showjumping - Adult (Does not Farm LP)

Teen Idol - Teen (Farms LP)

Woodworking - Adult (Does not Farm LP)

The notation 'Does not Farm LP' basically means just what it says. The Ghost Hunter hobby that you have your Drones doing is probably the most effective at least in terms of farming LP.

Hobby Training Aids

Unlike the Careers your Sims can master, hobbies are basically elective activities that are leveled up by doing them. For example to level Ghost Hunting you search for and capture ghots!

The following is the list of Hobby Training Aids that may be available in your Neighborhood or in the Neighborhoods of your Mates (Neighbors). A recent change in the structure of the game made finding and choosing the Training Aid you need all the easier as they have been Tabbed to suit the Careers or Hobbies separately.

To obtain the Training Aids you will need to have the Hobby Shop in your town and have it built. Once you have access to that shop, open the town map, then move to the west river bridge where you will find a line of three commercial buildings built along the banks of the river - those are The Salon, the Pet Store, and The Hobby Shoppe. You want the Hobby Shoppe.

Hobby Name - Training Aid Name - Cost

Fashion Design - Fashion Studio - $2,500

Quilting - Quilting Kit - $2,500

Teen Idol - Cheap Microphone - $650

Teen Idol - Premium Microphone - $5,500

Teen Idol - Standard Microphone - 5 LP

Teen Idol - Expensive Microphone - 10 LP

Teen Idol - Cheap Keyboard - $650

Teen Idol - Premium Keyboard - $6,000

Teen Idol - Standard Keyboard - 5 LP

Teen Idol - Expensive Keyboard - 10 LP

Teen Idol - Cheap Guitar - $650

Teen Idol - Premium Guitar - $6,200

Teen Idol - Standard Guitar - 5 LP

Teen Idol - Expensive Guitar - 10 LP

Teen Idol - Cheap Bass Guitar - $650

Teen Idol - Premium Bass Guitar - $6,500

Teen Idol - Standard Bass Guitar - 5 LP

Teen Idol - Expensive Bass Guitar - 10 LP

Teen Idol - Cheap Drum Kit - $650

Teen Idol - Premium Drum Kit - $6,000

Teen Idol - Standard Drum Kit - 5 LP

Teen Idol - Expensive Drum Kit - 10 LP

Woodworking - Woodworking Bench - $1,800

Note that for the Teen Idol Hobby the quality of the Training Aid does matter.

* Adult Sims who have been made Ghost Hunters are basically the Sims you have designated as expendable. They are, along with your Preteen and Teen Sims, your LP farmers. They are responsible for obtaining the bulk of your LP income, but they are also pretty much expendable. They burn hot and bright but they also die pretty quick compared to your other Sims... Just saying these are the ones you have tasked with doing all the dirty work!

Conclusions for the Hax

There you have it. A little creative thinking, a small amount of extra effort, and taking the steps to make sure that your Sim homes have the right tech in them, and what you have as a result is a longer life for your Sims!

We are not here to pass judgment on the decision to make the Life Dreams & Legacy mission add permanent death to the game mates, we are here to offer you guidance towards making those Sim lives last as long as you can - and we think we've done that nicely here!

We hope that our strategies here really help you and help your Sims!

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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