Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

05. Entertainment - The Dancing Sim Meter

Filling the Entertainment Meter may very well be one of the most interesting of the challenges - and our reasoning for that statement has more to do with the typical response and Entertainment choices of the average gamer than any other factor.

Would it surprise you to learn that the Television is the defacto go-to device for most players when they need to refill the Entertainment Meter?? Well it is. It shouldn't be - just look at the hit you take:

Humungovision TV - Watch News - 30 XP - 5m

OTT TV - Watch News - 30 XP - 4m

Wall Mounted TV - Watch News - 30 XP - 4m 30s

The second most popular choice is having your Sims dance and listen to music, but even that is overkill:

Thumping Stereo - Pop - 22 XP - 2m 42s

z0M9 Stereo - Pop - 22 XP - 2m 24s -

These are the most popular models of TV and the times above? They are not simply overkill, they are about the equal of opening a wallnet with a sledgehammer!

There are so many other tasks in the game that happen to have the Entertainment Icon attached to them that it is pointless to list them all - it would take too much space... But it is not pointless to list the most obvious and best ones so you can hack your way away from the boon-tube and towards a much more efficient approach to Entertaining your Sims!

Check out the following suggestions:

Garden Patch - Bell Peppers - 4 XP - 30s

Japanese Painting - Admire - 7 XP - 4s

Small Aquarium - Feed Fish - 15 XP - 8s

There you go - thinking out of the box to hack that Entertainment Meter - and here is the thing: even if your meter is quite low the 30s you spend growing a free packet of Bell Peppers will fill it up. And you get some free XP and a few bucks for your trouble. We call that multitasking rewards!

When your Entertainment Meter is only slightly depleted, using the Admire action or feeding the fish is the smart way to go because it allows you to top-off the meter while not wasting any time at all.

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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