Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

04. Careers

In theory the career side of the game is really not that important at least in terms of the big picture - but it is. Some of the special quests require the skills of specific jobs, and there will be weekly or social tasks that also do. Accepting that as a reality generally means that you are going to want to have at least one - and for some jobs more than one - Sim who has mastered the career path and who is the designated representative for that career among your Sim community.

Before we get too deep into this subject there are a few basic facts you need to understand - the first is very simple: Careers are the most destructive of all of the tasks in the game. If you allow them to they will GUT your Sim, burn away their life span, and render them practically useless to you!

Another point you need to be aware of is that technically - with the exception of instances where a weekly or social task, or a special event requires it - no matter what the Career is, your Sim can get away with only actually showing up for work just twice in their Adult Life!

Technically they only need to actually to to work two times: once for their first day at work in a new profession and once for their last day, which should be some point just proper to their retirement.

That said, we stil mean for them to master each job, so how do they do that if they are not actually going to work?! Well, the answer is very simple: they use Career Training Objects, that is how!

Before we get to those life-saving (literally) objects, we need to examine the Career Scheme and its impact on your Adult Sims first. Accept the obvious fact that not all Careers are equal, because that is very true. And we are not speaking just in terms of compensation either.

Careers in The Sims: FreePlay

To join each Career in most cases you will need to place nad construct the appropriate building, as that is required to activate the career. In addition to that, there is a standard work day (in hours) for that Career. As promised below is the list of Careers with the entry-level stats for each. Please note that the higher your position or level in a given career the more in terms of daily money (wages or salary) and XP you will earn.

Depending on your level or position your average daily work period may change either adding or reducing the number of hours...

Career Name - Career Building - Pay Packet - Work Day

Actor - Movie Studio - $1,310 & 360 XP - 8 Hours

Athlete - Stadium - $1,310 & 350 XP - 6 Hours

Artist - Art Gallery - $890 & 590 XP - 7 Hours

Firefighter - Fire Station - $1,020 & 480 XP - 9 Hours

Musician - Recording Studio - $1,350 & 350 XP - 7 Hours

Politician - Town Hall - $950 & 595 XP - 7 Hours

Real Estate Agent - Real Estate Agency - $1,010 & 462 XP

Scientist - Science Lab - $1,380 & 1,320 XP - 8 Hours

Teacher - Elementary School - $650 & 592 XP - 8 Hours

If you choose to tap on the briefcase Icon (this icon or button is found in several locations, including on the individual Sim entries in the Sim Tracker, and on the individual Sim entries under the Careers & Education Tab.

Careers Training Aids

There are two ways for your Sim to attain promotion at work in their Career - either by going to work for the typical work day, or by making use of the different designated Career Training Aids in their Home, a Sim Home in a neighbor town, or in certain public buildings as well as Courtesy Houses in a neighbor town.

The following is the list of Career Training Aids that may be available in your Neighborhood or in the Neighborhoods of your Mates (Neighbors). A recent change in the structure of the game made finding and choosing the Training Aid you need all the easier as they have been Tabbed to suit the Careers or Hobbies separately.

To obtain the Training Aids you will need to have the Hobby Shop in your town and have it built. Once you have access to that shop, open the town map, then move to the west river bridge where you will find a line of three commercial buildings built along the banks of the river - those are The Salon, the Pet Store, and The Hobby Shoppe. You want the Hobby Shoppe.

Career Name - Training Aid Name - Cost - Action/Task & Timer

Actor - Movie Camera (w) - $2,000 - Practice Making Films 3h

Athlete - Soccer Ball (o) - $950 - Play Soccer 3h

Artist - Easel (w) - $700 - Paint 3h

Firefighter - Fire Hydrant (w) - $1,800 - Practice Firefighting 3h

Musician - Guitar (i) - $4,320 - Practice Guitar 3h

Musician - Toyota Guitar (i) - FREE - Practice Guitar 3h

Politician - Mirror (i) - $300 - Practice Speech 3h

Real Estate Agent - Auction Podium (i) - $2,250 - Practice Auctioneering 3h

Scientist - Telescope (o) - $3,490 - Stargaze 3h

Teacher - Teachers Blackboard (i) - $1,900 - Practice Teaching 3h

Training Aids marked with a '(i)' are Inside Aids that you place inside your Sim Home. Training Aids that are marked with an '(o)' are Outside Aids, and you place those in your Sim Home Yard. Training Aids marked with '(w)' can be placed wherever.

Once yo have purchased your Training Aid(s) it/they will be placed in your personal storage box.

You need to go back to your Sim home (the home of the Sim who you want to make use of that Training Aid basically), then open the build and buy menu, open your personal storage box, select the specific Training Aid, and then place it either in your home or its yard, depending on the Aid.

The reason that these Training Aids are preferable to actually going to work is simple: the gains you obtain from the 3h 'practice' session are equal to or better than the gains of a full day of work. What that means is that you can cap off each promotion level in roughly half (or less) of the time.

In the past you used to have to send your Sim for a full day of work in order to actually gain the promotion to the next level they have earned once they practiced enough; at some point during one of the updates that requirements appears to have been removed.

The information presented above is accurate to the time that this article was written, which was December 2014.

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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