Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

06. Social - The Conversation Bubble Meter

Maintaining the Social Side of things is probably the least hackable of the meters - largely due to the fact that the Sims themselves do not come with varying Star Ratings. They probably should - just saying - but they don't.

The typical response to addressing the Social needs is to pick one of the interactions tabs from the Sim on Sim menu:

Be Nice - 30 XP - 1m (Adult <> Adult)

Be Romantic - 30 XP - 1m (Adult <> Adult)

Talk To - 12 XP - 45s (Adult <> Child)

The options above will help fill a mostly depleted Social Meter.

That is obvious - and it makes sense - but there are other tabs on that pop-up menu and you will notice that they also share the Social Tag?

Be Funny - 15 XP - 10s

Dance - 15 XP - 10s

These options are good for filling a Social Meter that is only lightly depleted - but that is not usually the case, and with a meter that is more empty than full you may end up having to use the larger tasks several times. Wouldn't it be great of there was a hack for this?

Sim, say hello to Telephone!

There is a hack - the telephone. Check out this optimal task choice:

ET Phone - Quick Chat - 9 XP - 27s

T1000 Phone - Quick Chat - 9 XP - 24s

It is often the case that a Quick Chat via the telephone will often provide the same required refill as a face-to-face, but as you can see, at half the cost in terms of time.

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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