Sims FreePlay Sleepwear Event 2016

It has recently been announced via an in-game message that a new Sleepwear Event is coming soon!

You'll be able to unlock a ton of Sleepwear for your Sims on completion of this event. It has been run previously so hopefully there will be different outfits this time around, it's also a good chance for people to did not manage to complete the quest previously to have a better go this time around.

To participate in this event you will need the Sunset Mall unlocked, and the Catwalk Modelling Hobby unlocked too.

We have linked to our guide pages above to help you out with those things in preparation for this hobby. We have also updated out Sleepwear Event Guide page to provide any details that we have about this new event.

Good luck!

Posted: 24th Feb 2016 by Team SuperCheats
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