Top 10 Aging Actions in The Sims: FreePlay

09. Bladder - The Toilet Meter

Clearly using the toilet will number among your daily actions - that is to say that your Sims will use it at least once per day (we hope as otherwise they really should see the Sim doctor as they may have some medical concern).

The average time is 5s and that generally fully fills the meter and needs of your Sim. That said, over the entire lifetime of your Sim - or even just for each of the Age Levels - this task can add up. That being so, it really is a good idea to see to it that you have the best toilet that money cay buy.

Now we realize that the best one in terms of time is any of the 5s models - and those really and truly span the range of fashion and appearance - assuming we agree that there is such a thing - so hey, get the one that best fits in with the theme for your little boys or little girls room. We're just saying...

Toilet Name - Cost - Quality - Use Time

Color - Ranges from SP/LP to $ - 2-Star - 6s

Defcon 6 - $3,500 - 3-Star - 5s

Designer - $6,000 - 3-Star - 5s

Febreeze** Raised - FREE - 2-Star - 6s

Japanese - $2K - 2-Star - 6s

Neo Tokyo - $7,500 - 3-Star - 5s

Porcelain Bus - $600 - 2-Star - 6s

Public* Toilets- FREE - 0-Stars - 30s

Stains Bros. - $50 - 1-Star - 7s

The Throne - $4,500 - 3-Star - 5s

Toilet of the Damned - $3,500 - 2-Star - 5s

Note that the first toilet on the list - the 'Color' Toilet - is meant to include ALL of the toilets that appear in the buy and build menu with the scheme (Color Name) Toilet because they are all the same basic quality with the same 6s timer even if you pay LP, SP, or Cash for them!

* Found at the Snow Park, Community Center, Swim Center, Nightclub, and Town Park.

** Was only available for a limited time as a free promotion item several years ago.

Posted: 12th Jan 2015 by CMBF
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