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Follow the dark path or use the light

A Plague Tale: Innocence

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A Plague Tale: Innocence walkthrough and guide

All Collectible Locations (Herbariums, Curiosities, Gifts, Carts) in A Plague Tale: Innocence

All Collectable Locations for A Plague Tale: Innocence

There are 55 collectable locations in A Plague Tale: Innocence, these are split into four different types:

β€’ 26 Curiosities
β€’ 13 Hugo’s Herbariums
β€’ 11 Gifts
β€’ 5 Alchemist Carts

This collectables guide will tell you their locations, the order and numbering is the same as the in-game Codex. You will be able to easily spot collectibles by keeping an eye out for the white flurescent light they emit. You can keep track of collectables by checking the Codex, the only type that do not appear there are the 5 Alchemist Carts. When you reach Chapter 7 of A Plague Tale: Innocence you will be be taught How to Craft Luminosa by Lucas. Luminosa is a bomb that you will need to access some of the Alchemist Carts.

All the collectables will automatically save the moment you pick them up or enter them. Nothing is missable and you can leave as soon as you have found what you need. With the exception of Chapter 17: Epilogue all the chapters have at least one collectible. The best strategy to collect them all is to pick up what you find naturally as you play through the story and then return afterwards using the 'Chapter Selection' feature to replay chapters to pick up what you missed.

Chapter 1 – The De Rune Legacy

Gift 1 – Duck Whistle:
Above the horse stables. Climb up the ladder that is there to reach it.

Curiosity 1 – Spices:
Upstairs in the kitchen

Curiosity 2 – Tablecloth:
Upstairs, on the bed in the first room on the left.

Chapter 2 – The Strangers

Gift 2 – Amulets and Talismans:
At the marketplace area look for a house with a canopy covered with red material. It is behind it on a small platform.

Curiosity 3 – Soap:
Found on a wooden table, before crossing the bridge in the village, in the backyard of a house left of the bridge.

Curiosity 4 – Incense and Herbs:
You will find it inside Clervie's house, it is in the bedroom where you change your clothes, sitting on a bed-side chest.

Chapter 3 – Retribution

Gift 3 – Rosary:
Found inside the church, by the altar on the right.

Herbarium 1 – Carnations:
In the churchyard. Hugo will walk to it.

Curiosity 5 – Brew:
Once you have broken the chains to swing a chandelier, take a sharp right into the crack in the wall.

Curiosity 6 – Crusader Tabard:
Once you have reunited with Hugo in the church, climb the ladder he came down from.

Chapter 4 – The Apprentice

Curiosity 7 – Hermetic Vessel
At the start of the chapter you will find it in a tree stump close to the lake shore.

Gift 4 – Diary of an Alchemist:
Found in the same area where Hugo wants to play hide-and-seek. It is by a wooden boat by the lake shore.

Herbarium 2 – Aquilegia:
Found behind Laurentius’s house, by a tree.

Curiosity 8 – V.I.T.R.I.O.L:
You will find it on the top floor of the house, in the room next to Laurentius's.

Chapter 5 – The Ravens' Spoils

Herbarium 3 – Gladiolus:
When the way splits and Hugo runs through the aqueduct to the right, head left. A bit uphill and all the way back to where the boat was.

Curiosity 9 – Wheat Flail:
Push the first cart you come across leftward, then get as close to the guard as possible and dispose of him as quickly as you can. Then, approach the chest next to where the guard was. You will find the collectable inside.

Curiosity 1o – Oliphant:
Found to the left of the corpses you shoot down to get the rats out of the way.

Gift 5 – Ballastella:
Go to the area where Lucas operates the swinging brazier. You will find it to the left of the area, amongst some rats.

Chapter 6 – Damaged Goods

Gift 6 – Knucklebones:
After the second time Arthur distracts the guards you will find it to the left of the tent with the bottles on the ground. It is sitting on a table.

Curiosity 11 – Pound Sterling:
Found opposite the canteen area of the camp. Under a wooden defence structure, on a table.

Curiosity 12 – Declaration of War:
You will find it towards the end of the camp, in a tent in the left area, sitting on a wooden stool.

Chapter 7 – The Path Before Us

Curiosity 13 – Horseshoe:
Found after the mill puzzle. If you face the workbench and look to the right you will see an opening. There is a lock you can destroy with your sling. Then go back, climb the window. The horseshoe is hanging on a plank.

Herbarium 4 – Hawthorn:
Found after the mill puzzle. Look inside the very last house, north-east from where you enter the area.

Curiosity 14 – Map:
Found in the woods. Knock out the guard standing by the table in the north-east corner of the area. The collectible is on the table.

Alchemist Cart 1/5:
Found just before Lucas teaches you How to Craft Luminosa.

Gift 7 – Vinegar:
When you see the Chateau for the first time. Walk the first set of the stairs, then take a sharp left turn at the crossroads. Ask Melie to lockpick the door.

Chapter 8 – Our Home

Curiosity 15 – Iconography:
Found at the start when following Hugo. Instead of going down the stairs, head right. It is on the broken stairs leading up.

Gift 8 – Alchemical Crucible:
After the sequence with Lucas in the Lab. Follow Hugo. Then just behind the area you started, which was previously inaccessible before, you will find it in the grass.

Curiosity 16 – Bird Language Manual:
Found behind the barrel next to Melie if you decide to talk to her.

Herbarium 5 – St John's Wort:
Found after the cutscene where you hang the necklaces on the tree branches. Hugo is kneeling next to it.

Chapter 9 – In the Shadow of Ramparts

Herbarium 6 – Lavender:
Found at the beginning of the level, behind a tree and by a fallen trunk.

Curiosity 17 – Sheepskin:
Found inside a chest in the room where you shoot down the dead body to attract rats to it.

Curiosity 18 – Piece of Transis:
Found in the cemetery area when you go behind the cart and climb down the wall. The collectible is hanging on the wall of a tomb.

Alchemist Cart 2/5:
Once you have crossed the wooden bridge that was infested with rats, dispose of the two nearby guards, then head left. Use Luminosa to create a path.

Gift 9 – Chessboard:
At the very end of the chapter, dispose of the two guards found on the right side of the area (NOT the ones you need to kill for :silver: The Hard Way).

Chapter 10 – The Way of Roses

Herbarium 7 – Daisy:
Found inside the small alcove where the rats that you let out to get rid of the two guards were.

Curiosity 19 – Study of a Skinned Person:
While following Rodric through the court area with all the wooden benches, take a right.

Curiosity 20 – Theriaque:
You will find it while solving the puzzle in the underground library with Rodric, in the north-west corner of the area.

Gift 10 – Reading Stone:
You will find it after Rodric's second stealth kill, in a corner of the room.

Alchemist Cart 3/5
Found in the upper right-hand corner of the university grounds. Use Luminosa to reach it.

Chapter 11 – Alive

Herbarium 8 – Rhododendron:
Found on the ground of one of the outer rings of the castle’s yard. This happens when you are supposed to investigate the symbol on the ground with Rodric.

Chapter 12 – All That Remains

Gift 11 – Calamus:
Found inside the house opposite the beam of light that Lucas operates for you. You will need to use Odoris and Ignifer to get inside.

Curiosity 21 – Harnois Helmet:
Found in a chest in the room with the servant’s corpse.

Herbarium 9 – Cinquefoil:
Found immediately after exiting the house. You need to take a left down a narrow path.

Alchemist Cart 4/5:
Before having Lucas operate the cart with the brazier on, cast Ignifer at the beam emitter in the distance and Luminosa at the rats.

Curiosity 22 – Family Tree:
Found by one of the stills in Beatrice’s Laboratory, next to a vase.

Chapter 13 – Penance

Curiosity 23 – Rag Doll:
Found inside a house whose wooden entrance is broken.

Curiosity 24 – knight Figurine:
Before approaching Hugo in his room, go right and enter the room to pick it up from the desk.

Herbarium 10 – Daffodil:
Found immediately after releasing Hugo. Look for an opening between two trees on the right. Hugo will walk to it.

Chapter 14 – Blood Ties

Herbarium 11 – Black Nightshade:
Found in the garden, in the back right corner from where you entered, between some hedges.

Chapter 15 – Remembrance

Herbarium 12 – Rockfoils:
Found at the beginning of the chapter, after going through the door that’s closest to Lucas. You need to take a sharp right.

Chapter 16 – Coronation

Alchemist Cart 5/5:
Found after having Rodric take out the first guy, behind a wooden fence to the right with a white X next to it. Follow the end of the road.

Curiosity 25 – Discipline:
Once you have Hugo take out the two guards shortly after the beginning of the level. Then head right close to where the guards were. Enter the alley area to find a dead guard with the collectible sitting next to him.

Herbarium 13 – Christmas Rose:
When the guards come looking for you while Rodric is trying to knock the door down, kill them all and then go through that door they came from to find the herbarium at the end of the pathway near some grass.

Curiosity 26 – Inquisitor’s Manual:
Found behind some barrels to the right of the stairs leading up to the gallows, right before taking down the guards on the stairs.

Check out our Finding Crafting Materials to learn where you can find resources to craft.

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