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Rock Smash Items

Items that you can find when Smashing rocks

Ruins of Alphs

Red Shard
Yellow Shard
Dome Fossil
Max Ether
Max Revive
Old Amber
Blue Shard
Green Shard

Other Locations

Blue Shard
Green Shard
Heart Scale
Max Ether
Red Shard
Star Piece
Yellow Shard

Cliff Cave

Big Pearl
Root Fossil
Max Ether
Rare Bone
Blue Shard
Green Shard

Added 10 Mar 2011, ID #15398, by kimmy456
Ask.com and get

Dancing Pokemon

To do this you must have beaten all Kimono Girls. This is not something that will help you in the game, but it is weird. Here is how to make your walking Pokemon dance:

1. Go to the Ecruteak Dance Theater.

2. Step on stage.

3. Start moving your body by pressing arrows lightly.

4. If you do it correctly, your Pokemon will dance along after you talk to it!

Added 7 Mar 2011, ID #15347, by Guest

How to find the ! And ? UNOWN(Dex nr:201) in Ruins of Alph

("_" means a new word) If you find a text where it stand this words: ESCAPE=use an ESCAPE ROPE _ HO-OH=have Ho-Oh first in your party _ WATER=use a water stone(You can buy it in the Pokeathlon/Find it) _ LIGHT=use flash.
When you do that it will open a door in front of you.
1. Go inside
2. Take the items(If you want)
3. Fall down the hole in the ground.
4. Read the message on the ground(With the UNOWN-Code in the picture.
5. Fall down again(!!!).
6. Go up the ladder and go to the scientist an talk with them.
7. Do it with all of the stone plates rooms(There are four(Two of them is only avaible if you walk trough Union Cave)).
8. Talk to the scientist again and go to the Mysterious Hall(The normal entrance).
9. Do you see the yellow plate?
10. Go to the plate(A scientist will come running).
11. Go back to the room where you find the plate and go to you battle a ! Or ? UNOWN.
12. When you have find ! And the ? UNOWN go to the scientist.

Added 5 Mar 2011, ID #15333, by Svinesen2

Shiny Legends

The way I use to get shiny in-game legends is soft resetting. I save my game before I ever see/fight them. This DOES NOT WORK on EVENT Pokemon!!!! If it is not shiny, I hold L+are+START+SELECT to reset, it takes a while but my legends are legit. It will take a long while sometimes but sometimes it can be after a couple hundred times. YOU MUST HAVE PATIENCE!!!!

Added 2 Mar 2011, ID #15324, by cmleonard

How to get a shuckle or a crabby

Go to cianwood go all the way up and you will see couple
Rocks use rock smash on it items might come out or nothing, somtimes pokemon. I got a shuckle lvl. 28.

Added 1 Mar 2011, ID #15321, by Guest

Best starter

The best is totodile. It can learn ice fang which is really good against the 2 strongest in the game(sort of). Anyways please rate..........please.

Added 27 Feb 2011, ID #15314, by Guest

Get a Shuckle at Cianwood City

Go to Cianwood, and a man will tell you that if you smash all the rocks, you might find things. Well, one of them has a shuckle.

Added 27 Feb 2011, ID #15312, by GhostClaw

Simple way to beat red the second time.

Beating red is easy,all you have to do is catch groudon then raise to Lv70.Groudon is unbeatable if taught the following move:earthquake,solarbeam,focus blast,eruption.
His speed stat should be atleast 180-210 by this point allowing him to move faster than all
But pikachu in reds line up.(just abit of advice,this hint is only usable if taking on red the
Second time since you have beat red the first time to catch groudon).

Added 18 Feb 2011, ID #15280, by Guest

Pokerus and how to get it.

Pokerus is a virus that allows your pokemons growth rate to increase sharply and entire teams can become infected if pokerus infects one then all healed at poke center.
Now the only way to get pokerus is to fight wild Pokemon,but since it is random it might take
Awhile to aquire but once you do it takes about three days to go away so put certain Pokemon
You want to raise quickly in p.c. So it stays.

Added 18 Feb 2011, ID #15279, by Guest

Roost,good and bad

Roost can be used to make it so your flying type takes normal damage for one turn from the
Following types:rock,ice,electric,but can now be hit with ground type moves.The reason for this is that when roost is used it turns your flying type into a normal type for one turn.Think about it like this:you are taking on an ice type with a flying type,now ofcourse it has to know roost.you use fly and on second turn enemy uses ice ball,on third turn use roost then on
Fourth turn use fly.when you think about it like that you can't lose,although when it comes to
Rock and electric types roost must be used with following attacks:close combat for rock,heat wave for electric in the same order as the ice type example.

Added 18 Feb 2011, ID #15278, by Guest

Rewards for Buena's Radio Password

Listen to the radio and make sure to remember the password that you hear cause if you tell Buena the right one you will earn points that can get you nice awards.

The rewards you can get are:

Poke Ball for 1 point
Full Restore for 3 points
Protein for 5 points
Iron for 10 points
Carbos for 15 points
Nugget for 20 points
Rare Candy for 25 points
Hp Up for 30 points

Added 16 Feb 2011, ID #15272, by kimmy456

Bug Catching Contest

Point Value of Pokemon:

Beedrill - Average
Butterfree - Average
Caterpie - Low
Kakuna - Low
Metapod - Low
Paras - Average
Pinsir - High
Scyther - High
Venonat - Average
Weedle - Low

Winner is define by:

The high point value of the Pokemon caught
How high the Pokemon's level is
And if you manage to catch a Shiny one.


1st place receives a Sun Stone
2nd place receives a Everstone
3rd place receives a Sitrus Berry
Consolation Prize is a Shed Shell

Added 16 Feb 2011, ID #15271, by kimmy456

Utimate one type teams.

Team 1:grass
Team 2:fire
Team 3:water
Team 4:bug
Team 5:flying
Team 6: normal
Team 7:fighting
Team 8:ice
Team 9:electric
Team 10:steel
Team 11:psychic
Team 12:dark
Team 13:dragon

Since most of these Pokemon are multi-type,it means you can teach them to defeat any type.
My team is:Pidgeot,Typhlosion,Red gyarados,Lugia,Groudon,Latios.
Nicknames:WIND!,RAMBO!,LEGEND!,MYSTIC!,EARTH!,TALIOS!.(hope this helps somewhat.)

Added 14 Feb 2011, ID #15265, by Guest

Breeding starter Pokemon with powerful moves.

First get any starter Pokemon and breed with ditto and hatch the egg,then level it up to the same and make sure it is the opposite gender of your original.

Teach the new starter different but powerful moves and put them both in daycare come back when egg appears and hatch the egg,you should have a baby starter with high stats and powerful moves.

Added 14 Feb 2011, ID #15263, by Guest

Shiny Leaf

There are certain standards that need to be met if you want your Pokemon that is following you around to find a shiny Leaf.

1) You of course need to be standing in tall grass and turn talking to your Pokemon
2) The Pokemon needs to be in a good mood
3) There needs to be a high friendship between you and the Pokemon
4) A Pokemon's nature will determine which kind of Shiny leaf is found and where it can be found.
5) The Pokemon can't be holding a Shiny Leaf of the same kind.

Added 3 Feb 2011, ID #15208, by kimmy456

Moods of Pokemon that walk with you.

The Pokemon that you choose that can walk behind you can either be in a good mood or a bad one.

What Creates a good mood:

- Leveling up the Pokemon
- Using items on it to increase it's stats or heal it.
- Using it in a battle against a Strong Trainer like a gym leader.
- Teaching it new moves from TM's

Creates Bad Moods:

- Having it faint during a battle
- Using Revival Herb, Heal powder, Energypowder or Energy Root on it.

Added 3 Feb 2011, ID #15207, by kimmy456

Find HM's

Cut - Reach from the Charcoal Man after you rescue the Farrfetch'd

Fly - Chuck's Wife will give you the HM outside of Cianwood Gym after you defeat Chuck the Cianwood Gym Leadder

Surf - Received from the gentleman in the theater located in Ecruteak City after you save the Kimono girl from Team Rocket

Strength - Get it from the hiker that is just outside Mt. Mortar on Route 42

Whirlpool - Receive from Lance after a double battle at the Team Rockets Headquarters in Mahogany Town.

Rock Smash - Can get it from a boy who is on Route 36

Waterfall - Can be picked up when you enter the first floor of the ice cave

Rock Climb - You receive this HM once you have 16 Badges and visit Professor Oak who gives you the HM.

Added 31 Jan 2011, ID #15191, by kimmy456

Pokewalker Paths & Pokemon

Rugged Road - Magby, Onix, Machop, Ponyta, Geodude, Hoothoot
Beautiful Beach - Psyduck, Staryu, Poliwag, Slowpoke, Sunkern, Wooper
Suburban Area - Elekid, Magnemite, Murkrow, Hoothoot, Rattata
Dim Cave - Gastly, Smoochum, Onix, Machop, Zubat
Blue Lake - Dratini, Poliwag, Krabby, Shellder, Goldeen, Tentacool
Town Outskirts - Abra, Voltorb, Grimer, Koffing, Furret, Rattata

(After you recieve the national Pokedex)
Hoenn Field - Linoone, Skitty, Illumise, Volbeat, Wurmple, Zigzagoon.
Warm Beach - Azurill, Walimer, Carvanha, Horsea, Goldeen, Magikarp
Volcano Path - Meditite, Slugma, Houndour, Rhyhorn, Geodude, Ponyta
Treehouse - Castform, Kecleon, Girfarig, Stanler, Gloom, Weepinbell
Scary Cave - Marowak, Tauros, Golbat, Natu, Gastly, Machop
Sinnoh Field - Combee, Mime Jr., Budew, Shinx, Bidoof, Kricketot
Icy Mountain Road - Snorunt, Snover, Bronzer, Sneasal, Mareep, Swinub

Added 30 Jan 2011, ID #15185, by kimmy456

Status Cures

Here are ways you can cure the following conditions.

- Antidote
- Pecha Berry

- Paralyze Heal
- Cheri Berry

- Awakening
- Blue Flute
- Chesto Berry

- Yellow Flute

- Burn Heal
- Rawst Berry

- Ice Heal
- Aspear Berry

Cure All Status Conditions:

- Full Heal
- Full Restore
- Heal Power
- Lum Berry

Added 29 Jan 2011, ID #15183, by kimmy456


Heres something that a few people may not know.
If you've traded a Rotom to your HeartGold game you can change it's forms without having to have an event item. All you need to do is have Rotom in the first slot in your party and go to the elevator in the Silph Co. Building. When you get to the elevator Rotom will power it up and you'll be taken to the room where you can change Rotom forms.

Added 28 Jan 2011, ID #15176, by Ninetailed Fox
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